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June/July 2016 Newsletter
Feedback Wanted: Draft Statewide Road Centerlines Schema v3.0.x

Since 2003, AGRC has maintained a statewide aggregation of road centerline GIS layers, sourced from local data stewards. The road centerlines layer is one of the hardest working GIS data assets in the state, with many high profile uses.

Occasionally, AGRC revisits the data schema, and that time has come again. The two main drivers for this latest review are the Next Gen 911 GIS Requirements and the FHWA's all roads network reporting requirements for DOTs. If you are a roads data steward or user, please review the new schema, and send any feedback to AGRC.  
Data Schema Released for Expanded GIS Parcel Sharing

In May, the Land Information Records work group released its recommendations for sharing an enhanced set of tax parcel GIS data.

A draft of the tax year parcel GIS data schema is now available, and an initial data ask was made to Counties in late June. Stay tuned to for updates on the construction of this important new map data resource. Updates will be published by AGRC as they are received. 
Using GIS to Analyze 911 Call Routing

AGRC recently worked with the Utah Communications Authority (UCA) to map and analyze wireless 911 call delivery across Utah. The goal of the project was to provide local 911 call centers with maps to assist in reviewing the 911 center assignments made to cell sector antenna and minimize center-to-center 911 call transfers. With the help of a new app, you can create your own pizza-shaped sector polygons anywhere in Utah by supplying a few simple parameters.
SITLA is Moving to the Utah PLSS Fabric

SITLA is migrating the land ownership dataset to the most current Utah PLSS Parcel Fabric, maintained by AGRC. Once integrated, the representation of boundaries within the statewide Land Ownership will be auto-updated to agree with the best data available from the PLSS fabric, creating a clean and improved product. Kate Staley, GIS Manager at SITLA, wrote a guestblog describing the process.   
ESRI UC 2016 Recap

The International ESRI User Conference was held June 27-July 1, 2016 in San Diego, California. Missed out? UGIC wrote a blogpost summarizing a few major themes at the conference Makes Headlines

The Utah Vehicle Collisions Web App, built in partnership between AGRC, DPS, & UDOT, has recently garnered media coverage from the Salt Lake Tribune (Driver Alert: Here are Utah's most crash-prone intersections, freeway stretches) and Fox 13 SLC (Website maps crash data at busy intersections on Utah roads). The app provides insights into crash distribution and patterns, and makes vehicle collision statistics more available to decision makers, public safety staff, and the public. 

The Salt Lake Tribune recently highlighted Salt Lake County Surveyor's Office new drone program: For county surveyor, it's up, up and away.  

Salt Lake County's GIS team maintains a GIS blog highlighting mapping news and resources at the county. Check it out:

Significant additions were made in June to Utah's Statewide Trails GIS layer to integrate trails map data shared by local government and map data published by the US Forest Service. The data is accessible via web service/viewer and for download.

The US Department of Defense conducted testing in June that may have jammed GPS signals in the Western US.

Just for fun... Need an interactive map showing all of the US zipcode centroid points connected in numeric order? Didn't think so, but someone did it anyway. Worth a look! #creativity

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