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When we started Brooklyn Copper Cookware, we had no idea how to resurrect pure, hand-crafted metal cookware in the US. We would quickly discover no one really knew because it hadn't been made here for nearly 40 years.
Spinning, Tinning and Polishing

There was a large learning curve, and in having climbed it—from designing to casting to spinning to tinning—all of us have a much better idea what it takes. We also have a much better idea now what it costs.

While we've been able to hold the line on the price we pay for raw materials in the last couple of years, in nearly every other area we've seen adjustments in our labor and improvement costs—tinning had to adjust up 33%, our spinners needed about 18% more to make their part work, our casting prices have remained stable per piece, but labor for setting up a casting run is up 15%. Labor costs at US rolling mills is rising too: the spot price of copper is actually about $.50/pound less than when we started, but the cost of the rolled sheet we buy is 22% higher. Finally, we've also had to add in several processes (phosphorous pretreatment, spin line pre-polish, etc.) we didn't know we needed at the start, adding 15 - 20% to our overall production costs.

As we prepare to introduce our latest pieces we've backed the early guesswork out of our pricing calculations and applied the math to our existing line. We're still finessing a few details, but right now it looks like we'll be increasing prices across the BCC line by about 17%. The final price changes will be posted on July 31, 2017. If you'd like to pick up any BCC we currently have in inventory at the outgoing price, take advantage within the next couple of weeks! Click here to visit our online store.

The Brooklyn Copper Cookware Batterie de Cuisine

The values on which BCC was founded remain—best-of-class cookware produced by hand and close to home. I've taken a little more of your time in this newsletter to explain our thinking because pricing affects our business with you, and if you've been reading this newsletter for a while you know our business with you is about much more than selling copper cookware.

Much as with dinner, we believe knowing as much as possible about what goes into your cookware makes for happier outcomes all around.
Thanks as ever for your interest, faith and custom - we really appreciate it. Have a question (about prices or anything else)? Drop us a line  or dial (347) 866-2600. We're at the usual places social media-wise, too (links below).

Best always,
Signed, Mac.

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