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From the Executive Director
Wendy LevyHey NAMAC People—happy May to all. I’ve got some great news to share this month.

It’s thrilling to be able to announce the first cohort of NAMAC’s Creative Leadership Lab. We will sequester these incredible people for four days in Utah this summer to disconnect from day-to-day routines—and connect deeply with core values. We will explore our collective capacity for authentic leadership from a creative perspective, break through the barriers that can impede our ability to listen, lead and effect change. The goal is to build a responsive, diverse intergenerational network that can nurture individual artists and communities, bolster organizations and institutions and catalyze social movements. We are grateful for the support of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andy Warhol Foundation for their support of this work. Welcome Leaders!

Asikana NetworkI was at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, England in April with the Sundance Stories of Change team—including NAMAC members BRITDOC and Skylight Pictures. Skoll is an annual celebration of storytelling and social entrepreneurship where inspiration can be found under every Oxford cobblestone. Amidst the five days of story meetings, labs, workshops, screenings and panels—I was able to meet Regina Mukonda Mtonga—a visionary young woman who leads the Asikana Network.
The Asikana Network
Asikana is a consortium of young women learning to code—in Zambia. I am aligning partners to join with NAMAC to bring them here to the Bay Area in a creative/cultural exchange, a kickoff to NAMAC’s new Global Artist Residency program. I'm imagining a tour of Google, Facebook, and the tech company of their choice, a day of storytelling with Black Girls Code, Girl Geeks and women tech executives, a Digital Youth Arts Summit at the Oakland Impact HUB, a Sundance documentary film screening and panel discussion at the New Parkway Theater, interviews with Youth Radio, and as many cool events as we can fit into a few days. Anyone interested in helping make this happen? Contact me and we’ll join forces to get the ball rolling—

Media Legacy Freedom FundOne other work-in-progress I’d like to share with everyone is a new Fund currently under construction that NAMAC will administer. The Media Legacy Freedom Fund will be an active, engaged repository for legacy gifts that are intended to protect freedom of expression, an open internet, artist collectives, and technology for good. The Fund will enable anyone to make a named or anonymous gift or bequest that will support an ongoing legacy of media freedom. 

The Fund will support:
  • Collaborative initiatives between artists and community organizations 
  • Grants to filmmakers and journalists working in conflict zones where access to free and independent media is under threat 
  • Scholarships for social issue filmmakers, impact producers and attorneys planning to specialize in fair use, freedom of expression and human rights. 
We must be vigilant to protect—in a systemic way—the freedoms we enjoy, and combat oppression and intolerance around the world. I know so many of us share this conviction. The Media Legacy Freedom Fund will provide an opportunity for artists, advocates, philanthropists and our extended community to seed the next generation of creative freedom fighters. How can we not do this? We must do this. Stay tuned for details and the official launch of the Fund.

Youth Media Roundtable II: Creative Alliances for Collective Action
The second virtual NAMAC Youth Media Roundtable took place on Monday, May 4th, and it was another exceedingly inspiring and provocative conversation that managed to raise a series of important questions while extending a generous invitation for future collaboration between two separate, but intersecting fields of practice. Three representatives of the Creative Youth Development (CYD) movement—Heather Ikemire, Director of Program and Membership Strategy at National Guild for Community Arts Education, Jon Hinjosa, Executive Artistic Director of Say Sí in San Antonio, and Erik Holmgren, Program Manager of Creative Youth Development at the Massachusetts Cultural Council—joined about fifteen NAMAC-affiliated Youth Media organizations to talk about the CYD research, findings, action items and the multiple points of entry for Youth Media in the Creative Youth Development framework. This is an evolving, iterative discussion—one that includes identifying NAMAC’s leadership/ backbone role as we map the future, identify shared indicators of impact and think about the many ways we could come together and activate the best ideas. Check out the Collective Action for Youth Agenda for Progress here, and join the next Roundtable to get involved! Date and signup form are posted here.

I had a lot of fun doing this interview with We Are Sandpit this month, and it made me think ultimately about optimism in the face of disaster. We need it. As the NAMAC Innovation Studio begins to take on a life of its own, we will likely be able to kickoff a global Climate Change initiative later this year that puts artists, technologists and storytellers at the center of a creative ecosystem that supports community resilience for those most at risk for climate impacts. You’ll hear more about the Creative Climate Network next month in this eBulletin and on the NAMAC website. In the meantime, let’s not forget to keep the faith, repair the world as best we can, and be the lights that guide others through the dark. As Whoopi says, that’s why we’re here.

