Get mom a limited edition copy of Dear Life printed on forest-friendly paper. Hugging and romancing the trees… Harlequin eliminates use of fibre from ancient & endangered forests. Latest news on Canopy’s ground-breaking campaigns that change the way leading companies source pulp and paper products.

Alice Munro and Yann Martel Give Life to Forests:

Authors sign rare collectors’ editions made from straw and recycled paper


Dear Mom: Thought you’d love this special edition of Alice Munro’s Dear Life for Mother’s Day…

Order your exclusive copy of Dear Life by Alice Munro here. Dear Life is printed on paper made with 27% totally chlorine free wheat straw, 9% totally chlorine free Canadian flax straw and 64% post consumer recycled content.


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Celebrated authors Alice Munro and Yann Martel have collaborated with award-winning environmental group Canopy to print collectors’ editions of their bestselling books Dear Life and Life of Pi. Printed specially on forest-saving paper made from straw and post consumer recycled content(1) rather than trees, the books highlight a viable solution to logging carbon-rich forests for paper. Published by Random House of Canada, a limited number of signed copies of each book are now available from these printings.
“Future generations will only know bears, tigers, orangutans and caribou as fictional creatures unless we protect their habitat in the Boreal, tropical and temperate forests now,” said Yann Martel, after the Academy Award win by the film based on his novel. “Using straw paper for my book demonstrates that there are elegant solutions that keep the world’s towering trees standing.”
“Now more than at any other time in our history, we need to bring our intelligence and imagination to sustain our life support systems,” said Alice Munro. “With a pure passion and unwavering conviction Canopy has been working to protect the world’s forests and inspire innovation. This is exactly the kind of practical solution required.”
Order your copy today. Signed special editions of Life of Pi and Dear Life are available exclusively on Canopy’s website. All proceeds go towards Canopy’s continued forest conservation work and development of alternative paper sources. Learn more about Canopy’s ongoing collaboration with the publishing industry.

(1) Life of Pi is printed on paper made with 30% totally chlorine free Canadian flax straw and 70% post consumer recycled content. Dear Life is printed on paper made with 27% totally chlorine free wheat straw, 9% totally chlorine free Canadian flax straw and 64% post consumer recycled content. 

Budding romance: Torstar, Harlequin, Toronto Star look to eliminate use of fibre from ancient & endangered forests 

New paper procurement principles launched for: a global leader in women's fiction, Harlequin books; Canada's largest newspaper, The Toronto Star; plus, over 125 daily and weekly newspaper publications.


Ancient Forest Friendly, recycled and eco-friendly newsprint is often the same price as virgin newsprint and is often found to be of better quality in terms of runnability, strength, brightness, opacity, ink receptivity and ink adherence.

Visit Canopy's Ecopaper Database to see who carries 100% recycled and other eco-friendly or Ancient Forest Friendly™ newsprint.

Torstar Corporation has launched corporate-wide Environmental Purchasing Principles to encourage suppliers to eliminate the use of fiber from ancient and endangered forests, empower business units with the option of choosing to preference post-consumer recycled fiber and encourage improvement of all forest certification systems with Forest Stewardship Council certification (FSC) as the target standard.
These principles apply to Harlequin, known the world over for the publication of romance novels, as well as the Star Media Group and Metroland Media Group, which together publish over 125 newspapers across Canada.
Canopy collaborated with Torstar Corporation for several years and was engaged to support and advise on the development of these principles over the last 8 months. 
“Torstar’s readers can now start their day with a hot cup of coffee and the newspaper and end it with an equally steamy romance novel, knowing that our planet’s forests are better off,” said Nicole Rycroft, Canopy Founder and Executive Director. “As a global publishing leader, Torstar deserve congratulations for their corporate wide approach to protecting forests such as Canada’s Boreal through strong principles that guide their paper procurement,” she said.

Read the full story here… and learn more about Canopy’s ongoing collaboration with the publishing industry. 
Boreal Forest aerial view
Canadian Boreal Forest
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Printers protect ancient forests with new environmental policies


Canopy Withdraws From Boreal Forest Agreement With Industry


In April, Canopy announced its withdrawal from the once praised Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, endorsed by forest industry and environmental groups to protect Canada’s Boreal forest. After almost three years since the agreement was announced, not one hectare of Canada’s Boreal forest has been protected.  Although Canopy expects that there will be some conservation delivered through the process, it will not likely be at the scale originally outlined in the agreement.
Canopy has determined more meaningful and timely results for the Boreal forest can be achieved through its work helping to shape the paper purchasing decisions of major consumers.
Read the full story here.

Going forward, Canopy’s first priority is 3.2 million acres of protection for the Broadback Valley Forest in Quebec. The latest developments, including the conservation vision of the Cree Grand Council are outlined here.

