Preorders open through September 4, 2018.
Say hello to the RG3, Brooklyn Copper Cookware’s Small Casserole—tooled up, tested and now ready for pre-ordering!
The 3 Quart Small Casserole with 7.5 Inch Flat Cover
The last round of Brooklyn Copper Cookware introductions were scaled up versions of our original best-sellers - capacious cookware for families, restaurants and caterers. Both the 10 Quart Large Casserole and the original 6 Quart Casserole have been very popular (you may have noticed we frequently sell out of the 6 Quart), but even the smaller of these two is still pretty sizable, prompting your requests for a casserole geared to cooking fresh for smaller numbers—kind of a Suppentopf for date night.

Introducing the RG3. This is that pot.

Three quarts is pretty much ideal for, say, pot-au-feu for two, or an overture of vichyssoise for a few more. 3mm copper and hand-laid tin treats your roux with extraordinary finesse—Commander’s Palace will have nothing on your gumbo. With a pair of Stork cast iron ear handles, the Small Casserole is compact enough to come to table but deep enough to fill the ladle again and again. Like all the best cookware and cooking, it’s made by hand. 

Topping it off, as with our other casseroles, is a complementary cover.

You’re on the BCC mailing list, so you’re first to know of our latest designs and can order new pieces before we let the word out to the rest of the world. Placing a pre-order not only puts your name on the list to get the RG3 as soon as it comes off the polishing line later this fall, pre-ordering allows us to capitalize subsequent production. You participate directly in BCC staying lean and flexible, while punching well above its weight.

To place a pre-order, click the button below and tell us how many you'd like. There's no need to pay at this time—when your Small Casserole is ready, we'll contact you to finalize your order and arrange payment. It couldn’t be easier!

The 3 Quart Small Casserole

.125 (3mm) solid copper
Hand-wiped tin lining
Cast iron handles, solid copper rivets
7" diameter, 11.75" overall (with handles)
5” high, 5.6 pounds

Flat Cover
1.5mm solid copper
Hand-wiped tin lining
7.5” diameter, 13.5 overall (with handle)
4.25 high, 2 pounds
We love making your cookware as much as you love cooking in it. Have a question? We love to talk. Drop us a line or dial (347) 866-2600. If you're on social, you can find us at the usual places too (links below).

Cook well!
Signed, Mac.
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