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Now that the books are closed it's official: BCC's sales last month crushed every previous May (in fact every entire Q2) in BCC's ten-year history. Many thanks to all of you for marking our first decade in a big way! We also added a record number of new folks to our mailing list and brought in nearly twice the average month's retinning and restoration work.

When we can pause from working the metal long enough to think about what just happened, we realize that BCC is still very much at a formative stage. You might say we've been on a very low flame. We've only just started spreading the gospel of pure metal, and it's all we can do to keep up on demand as it is.

Of course, we have all sorts of ideas about turning up the heat. More about that in coming newsletters, but for now I just want to let you know that we're diligently making our way along in the order queue and that every one of the hundreds of pieces ordered last month is receiving exactly the same time and attention every BCC piece has always received. With a big surge in orders keeping our quality pegged at the highest setting means dialing our delivery times up, at least for the time being. If you're still looking forward to one or more of your orders placed in May, I really appreciate your hanging in there with us.
We sold through nearly every piece we had ready coming into May, so at least the queue is not getting any longer for the time being. Our spinners are already pulling together sheet metal and mounting tools to begin another round of production, which we anticipate posting on the BCC shop just about when the order queue is back to normal, hopefully a little sooner.

For a small business these are all good problems to have, and for most other companies they'd be big incentives to find ways pick up the pace. One day it may be possible to train a robot to "bell temper" copper and thickly wipe molten tin in order make pure metal cookware faster, but BCC is leading another kind of revolution, one that takes place at human scale, as a personal exchange, governed by the speed of hand-made.
As always, I hope you'll feel free to drop us a line or give a call anytime, and I am ever grateful for your support.
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