Major US newspaper conglomerates take on endangered forest commitments.  Yann Martel’s Life of Pi might be just the gift for Dad this Father’s Day. Canopy media coverage on Boreal decision. Green Print Leadership Report and more…
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New York Times and USA Today develop endangered forest commitments

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In the last few months, two of the largest newspaper companies in the USA announced significant environmental developments. After ongoing engagement and encouragement from Canopy, both the New York Times and Gannett (USA Today publisher) issued formal policy-statements that explicitly reference endangered forests and endangered species.  While Canopy recommended some additional considerations to strengthen both, they are a strong step in the right direction and we are very hopeful that their implementation will lead to greater protection of our world’s remaining forests.
Gannett, publisher of USA Today and 81 other dailies, just released its newspaper purchasing policy, along with a corporate environmental policy and sustainability report. Learn more here. Gannet’s policy was developed following the launch of Canopy’s Above The Fold survey, which aims to identify international environmental leaders within the newspaper sector.
Highlights of Gannett's newsprint purchasing policy include a goal is to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, with recycled newsprint being one strategy towards that goal, and a commitment to ensure its newsprint does not contain 'fiber from illegal sources,endangered forests,plantations developed from recently cleared natural forests or endangered species habitats'.
Also fresh off the press,The New York Times Company updated its corporate website with detail on its commitments to environmental stewardship. This commitment extends to The New York Times, the Boston Globe and the International Herald Tribune and incorporates several key elements brought forward by Canopy.

The New York Times Company’s stewardship highlights include: 
  • Adding specific language about advancing the protection of endangered forests and forests of high carbon value;
  • Engaging suppliers to reduce the loss of high carbon forests;
  • Adding specific language about endangered species, controversial sources and intact and old growth forests; and
  • Strengthening language about FSC so that it is the only certification system mentioned.
Canopy works with over 700 book publishers, newspapers, magazines and printers to create change for our forests, climate and species. Learn more about how we collaborate with leading brands around the globe.
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Canopy’s Green Print Leadership Report

Survey uncovers environmental leadership in the print sector

Green Print Leadership Report

Missed the last few issues of Canopy's enewsletter?  Take a look at our Newsletter Archive for recent issues of Canopy Views, Canopy’s newsletter highlighting stories and developments on protecting the world’s ancient forests. 

The paper and print services a company uses can say as much about a brand as the messages printed on them. Companies that choose environmental paper for corporate use and product development can enhance their brand’s environmental reputation and stand out from the competition.
Canopy works with more than 700 companies to develop and implement paper procurement polices that meet business needs while enhancing reputation as brands that support protection for ancient and endangered forests.
Our list of partners includes: Sprint, Time, Scholastic, Random House, Hearst, Lonely Planet and many others who increasingly require green print services to help meet corporate sustainability targets.
To be released in June, North America’s 2013 Green Print Leadership List from Canopy offers companies the opportunity to select qualified printing partners that will help gain market and customer recognition; while positioning their brand as a leader in sustainable procurement.
Learn more about Canopy’s Green Print Leadership Report and check back soon for the upcoming release of the report.
Canopy's Good Business Crossword
Take a look at one of Canopy's recent ads shown above that was featured in The Globe and Mail. Can you help solve the puzzle?

Canopy’s Focus On New Paths For Solutions in Canada’s Boreal Gets Coverage Across North America

CBFA Media Clips

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On April 17, almost three years after the landmark Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) was announced, Canopy withdrew from its involvement in the CBFA.
Canopy was a champion for the process and a lead negotiator of the agreement. This collaboration with the logging industry was designed to be a game-changer for the protection of species and conservation in Canada’s threatened Boreal forest. The disappointing reality is that not one hectare of forest has been protected since the agreement was signed 3 years ago and species and ecosystems are still at risk.
Canopy remains committed to collaborative solutions building and hopes that by re-invigorating its work directly with pulp and paper buyers and leading suppliers, it can open the door to the scale of conservation that the Boreal forest requires to be viable. Canopy’s efforts for the Boreal will initially focus on the Broadback Valley Forest, supporting leadership of the Cree First Nations and the Quebec government to protect 13,000 km2 (over 3 million acres) of this important Boreal forest gem.
Canopy’s decision garnered attention from several media outlets across North America, shedding light on the importance of protecting the Boreal, which is home to the largest remaining intact forests and the world’s largest terrestrial carbon sink. Selected media stories on the Boreal announcement are linked below.
Read more media coverage in Canopy’s online media room
Life of Pi and Dear Life
Limited edition, signed copies of Life of Pi and Dear Life printed on straw / recycled paper.

