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August 2016 Newsletter
New 2016 High Res Imagery for Wasatch Front (& Torrey area too)

New 2016 high-resolution aerial photography, licensed from Google, is now available from the Discover server. Updated areas include the Salt Lake block (Utah, SL, Davis, & Weber Counties, plus nearby Wasatch Mountain and Park City areas) and a portion of the Torrey block that was previously partially obscured by clouds.
Major Update to Utah Trails Dataset

This past month AGRC staff completed a significant update to the statewide trails GIS dataset. 2,964 miles of trails were added by integrating data published by USFS for Utah's National Forests, and over 190 miles of trails were also added from the Mountainland Association of Government. 
Division of Water Rights Irrigation Canal Mapping Project

In 2014, the Division of Water Rights was tasked by the Legislature to create an inventory of irrigation canals in Utah. To complete the task, DWRi staff are working with data provided by water companies and using high resolution aerial photography. 
WRI Team Receives ESRI Special Achievement Award in GIS Award. Congrats!

The updated Watershed Restoration Initiative (WRI) Application recently won a Special Achievement Award in GIS from ESRI. The application, built by a partnership between the Division of Wildlife Resources, the Dept. of Technology Services AppDev team, and AGRC, allows for collaborative project proposals, scheduling, funding, tracking, and mapping across the many participating agencies and levels of government. The award was accepted by the project partners present at the ESRI International User Conference in June.
Not On the State Network? ArcGIS Online will Replace Public SGID SDE Connections

In light of advancements in ArcGIS that allow for new and improved access to data, AGRC has decided to discontinue application connects to the SGID SDE database for those outside the state network, on August 31, 2016. This will also allow us to apply a needed version upgrade to the database. [More info]

SGID map data layers are still accessible to anyone using ArcGIS Desktop or Online and are downloadable from

To add an SGID layer to ArcMap Desktop from AGOL, click Add Data From ArcGIS Online, and then search 'SGID' under the Groups option. 
Contract Awarded for State LiDAR Data Collection

AGRC recently awarded contracts for over 2,982 square miles of high resolution LiDAR elevation data to be collected in Utah this year. Project areas include the perimeters of the Great Salt Lake, Bear Lake, and Utah Lake, the Monroe Mountain area south of Richfield, and portions of Washington County.

Tax Year Parcel Data Coming Soon...

Earlier this year, a Land Information Records working group formed recommendations for expanded sharing of tax year parcel information in a GIS format. The first year goal was to publish this information for Utah's largest counties. To date, AGRC has completed intake and will soon publish layers for Box Elder, Cache, Iron, Salt Lake, Summit, Utah, and Washington counties. Additional counties, currently being processed are: Juab, Kane, San Juan, Sanpete, and Tooele. And more are anticipated soon. Stay Tuned. 

Feedback Incorporated for New Road Centerlines Schema: Thanks to all those that submitted road centerline data model feedback. The proposed model, now in v3.0.5, will be built into a geodatabase that will published in early September. Changes were relatively minor and can be seen using the Revision History in the Google spreadsheet.

Google Aerial Photography & Services Survey Summary: 111 organizations responded to our user survey earlier this Summer. While the complete survey report is due out in September, a summary of responses was presented at the August Salt Lake Users Group (SLUG) quarterly meeting. Here is the slidedeck that was shown.

Throwback: In 2001, Utah GIS professionals collaborated to author an Implementation Plan for framework map data layers. The plan has been scanned and the pdf has been organized into bookmarked section for each data category (Cadastre, Wildlife, Transportation, Boundaries, Orthos, etc). Explore Utah GIS History by checking out a section along your interests to get a sense for progress, change, and still-to-be-met needs.

Minding ProjectionsThe United States, in Legos

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