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From the Executive Director

Wendy Levy

Art in A Time of Crisis

“Film is a critical piece of our journey to justice.” — Elizabeth Alexander
Since the election, it seems like we’ve all been searching for insight and inspiration in the face of an uncertain future. We’re reaching out for each other, gathering together, like we do after funerals or natural disasters. I’ve witnessed our collective struggle to regroup, reorganize, and reimagine. If you need some love, some solidarity, some ideas for coping and taking action, we have a new section of our website (powered by Tumblr), Artists Speak Out: On The Future of Democracy. Check it out, tend to your spirit, tap your radical optimism and light the way forward. And please add your voice:
Because now is a time for both contemplation and action, you can count on this Alliance to hold space for artists and organizations to come together, talk, plan, advocate, create, and connect across the boundaries that might work to keep us apart. We are moving forward with plans for 2017 that include regional HatchLabs, Youth Media Collective Action, global VR/Culture Days, Future of Storytelling Video Roundtables, and our Creative Leadership Lab at Sundance. In addition, we are launching a new Ventures program for the development and release of new media apps and tools, and are spearheading a national Creative Workforce Development Initiative. We will share progress on these programs in the coming weeks, and invite all individuals and organizations to join, get involved, and build with us.
Speaking of joining NAMAC—we have a piece of news to share on that front. We are changing up the nature of NAMAC membership. Beginning in December, we will move to a pay-what-you-can-afford membership structure—you will be able to join the organization and pay any amount from $1 to $1,000,000. As we look at the political reality staring us in the face, we want NAMAC to be ready to represent the broadest and most inclusive media arts + culture community possible, to speak truth to power, to advocate for federal & state arts funding, freedom of expression, net neutrality, safety and security, equity and social justice. The more individual members and member organizations we have on the “official” roster, the stronger our collective voice.
We will send out a special eBulletin soon to let everyone know that the new Membership page is live. All Membership fees will go into the Media Legacy Freedom Fund, supporting innovative + inclusive field-building, strengthening the network of support for artists and journalists working in vulnerable communities, and protecting freedom of expression.

Hope everyone enjoys a creative, loving and restful holiday.

Notes from the Field

Counter Narrative Project To Host Moonlight Discussion
Next Tuesday, November 29th, NAMAC member Counter Narrative Project will host a discussion in Atlanta about Barry Jenkins' 2016 film Moonlight, which has met with acclaim for its understated depiction of black gay masculinities.

Inspiring Youth Media of 2016, Curated by NAMAC
NAMAC's Consulting Producer for Youth Engagement Myah Overstreet assembled an awesome collection of youth-produced media from around the country for "Let Us Cover the World in Gold: Youth Voices Rise Up 2016," which went live earlier this month.

Video Data Bank Celebrates 40th Anniversary
2016 marks the 40th anniversary of NAMAC member Video Data Bank, and the Chicago archive is celebrating with Decades, a new program on its (free-to-watch) VDB TV streaming platform that "casts a distinctive eye over the development of video as an art form."

Creative Capital Documents 2016 Artists' Works in Progress
NAMAC member Creative Capital took its 2016 artists on a four-day retreat to EMPAC, the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where it filmed them as they shared presentations, stories, and performances—the videos are available here.
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Job Bank

Program Director, Allied Media Conference, Allied Media Projects (Detroit, MI)—due Sunday, November 27th

Development Associate, Youth Radio (Oakland, CA)—due Monday, November 28th

Assistant or Associate Professor of Film, SUNY Purchase College (Purchase, NY)—due Thursday, December 1st

Visiting Arts Fellows and Visiting Scholar, Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA)—due Thursday, December 1st

Assistant Professor of Art, Moving Image/New Media, Department of Art, University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)—due Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Open until filled
Director of Audience Development and Communications, American Documentary, Inc. | POV (Brooklyn, NY)
Associate Director, Institutional Giving, StoryCorps (Brooklyn, NY)

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Grants and Calls

NAMAC’s Consulting Producers are collaborating with the Youth Media Reporter to produce "Our Desired Futures," a special issue focused on creative youth development, inspired by NAMAC’s 50 State Dinner Party Project. We seek articles, poems, and lesson plans by mediamakers, writers, poets, practitioners, and educators from near and far to help us explore and teach one another about the chapters of history that make us who we are today.
Deadline: Friday, December 2nd