Notes from the Field
Greg MarinovichSouth African Photographer Greg Marinovich, Chief Content Officer of NAMAC member organization The Stand, describes the origins of the multi-platform photo agency in an article for Nieman Reports, originally published on Monday, May 4th.

Chelo Alvarez-StehleChelo Alvarez-Stehle presented her documentary Sands of Silence: Journey into Trafficking and the multi-platform engagement campaign around the film last Wednesday, April 29th at the 2015 Digital Hollywood Spring conference, as part of its Women's MiniFest.

Casey RaeFuture of Music CEO and NAMAC Board President Casey Rae's article "Like the Force, Copyright Law Is About Balance," first published on Medium on Friday, April 24th, addresses the tension in intellectual property discussions between innovation and the marketplace.

Simon KilmurryPOV Executive Director | Executive Producer Simon Kilmurry has been appointed Executive Director of the International Documentary Association, POV announced last Thursday, April 30th. POV Vice President, Programming and Production Chris White will assume the role of Executive Producer; Kilmurry's departure is effective July 6th.

Skylight Pictures' film "DISRUPTION"NAMAC member organization Skylight Pictures' film DISRUPTION—about a group of Latin American 
activist-economists working to support women's social change efforts—screened at the 2015 Skoll World Forum on Wednesday, April 15th.

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Creative Leadership Lab

Congrats to the following arts leaders accepted to NAMAC's 2015 Creative Leadership Lab! Visit our Leadership page next week for bios, social media links, and other ways to connect.

Jamiel Alexander
National Council of Young Leaders, Youthbuild, USA

Mary Tanui An
Director of Development,
American Documentary | POV

Jade Banks
Creative Producer/Researcher,
Smithsonian Institution, Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center

Kat Cizek
Independent Multimedia Director

John Wesley Days, Jr.
Teaching Artist + Educator, University of California, Seeds of Peace

Jessica Devaney
Director of Communications, Just Vision

Sean Flynn
Director, Points North Camden, Camden Film Festival

Marlene Graham
Senior Manager, Uris Center for Education, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Justen Harn
Director of Programs and Community Engagement, Hollywood Theater

Dena Johnston
Executive Director, Canyon Cinema

Jennifer MacArthur
Founder and Director, Borderline Media

Abina Manning
Executive Director, Video Data Bank

Stella Aguirre McGregor
Founder and Director, Urbano Project

Paco de Onis
Executive Director, Skylight Engage

Rachel Raney
Executive Director, Southern Documentary Fund

Jennifer Samuel
Founder and Director, Fine Grain Films/Visionaries

Scott Keoni Shigeoka
Founder and Director, SAGA Fest

Bill Simmon
Director of Member Services, Vermont Community Access

Emily Verellen
Senior Director of Programs, Fledgling Fund

Pasquinade Films

Welcome New Members

Pasquinade Films is an independent film production company based in Washington, DC that is committed to developing original stories from innovative filmmakers. Born out of small, grassroots publishing company—publishers of The Pasquinade, a magazine of parody and satire—Pasquinade recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.
Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership

New to the NAMAC Resource Library

Have you checked out the NAMAC Resource Library yet? Find the latest story and design tools, cultural strategies, field research, and white papers that will deepen your understanding of innovation and shared practice across the field. 

New today: The Social Impact of Open DataCultivating Nonprofit Leadership, and Setting the Agenda: National Summit on Creative Youth Development
The Joys of NAMAC Membership

Networked Web Portal
A robust website that visually showcases the impact stories of member organizations and individual artists serving marginalized and under-resourced communities across the country and around the world. Will include cross-disciplinary case studies, an interactive media tool library and a digital “collaboration-finder.”

Leadership Roundtables
Quarterly Creative Leadership Roundtables will be developed as a year-round participatory framework for peer-to-peer mentorship relevant to a range of arts and culture staff—from founders to mid-career leaders and next gen emerging voices. Must be a member to participate!