Canopy’s campaign team has worked with commercial printers to influence change in the print industry. As some of the largest buyers of paper, their environmental choices can influence hundreds of thousands of companies who rely on them for their printing needs – from annual reports to marketing materials and everything in between. In the past year, Canopy has made significant inroads with printers in the United States.
Just some of the successful elements coming out of Canopy’s work to green the print industry: identifying North America’s green print leaders, engaging CEOs at leading printing companies, and negotiating new paper procurement policies.
In addition to meetings and presentations with a number of the top 20 printers in North America, 5 printers/print brokers have recently implemented policies with Canopy: JapsOlson in Minnesota, MPH Graphics in Toronto, Plan it Green in Los Angeles, Sandy Alexander in New Jersey and Torstar Printing Group in Toronto.
Canopy’s first Green Print Leadership Survey, a gauge of printer’s engagement in forest conservation initiatives, had an impressive response. Among the 42 printers participating, some of the largest companies (including 4 in the top 10) completed the survey. The survey was conducted in preparation for Canopy’s 2013 Green Print Leadership Report, to be published early June in concert with the Sustainable Brands conference. The report will outline the greenest printers with respect to forest conservation and ecopaper procurement and Canopy campaigners will use the survey results to help each printer identify how they can improve their environmental performance for next year.
Work continues deepening existing relationships with some of the North America’s largest printers, building new connections and recognizing Green Print leaders for their efforts to protect and conserve the world’s intact forests. 
Learn more about Canopy’s focus on transforming the print industry. Develop an Ancient Forest Friendly purchasing policy with Canopy’s support. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our knowledgeable team members.   
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Canopy Team Profile

An interview with Canopy Executive Director and Founder, Nicole Rycroft 

Nicole Rycroft

Volunteer or Intern to help support campaigns at Canopy and gain incredible experience. 

Canopy is an award-winning environmental not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s forests, species and climate.

Canopy's Mission: Canopy works to protect the world's forests, species and climate by collaborating with business and the public to create sustainable supply chains and innovative solutions to environmental challenges. 

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What’s your environmental sin?
Enjoying frequent flyer access to Air Canada lounges at major airports. Although I cycle, walk and take transit around the cities I live and work in, I often fly to New York, Toronto, San Francisco and Europe to meet with Canopy’s partners in person. 
What do you do when you’re not thinking of forests?
As a displaced Aussie, I'm always happy to get a little ocean time on my surfboard... hopefully seeing the occasional dolphin, seal and sea otter. Movies, good books and environmental art installations are also inspiring distractions.
What do you like most about being an environmentalist?
Hands down, my two favourite things about being a professional tree-hugger: 1) Working on issues that I feel so passionate about. This is such a gift and makes getting out of bed easy! 2) Working with exceptional people at other NGOs, our corporate partners, donors and ambassadors.
What would you change about working with Canopy?
More dark chocolate! Plus, less time worrying about money and more time focused on how we make the scale of change we need to see in the world.
If you were a fortune teller, what would your life look like in 20 years?
I love my work, so I envision doing similar things. I have no doubt that I’ll have a few new strategies up my sleeve and a little more time in the magical places Canopy will have protected by then.
What’s your favourite endangered animal?
When I travelled through the Indonesian archipelago, I fell in love with Orangutans. Gentle and intelligent, these orange-haired primates are aptly named the "man of the forest". I'm very excited that we're now working to conserve their habitat in Indonesia while supporting local community rights.

Canopy Donor Profile

Stina Brown: monthly donor

Canopy Monthly Donor Stina Brown

Canopy’s work relies on the support of individual donors who share our passion for the planet. 

For as little as $10/month you can make a significant contribution to save the world’s forests, species and climate. Joining our monthly giving program is an easy and efficient way to support Canopy.  Become a part of our our Habitat Circle today!

Find out about the many ways to donate and help Canopy transform business for our planet.  

Stina Brown is an accomplished meeting designer, facilitator, visual practitioner and consultant who works with individuals, mission-based groups and businesses to reach their full potential. Drawing on the latest methods and processes in change management and social innovation, Stina designs and executes high level strategic visioning and planning sessions, team-building retreats, think tanks, vision quests, special initiatives/events, and more for groups in the midst of change.
Now, Stina is also an artist and graphic recorder, drawing wall-sized graphic "maps" that increase group participation, capture facts, visibly organize concepts, increase comprehension and deepen shared understanding. This means that paper is an important part of what Stina does. With so much virgin paper being produced, whenever possible, her paper comes from FSC certified products with recycled content.
Stina is based in Vancouver, BC and first heard about the work of Canopy (formerly Markets Initiatives) when she worked with Forest Ethics. As a lover of nature and someone who spends lots of time in board rooms, the work of Canopy seemed like an ideal organization to become involved with. She worked with Canopy to transition their brand and became a monthly donor around 5 years ago. Every month her money goes to support the important work of protecting the world's forests, species and ultimately, our climate. Stina is proud to promote the cause of this small but mighty non-profit. In her words, "their creativity, social intelligence and tenacity leaves a legacy of a greener Canada and a greener world for future generations."   Blog | TwitterLinkedIn
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