“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not infinishing an activity but in doing it.”

-Greg Anderson

Live Your Best Life

Forming your best life starts with the commitment to live a great life. You are capable of constructing your own outcome. We are easily consumed by work and personal responsibilities, so we must make a choice to live in the moment. It is important to slow down and reflect on who we are, what we want and how we want to live. Make time to put distractions aside and just be. Re-center yourself. Take a deep breath and experience life in the moment. Build your foundation by setting aside a few minutes each day. Creating this space provides  the opportunity to become the architect of your best life.

Start by paying attention to how you feel. Are you joyful? Are your surroundings peaceful? Are the people in your life loving and supportive? If so, great! If not, act! Learn to appreciate the details and make decisions to reflect that appreciation for life. Choose to watch the sunset. Choose to take a walk on a beautiful day. Choose to spend quality time with loved ones. Colors will appear brighter, smells will be more aromatic and emotions will feel more intense. Life will be more fulfilling when you are fully living out your core values. Ultimately, this is the foundation on which a meaningful life is built.

Keys to Living Your Best Life:

1. Know who you are by asking yourself, "Who Am I?" and “What brings me joy?” Identify your personal values. Uncover and discover who you are and what is really important to you

2. Connect to your primary emotions, your dreams and your needs, and begin making plans and decisions that honor them. Express your true essence by understanding and living out your core values.

3. Physical, mental and spiritual health are deeply connected and equally important. Work on each of these as you build your foundation for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

4. Invest in others by creating and nurturing relationships. Humans are social beings and thrive when there is connection with other people.

5. Participate in activities with others that share and practice your values. These relationships will build a support structure to help you in times of struggle.

Lean into the process and you will soon be living your best life. You will feel it instantly. The decisions you make and the steps you take will be natural. Your mind will open up, your thoughts will be clear and your personal direction will be more meaningful. When your life path has meaning, your best self will shine through. And when you are achieving your best, you are giving your best to the world which makes it a better place for everyone.

Health Tip!

Having your core values as the guiding principles in your life’s journey will nourish your spirit, your mind and your body.

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