NAMAC Innovation Studio
A virtual and actual lab space to receive mentorship and support in the development of unique open source media/arts/tech initiatives—with an opportunity to present your ideas to funders and investors. Must be a member to incubate!

Media Policy Action Hub
This very public action hub will aggregate breaking news, legislation and current campaigns in a live interactive map interface, focusing on issues like net neutrality, surveillance and human rights, censorship and free press. Must be a member to access Maker Network Toolkits and Impact Blueprints!

Global Artist Residency and Fund
To facilitate the most dynamic collaborations between artists, organizations and communities, NAMAC will partner with trusted cultural exchange programs to design NAMAC co-branded media arts residencies, with a companion fund to support collaborative projects between artists and NGOs. Open to NAMAC members in good standing, the goal of the residencies will be to foster cultural understanding, build the creative and technological capacity of organizations across sectors, and amplify the power of art to strengthen and sustain communities. Must be a member to be eligible!

NAMAC is developing a slate of new programs to facilitate innovation, impact, collaboration, and strategic growth for the media arts field; for more, see
CAP Comcast!

Media Policy Watch
By Rose Kaplan

"Stop raising rates," "expand Internet access," "pay your fair share," "support community media"—activists in Philadelphia are taking aim at Comcast (whose attempted merger with Time Warner Cable is now officially dead—more on that shortly). Comcast's fifteen-year franchise agreement to sell cable to the City of Philadelphia, home to the corporate giant, expires later this summer, and Philadelphians are organizing to voice their frustrations with Comcast's service and behavior, and to make sure that their demands are heard as the franchise renegotiation process unfolds.

CAP Comcast! Corporate Accountability Project—responsible for the images and posters above—is one group coordinating these efforts; visit their site for a petition demanding that Comcast be more accountable to the needs of the citizens of Philadelphia, America's poorest big city, where many homes still lack a broadband connection. And if you're curious, Philly has the background info on the Comcast franchise talks.

Back to Comcast/TWC—Free Press has the story on how grassroots campaigns fought and ultimately helped kill the merger. Wanna know how much money Comcast wasted trying to push the deal through? Ars Technica's got you covered ($336 million, by the way). The New York Times also has a piece about Comcast's 
intense lobbying efforts
on behalf of the merger. The fight's not over yet, though—The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that in the aftermath of the failed deal, Charter has now reached out to Time Warner about a possible merger (after its own hostile takeover attempt failed in early 2014).

In March 2014, the Baltimore Police Department instituted a new official policy prohibiting officers from stopping people from taping or photographing police actions. More importantly, regardless of police policies, it is always legal for Americans to record police action, as long as they are on public property. And yet, as protests in Baltimore continue over police officers' roles in the death of Freddie Gray, multiple citizen journalists have been arrested for filming the police. This Wired article has info on a number of apps that can help citizens capture footage of the police. For more on issues surrounding journalism and the police, see Photography Is Not A Crime.

April brought good news for independent film on PBS—after four months of controversy following PBS's announcement of a planned scheduling change that would have moved POV and Independent Lens out of primetime programming blocks, PBS announced on April 23rd that it has now committed to leaving the two shows where they are. The announcement follows months of advocacy work by filmmakers and grassroots organizations like Indie Caucus. PBS also announced a number of new initiatives designed to further support independent film—see this Variety article for more info.

A host of new online coalitions launched in the last month aimed at tackling cyber surveillance and copyright issues. Re:Create is fighting for a "Pro-Innovation, Pro-Creator, Pro-Consumer Copyright Agenda"; Fight 215 aims to stop reauthorization of Section 215 of the Patriot Act—the section used by the FBI and NSA to justify mass surveillance of Americans' phone records; Stop Cyber Surveillance is working to stop the host of new bills currently being introduced in the House and Senate that would explicitly allow that mass surveillance to continue.

