Casino hearing THIS FRIDAY at 12:00.
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Dear Georgia Friend:

A House version of a casino bill is scheduled to be heard in the House Regulated Industries Committee TOMORROW (Friday, 3/3) at 12:00 in Room 506 of the Coverdale Legislative Office Building (across from the capitol). Tomorrow is Crossover Day at the General Assembly, meaning that this is a desperate attempt to get a casino bill passed in one chamber, or the issue will be dead for the year.

Please read the Legislative Update at the Citizen Impact blog here to gain more information, including links to articles outlining many of the problems with gambling (and more links below).
I listed the names of the Representatives in the House Regulated Industries Committee below. Please call and let them know how you feel, especially if one of them is your Representative. Please be courteous when calling or emailing. The easiest way for registered voters to find their state representatives is here.

If you cannot call, can you pray about it?
HOUSE Regulated Industries Committee Members
  • Maxwell, Howard 404.656.5143
  • Harrell, Brett 404.463.3793
  • Hawkins, Lee 404.656.0213 
  • Bennett, Karen 404.656.0202
  • Beskin, Beth 404.656.0254
  • Chandler, Joyce 404.656.0254
  • Cooke, Kevin 404.656.0188
  • Cooper, Sharon 404.656.5069
  • Deffenbaugh, John 404.656.0202
  • Golick, Rich 404.656.5943
  • Jones, Jan 404.656.5072
  • Kirby, Tom 404.656.0177
  • Martin, Chuck 404.656.5064
  • Mitchell, Billy 404.656.0126
  • Powell, Alan 404.463.3793
  • Rakestraw, Paulette 404.656.0177
  • Rogers, Terry 404.651.7737
  • Rutledge, Dale 404.656.0254
  • Stephens, Mickey 404.656.0265
  • Welch, Andrew 404.656.5912
  • Williams, Rick 404.656.0287

You can also email them - all emails are in this format:

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