All designs back in stock.

Right away, let me thank all of you—BCC's fans, friends and followers—for a truly great 2017!

There was some nice press last year, and sales have been good, so we came into the feasting season with over twice the inventory we laid down in 2016, thinking we'd have a few extra of everything with which to start 2018. Then Lane and I watched as the first piece went to zero (the 9.5" Sauté, unsurprisingly), then the next, and the next, and so on until

Everything. Sold.

First time in eight years.

BCC's redoubtable smiths rode the end-of-year tidal wave with surpassing élan, and to the best of our knowledge, all orders received before the 12/8 deadline made it home for the holidays. We all took a big breather, had a bunch of nice feasts with our own families, and promptly started moving more metal.

The BCC stores are once again topped up and ready for you (and I do mean you—while others surf up to the BCC door, mailing list folks are on the inside). Got a new cookbook? A BCC gift card? Just been patiently waiting? Come on in - the copper's fine.

And for everyone who's been asking after the 9.5" Sauté...

Brooklyn Copper Cookware 9.5" Sauté
...we made extra.

We look forward to joining you in the kitchen this year.
Signed, Mac.
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