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Today is the day! The all-new 10 Quart Large Casserole and 5 Quart Large Rondeau are available on our online store just in time for the feasting season. We have a very limited number until we spin again in 2018. Interested? Now's your chance to beat the search engines!

The BCC 10 Qt Casserole with 11.5" Flat Cover and 5 Qt Rondeau
The 10 Quart Large Casserole with 11.5" Flat Cover and 5 Quart Large Rondeau.

Folks who pre-ordered have been sharing their impressions, like this one customer who posted to Chowhound: "These hand-turned masterpieces are made with 3 mm thick copper lined with hand-wiped tin, and the forged iron handles are attached with copper rivets. They will last for generations!"

"The Copper Pot Dealer" in SAVEUR.

Last year I sat down with Alex Testere of Saveur magazine to discuss the timeless allure of copper cookware. Alex waited for the perfect issue to fit a choice bit of our talk, which ends up being this month's holiday issue (along with Lane's dramatic photo). It seems a lot of readers of this newsletter also get the magazine—thanks for all the kind words! You can find the print version on newsstands through December.
Saveur Magazine on newsstands thorough December
"When you’re using good tools—the real deal—and you get the results you’re aiming for, you’re just more present. It’s almost meditative."

Place your holiday order by December 8th.

Our smiths have been at it since August, stocking us up for year's end. We planned optimistically, but even so sales have been so brisk just heading into the season we now expect to sell out early this year. If you'd like to make a gift of Brooklyn Copper Cookware to your favorite cooks (including yourself!) please place your order by December 8 for holiday delivery. Remember, if time gets tight, or you'd like to gift BCC but aren't sure which piece(s), consider a BCC gift card.

Thanks to all of you we've had our best year yet—in sales, sure, but more importantly in the number of great tools we've gotten into enthusiastic hands, and the number of great meals that we get to have a part in. We're truly grateful.

All the best to you and yours!
Signed, Mac.

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