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Mentor Fellowship Program
NACF's new Mentor Fellowship will award $30,000 for established American Indian and Alaska Native artists to mentor emerging artist apprentices in the Traditional Arts or Contemporary Visual Arts. Applicants must be five-year residents and enrolled Native citizens of tribes located in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, or South Dakota. Deadline: Tuesday, November 22nd

CrossCurrents Documentary Fund: Interactive/Short Stream
This international production fund fosters storytelling from within historically underrepresented or marginalized communities. Dedicated to short, interactive, or experimental works, the Interactive/Short Stream awards a $10,000 CAD grant and a Hot Docs fellowship to one applicant each year. Deadline: Wednesday, November 30th

Rauschenberg Foundation: 2017 Artist as Activist 2-Year Fellowship
The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation invites creative professionals who use their practice to address the intersecting issues of racial justice and mass incarceration to seek up to $100,000 in support over two years. Deadline: Wednesday, December 7th

Call for Artists: Hinge Arts at the Kirkbride: 2017 Artist Residences
Springboard for the Arts' Hinge Arts Residency Program seeks writers, filmmakers, musicians, and visual/performance artists for career development or creative placemaking residences. Residents receive free housing as well as studio space with partner organizations throughout the community. Deadline: Friday, December 16th

12th Annual Mobile Film Festival
The Mobile Film Festival seeks submissions of one-minute short films, shot on mobile phones (sound can be recorded separately). Awards of up to $16,000 are available for winning films. Deadline: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Call for Submissions: 2017 National Film Festival for Talented Youth
NFFTY seeks features, shorts, documentaries, music videos, animated films, and experimental films by directors 25 and under (at the time of filming) for its 2017 festival. Regular deadline: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Accepting Applications: Digital Arts and New Media MFA at UC Santa Cruz
The two-year DANM program emphasizes artistic and scholarly research that is interdisciplinary and collaborative. Core and elective courses in the theory and practice of digital media arts support the development of individual thesis projects, premiered in an annual MFA exhibition.
Deadline: Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

more Grants and Calls on the Job Bank

From the NAMAC Blog

By Jason Wyman

“What are our desired futures?” Now, more than ever, this question seems critical to our country and our democracy. This election has brought to the light the significant divides in this country across age, geography, economic class, race, gender, and political ideology. This divide is not new. It has always been a part of the this nation. It is just now blatantly in our faces and in our feeds, and we now have a decision about how we want to address this divide.

When I see a gulf this big, my gut reaction is to problem solve—to jump right into the middle of it, roll up my sleeves, and get to work. It’s not a bad instinct per se, but it isn’t always a helpful one.


Storytelling Matters features original and curated writing and photography about global story culture and innovation in order to facilitate conversation about the ethical and responsible use of creative technologies in community. If you have a story to share, let us know!

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Media Policy Watch

By Rose Kaplan

The U.S. presidential election has dominated the news cycle the for the past few weeks, and for good reason. As we wrote last month, new President-Elect Donald Trump had few public campaign positions on media policy, net neutrality, or technology. He came out against the proposed AT&T/Time Warner merger; he called for Apple to manufacture its products domestically (which has already had an effect on the company's future plans); he spoke disparagingly of net neutrality, although not in specific terms, erroneously comparing it to the FCC's 20th-century Fairness Doctrine. But what might a Trump presidency really bring to the realms of media policy, technology, and the internet?

As Vice Motherboard's Sam Gustin writes, Trump's victory has already effectively ended the work of the Obama FCC, taking cable "set-top box" reform, potential price caps for communications networks serving hospitals, libraries, and schools, and expanded availability of "video-described" programming for blind and visually impaired people off the table. Gustin also outlines how Trump could destroy net neutrality, naming Republican FCC commissioner and former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai as one of Trump's possible picks to succeed Wheeler as chairman.

Rightly or not, many Americans seem to be expecting greater surveillance under the Trump administration: the encrypted chat app Signal has seen a huge and unprecedented spike in downloads since the election, reports the Los Angeles Times' Paresh Dave. Along similar lines, The Intercept's Micah Lee outlines a few surveillance self-defense tips against the future Trump administration.

However, many other stories were buried in the wake of the election coverage, including the convergence of filmmaking, technology, and indigenous land defense at the Standing Rock protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. One worrying story, published mid-October, details the heavy charges against documentary filmmaker Deia Schlosberg, who was arrested while covering the protests and now faces three felony charges carrying carrying a maximum sentence 45 years in prison—a longer sentence, for reference, than that of Chelsea Manning, who leaked sensitive military documents to WikiLeaks in 2010. 


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