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One afternoon in 2009 over coffee, I suddenly learned of my pressing need for 70 pounds of 99.9825% pure, Grade A tin.

The tin that Hammersmith, my first pan maker, intended to use on our opening production run had been in storage since 1978 and had (surprise!) degraded.
Bulk purity.
To get wholesale pricing Belmont Foundry would only accept a company check. That meant I needed a business bank account, which meant getting a DBA, which meant trading $120 for certificate #763443 at the Kings County (aka Brooklyn) courthouse.

The next day I was doing business as Brooklyn Copper Cookware.

The check was written, tin came in, pots got made and the word got out: After over 30 years absence, one of the first commercial products made on these shores, copper cookware, was again being made in America.
The first run.
10 years later BCC is in the vanguard of a revolution in tools for living - simple, sustainable, renewable, best-quality, small footprint and made to last forever.

Whether you've already acquired BCC, are preparing to do so, or are a fan of US craft manufacturing, you're on this list so you've had a role in a great 10 year-long story.

In following that story, you've probably noticed we aren't big on discounts - we have enough going on to keep up with demand as it is and sell out of things often.

We are, however, very big on gratitude. Please let us say thanks to you with 15% off any purchase at the BCC on-line shop.

Just copy and paste the code


when checking out and we'll lop 15% from the total. Please make sure you use the email address to which this newsletter was sent (since this is a mail list exclusive). We'll keep the code active through May 31, 2019.

That could equate to hundreds of dollars off BCC, and we hope you make abundant use of it. If there's a piece or two you've been thinking of for yourself and you'd like to gift a special someone, use the code as often as you'd like while it's active (you can have us send anything you like to anyone you like, just change the ship-to address).
The code is active through Friday May 31, 2019, so take your time and if you want to talk it over we always love to hear from you - call or write anytime.

Your faith and long support has helped power BCC to the 10-year mark. Our family of metalsmiths thanks you and I remain

Your grateful pot dealer,

The fine print: This offer is exclusive to members of the BCC mailing list so the code will only work at the time you order if you're subscribed to the list via the email address to which this newsletter was sent. In the case of foreign, US Territories, AK and HI orders discounts do not apply to surplus shipping (we'll still cover shipping to your nearest point of embarkation from the contiguous US). In New York State, only the discounted total is subject to sales tax by locality.
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