Fall 2012 Utah Map News

Introducing AGRC's Newsletter
This issue is the first installment of AGRC's new newsletter. The newsletter will highlight mapping news from across Utah, including updates on GIS data, imagery, and mapping related events. 
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Maps on the Hill 2013

UGIC and AGRC are pleased to announce that Maps on the Hill 2013 will be held January 28, 2013 from 11:00am - 1:30pm at the State Capitol Building. Map makers in Utah from all areas, including business, government, education, the military, and the private sector are invited to share maps they've made with Utah's elected officials.

The goal of Maps on the Hill is to communicate with decision makers and the public about mapping, managing infrastructure and assets, and improving products and services through locational analysis. More information.
New High Resolution Imagery
2012 High Resolution Imagery is now available for the Wasatch Front. The HRO 2012 Imagery can be viewed and downloaded from raster.utah.gov, downloaded from the AGRC FTP site, or viewed through our Image Server. Learn more

Putting Utah Addresses on the Map
Utah counties are currently working to compile a comprehensive set of web-accessible address points. AGRC is providing pass through seed grant funding from the Department of Commerce. Address points have lots of application areas including public safety, voter registration management, economic development, and services efficiency. Interested in address points? Here is some useful background.

Utah Broadband Landscape Updated
Just a reminder that the latest data depicting consumer level internet speeds and technology footprints can be viewed at broadband.utah.gov. The data is updated every six months from Utah's broadband providers and is useful for estimating where data plan coverage can be expected for users in the field.

Here's an example of how the mobile broadband data was applied to the use of the TURN GPS network, which requires a mobile phone data plan.

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