Finally, the FCC's February's Net Neutrality order still faces a variety of court and congressional challenges—Public Knowledge has the latest updates on the situation.
Community Media Workshop

Job Bank
Summer Documentary Study Abroad Instructor, Actuality Media (Guatemala, Malaysia, Uganda)—due Sunday, May 10th

Marketing Manager, BRIC (Brooklyn, NY)—due Monday, May 11th

Marketing Coordinator, Oregon Public Broadcasting (Portland, OR)—due Wednesday, May 13th

Artist Organizer, Springboard for the Arts (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN)—due Friday, May 15th

Multimedia Artist and Editor, University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, IN)—due Friday, May 15th

Media Arts Teacher and Boys Group Leader, Community Art Center (Cambridge, MA)—due Friday, May 15th

Video Intern, International Rescue Committee (New York, NY)—due Saturday, May 30th

Animator/Videographer, TechChange: The Institute for Technology and Social Change (Washington, DC)—due Sunday, May 31st

Z-Tech Audio Mentor, ZUMIX (Boston, MA)—due Sunday, May 31st

Assistant Business Development Manager, WGVU Public Media (Grand Rapids, MI)—due Monday, June 1st

Critical Path Digital Training Coordinator, Philadelphia FIGHT (Philadelphia, PA)—due Friday, June 12th

Manager, Photography and Archiving, International Rescue Committee (New York, NY)—due Monday, June 22nd

Marketing and Digital Media Manager, Community Media Workshop (Chicago, IL)—due Thursday, July 2nd

Open until filled
Video and Motion Designer, Apple (Santa Clara, CA)

Video Coordinator—Communications, The Aspen Institute (Washington, DC)

Creative Director of Video, Mic (New York, NY)

Motion Graphics Designer and Video Producer, Cyanogen (Palo Alto, CA or Seattle, WA)

Multimedia Producer, Fly on the Wall (Brooklyn, NY)

Production Coordinator, The HistoryMakers (Chicago, IL)

Community Manager, Independent Filmmaker Project (Brooklyn, NY)

Production Manager, Independent Television Service (San Francisco, CA)

Designer, Internet Archive (San Francisco, CA)

Work Transition Program Manager, Internet Archive (San Francisco, CA)

Project Manager, Foundation and Government Support, KQED (San Francisco, CA)

Assistant Producer, All Things Considered, NPR (Washington, DC)

Digital Media Specialist, Rice University (Houston, TX)

Programs Coordinator, Sitar Arts Center (Washington, DC)

Media Specialist/Librarian, Soundview Academy for Culture and Scholarship (Bronx, NY)

Manager, Recording Operations, StoryCorps (Brooklyn, NY)

Programs Coordinator, Streetside Stories (San Francisco, CA)

Programs Manager, Streetside Stories (San Francisco, CA)

Digital Instructor, Tacoma Public Library (Tacoma, WA)

Audio Resources Media Consultant/Audio Assistant, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)

Junior Video Director, The Verge, Vox Media (New York, NY)

Media Sponsorship, WBGO Jazz 88 (Newark, NJ)

Outreach Coordinator, WGBH Educational Foundation (Boston, MA)

Associate Director of Development, Window to the World Communications (Chicago, IL)

Distribution Assistant, Women Make Movies (New York, NY)

Chief Development Officer, Youth Radio (Oakland, CA)
UNAFF 2015
Grants and Calls
Call for Applications: Flux Factory Summer and Fall 2015 Residencies
Flux Factory, a twenty-year-old nonprofit arts organization on Long Island, artist collective, and international residency program, seeks cultural producers of all kinds to join the Flux community for three-, six-, nine-, or twelve-month residencies. Deadline: Friday, May 8th

NALIP 2015: Official Selection
NALIP 2015: Official Selection will showcase short-form creative content by current members of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers registered to its 2015 Media Summit featuring a diversity of subjects, voices and viewpoints. All winning films will be featured in the printed version of the 2015 NALIP Media Summit Program and uploaded to the NALIP YouTube account. Deadline: Friday, May 8th

Cowbird: Unheard Voices Grant
Cowbird, a storytelling platform dedicated to gathering and preserving "exceptional stories of human life," is offering $2,500 grants for applicants interested in using the Cowbird platform to amplify unheard, marginalized voices from around the world in words, sounds, and images. Deadline: Sunday, May 10th

Call for Short Animations
Squeaky Wheel Film and Media Arts Center is currently seeking work for their 12th Annual Animation Festival, which will travel throughout Western and Central New York. If your work is accepted into the Animation Festival program, it will be seen at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery (Buffalo, NY), Alfred University, and others TBA. Deadline: Friday, May 15th

