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Our newest design, the 3 Quart Small Casserole (RG3), is available just in time for the feasting season. We have only a very limited number until we tool them up again in 2019, so if this is the pot that fits your menu or giving plans this year, please be in touch—we expect the RG3 to sell out quickly.

3 Quart Casserole and Cover
The RG3 is ideal for, say, pot-au-feu for two, or an overture of vichyssoise for a few more. 3mm copper and hand-laid tin treats your roux with extraordinary finesse—Commander’s Palace will have nothing on your gumbo. With a pair of Stork cast iron ear handles, the RG3 is compact enough to come to table but deep enough to fill the ladle again and again. Like all the best cookware (and cooking), it’s made by hand. 

Topping it off, as with our other casseroles, is a complementary cover.

Don't miss out on the Winter 2018 Set! 

Pick up the BCC 3 Quart Rondeau and 2 Quart Saucepan this season and for a limited time we’ll add the 6.75” Flat Cover (normally $160) at no extra charge!

The 2018 Summer Set
Following up the popularity of our Summer Set, this winter we’re making the 3 Quart Rondeau and 2 Quart Saucepan with 6.75" Flat Cover easier to get into. If you don't yet have these three pieces, now's your time.

Whether you’re just starting out with copper cookware, making strategic additions to your collection, or getting a jump on your holiday giving, the BCC Winter Set is a rare opportunity to make more of the feasting season for less.

Place your holiday order by December 7th.

We finished the last of 2018's production in September, and are as prepared as we can be for the feasting season. We have more Brooklyn Copper Cookware ready for you this year than last, but like last year we anticipate selling out early, so if you'd like to make a gift of BCC to your favorite cooks (including yourself!) please place your order by December 7 for holiday delivery.

We love working for you, and hope, like us, you're looking back on a great outgoing year. Thank you for your continued support and your every kindness.
Signed, Mac.

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