Taking Stock of Making Stock
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Likely you already know what goes in stock or broth, but do you know what goes on inside your stock pot? Time to take a deep dive into the trophy piece in the Brooklyn Copper Cookware line, The 14 Quart Stocker.
The BCC 14 Qt Stocker with 10" Flat Cover

In my new blog post "Taking Stock of Making Stock" I get into the (meaty) difference between broth and stock, speed (fast versus slow), working every last bit of goodness out of food you might have been about to throw away, and how fast metal helps a slow-food technique.

At BCC we think a great vessel is one of the critical ingredients in great stock. Add a few other things and you have my go-to recipe for what the French call Fond de Cuisine (the "base of cuisine"), which is included at the end of the article.

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Pre-orders for the new 5 Qt. Large Rondeau and 10 Qt. Large Casserole with 11" Flat Cover are now closed. If you'd like to be notified when more pieces are available, please add your name to the waiting list.
10 Qt. Large Casserole with 11" Flat Cover
The 10 Quart Large Casserole with 11" Flat Cover and 5 Quart Large Rondeau are spun extra-fort of 3mm solid copper and finished with our original Stork iron. Wider openings mean more browning surface for meat and veg, braising of whole joints, roasting of larger birds, speedier reductions and slow, even simmering with the finely granular heat distribution 3mm copper does best.

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Production on the new pieces is going well, we've laid in a good supply of copper and rivets and have received a new shipment of our custom "ear" handles. The next step is to complete our lathe tools and produce a few prototype pans. We're excited to see them and will share photos of all the new pieces as soon as they come off the tinning and polishing line.

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