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The theme for our new Summer 2017 cookware is more—more capacity, more working area, more delicious meals for more of the friends and family invited to your table. 
The 10 Quart Large Casserole
The new BCC 10 Quart Large Casserole and 5 Quart Large Rondeau are the upsized brethren of already-popular BCC pieces, spun of the same extra-fort 3mm solid copper and finished with our original Stork iron. Wider openings mean more browning surface for meat and veg, braising of whole joints, roasting of larger birds, speedier reductions and slow, even simmering with the finely granular heat distribution 3mm copper does best.
The 5 Quart Large Rondeau
These new pieces are in response to your requests for more capacity for larger groups and families. When we started designing our initial batterie de cuisine a few years ago, we aimed to cover the classic tools for primary kitchen preparation; sautéing, braising, stocking and stewing. Now that we've been in business for a while we've had a chance to hear what other tools folks need, and now we have the means to begin making them. 
As a friend of Brooklyn Copper Cookware, you get advance notice of our latest designs and an opportunity to pre-order new pieces before they’re released to the general public. Because these are handmade goods produced in small quantities, placing a pre-order puts your name on the list to get the piece(s) you want as soon as they come off the polishing line later this summer.

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