Call for Proposals: Art in Odd Places
Art in Odd Places 2015/TONE Orlando invites proposals for its first annual public art and performance festival, taking place September 17th through 20th. Deadline: Friday, May 15th
Space and Time Artist Residency at Guttenberg Arts (Guttenberg, NJ) seeks artists for its residency program who are involved with the following disciplines: activism, architecture, ceramics, collaboration, community, crafts and trades, experimental, film and video, installation, media arts, photography, printmaking, Sculpture, textile, and visual arts. Deadline: Friday, May 15th
The Kala Fellowship award is an international competition open to artists producing innovative work in all mediums including: printmaking, digital media, installation art, social practice, photography, and book arts. Deadline: Friday, May 22nd
Call for Submissions: United Nations Association Film Festival
UNAFF 2015 seeks documentaries addressing human rights, the environment, protection of refugees, famine, homelessness, racism, disease control, women's issues, children, universal education, war, and peace. Regular deadline: Friday, May 15th; late deadline: Monday, May 25th
2015 Austin Film Festival
The Austin Film Festival seeks submissions of both feature-length and short documentaries. Regular deadline: Wednesday, May 20th

Call for Submissions: Camden International Film Festival
The 2015 Camden International Film Festival seeks documentary films of all shapes, sizes, styles, and lengths. Late deadline: Friday, May 29th

40th Toronto International Film Festival
Submissions are open for TIFF 2015. Both Canadian and international documentaries are sought. Late deadline: Friday, May 29th

Call for Applications: Guest Projects
Guest Projects (London) offers an opportunity for projects of any artistic discipline (dance, visual arts, music, film screenings, seminars and talks on any subject) to have access to a free space for one month. Only group shows (two or more participants) will be considered. Deadline: Sunday, May 31st
Knight-VICE Innovators Fund
Journalists are sought with with specific projects in mind that adopt new forms of storytelling, create new tools and curricula, and take the tools of journalism to new places and new generations of news consumers. Deadline: Monday, June 1st

New Toronto Works Show
Pleasure Dome is seeking short experimental film/video works, expanded cinema performances, and media art installations by Toronto-based artists for the annual New Toronto Works Show. To submit, please send a weblink of the work, single page synopsis, and artist bio to Deadline: Monday, June 1st

Call for Submissions: Lumen Prize
Submissions of digitally created art are sought for the 2015 Lumen Prize Exhibition. Awards totaling $10,000 are available in a variety of categories. The top 100 works will be exhibited online, and the top 25 works will tour globally. Deadline: Monday, June 8th

Roy W. Dean Summer Film Grant
$25,000 in film goods, services, and funds are available for filmmakers working on short films, documentaries, features, or series. Each applicant, win or lose, will also receive a free consultation from From the Heart Productions President Carole Dean. Deadline: Tuesday, June 30th

Rural Arts and Culture Summit

Workshops, Webinars,
Convenings, and Festivals
Springboard for the Arts Workshop: Social Media for Artists
Saturday, May 9th • 10am to 12:30pm CST • Walker Library, 2880 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55408
free for everyone!

Springboard for the Arts Workshop: Funding Your Work
Tuesday, May 12th • 6:30 to 9pm CST • Brookdale Library, 6125 Shingle Creek Parkway, Brooklyn Center , MN 55430
free for everyone!

NTEN Webinar: Creating Stories That Capture Interest and Imagination
Thursday, May 14th • 11am
$30 for NTEN members, $60 for nonmembers

Seattle International Film Festival
Thursday, May 14th through Sunday, June 7th

Arts and Democracy Project Webinar: Tools for Creative Change
Tuesday, May 19th • 10am
free for everyone!

NTEN Webinar: Engaging Your Communities and Measuring Impact
Thursday, May 21st • 11am
$30 for NTEN members, $60 for nonmembers

Brooklyn Film Festival
Friday, May 29th through Sunday, June 7th

Rural Arts and Culture Summit
Tuesday, June 2nd through Thursday, June 4th • Morris, MN
$125 for both days, $90 for one day (Deadline: Thursday, May 28th)

Encounters: South African International Documentary Festival
Thursday, June 4th through Sunday, June 14th • Cape Town and Johannesburg

Sheffield Doc/Fest
Friday, June 5th through Monday, June 15th
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