Alice Munro shown below signing a copy of Dear Life for Tracie Wagman.

The Story Behind Canopy’s Exclusive Offer: 

Signed, limited editions of Alice Munro’s Dear Life and Yann Martel’s Life of Pi

Alice Munro signs her copy of Dear Life for Tracie Wagman.

A gift for Dad, a gift for endangered forests. Did you miss the chance to get Dad a gift on Father's Day? He might love a limited edition, signed copy of Yann Martel’s Life of Pi - great for the hard-to-buy for Dad. Your purchase helps to keep Richard Parker and his forest friends' home intact by supporting Canopy's work to protect ancient forests.

Order a copy today.

Life of Pi is printed on paper made with 30% totally chlorine free Canadian flax straw and 70% post consumer recycled content. Dear Life is printed on paper made with 27% totally chlorine free wheat straw, 9% totally chlorine free Canadian flax straw and 64% post consumer recycled content. 
Internationally recognized authors Yann Martel and Alice Munro have partnered with Canopy to publish a limited amount of special edition, signed copies of Life of Pi and Dear Life. These books are among the first of their kind, printed on recycled paper and paper made from straw leftover after grain harvests.
Alice Munro is the original champion of Canopy’s mission to protect forests. Each one of Canopy’s seventy rare, signed copies of Dear Life is numbered, and is a testament to the twelve-year relationship between Canopy and Alice Munro, which started with the Canadian edition of Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage.  Munro stopped the presses with these books to ensure they were printed on Ancient Forest Friendly Paper, making them North America’s first major title printed on 100% recycled paper.
Canopy’s edition of Life of Pi is the only hard cover edition published. Each book has been signed by Yann Martel and contains a special foreword by the author hailing the promise embodied in these books, which showcase straw paper as a novel way to save our forests and provide Canadian grain farmers with a means of turning harvest leftovers into a commodity.
A unique collector’s piece by well-loved Canadian authors, these books make an amazing literary prize or present, not to mention a gift to Canadian heritage: our forests.
Order your signed copy today. Signed special editions of Life of Pi and Dear Life are available exclusively on Canopy’s website. All proceeds go towards Canopy’s continued forest conservation work and development of alternative paper sources. Learn more about Canopy’s ongoing collaboration with the publishing industry. Read the full story about these limited edition books here.
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Photo below: Tracie Wagman, Help We've Got Kids

Canopy Board Member: Tracie Wagman

Board Member and Publisher, Help! We’ve Got Kids 

Tracie Wagman, Help, we've got kids!

Wanted: Someone who sees the forest for the trees, who is passionate about keeping our world’s forests and species vibrant and our climate stable, and who believes that business can be a powerful force for change. Many of Canopy’s donors enjoy spending time in fresh, clean air and relish moments relaxing under the canopy of a giant tree. Supporters want to see species like grizzlies, orangutans and songbirds flourish instead of hovering on the verge of extinction. Our network is made up of people who believe their children’s children should be able to enjoy a planet with beautiful forests and thriving species.
Canopy’s work relies on the support of individual donors who share our passion for the planet. A monthly donation, one-time gift or a unique item purchased in Canopy’s Marketplace: there are many ways to donate and help Canopy transform business for our planet.

What’s your environmental sin?

I hate to admit it but my fashion choices are often not the most Eco-friendly...I promise I will tackle that next! 
What do you do when you’re not thinking of forests? or the planet?

Raise my children, run my company, work with several other non-profits and advise other women starting their own businesses. 
What do you like most about being a board member for an environmental not-for-profit?

I hear people say "Why bother doing anything it's so overwhelming?" Or "I can't make a difference." Working with Canopy I know we are making a difference and by introducing Canopy to people I can show them how they can help make a difference too. Every little choice we make can have a huge impact.
What was a highlight from meeting author Alice Munro for your signed special edition of Dear Life?

Where to begin? It was a highlight of my life. Alice is by far my favorite writer and her work has had such a strong impact on my life. We actually hung out at her house for a couple of hours and just talked which was incredible. She is lovely, intelligent, has had an interesting life and listening to how her brain works was so interesting. I feel so lucky that I was able to meet her.
If you were a fortune teller, what would your life look like in 20 years?

I hope filled with love, laughter, family and friends. 
What’s your favourite endangered animal?

I couldn't narrow it down and sadly there are over 3,000 endangered animals. In fact if we go back to the previous question: in 20 years I hope some of the work I'm doing now cuts this list in half at least. 

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