Canopy is shaking it up again!

First Margaret Atwood, Now You - Choose Straw Paper!

How exciting is this?

Staples now carries the first straw copy paper ever available to Canadian small businesses, home offices, families, students… you know, regular paper buyers.
Step Forward Paper™ is made from 80% leftover straw and 20% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood. That’s 80% less forest fibre than traditional paper!
It’s the next step in Canopy's campaign to kick-start the straw paper industry in North America.
We got things rolling with the successful Atwood and Canadian Geographic book and magazine straw paper trials. Now you can help build the North American market for straw paper by choosing Step Forward Paper for your own printing needs.
The vast majority of logging in Canada still takes place in old growth forests, and roughly half of what gets logged goes into paper.
Making paper from leftover straw protects forests, and there’s enough leftover straw in North America every year to meet a whole lot of our paper needs.
Step Forward Paper™ is made by our friends at Prairie Pulp & Paper Inc. and we think it’s a great step towards meeting more of our paper needs from straw.




One day you will tell your grandchildren that we used to make paper from trees

Now available at Staples stores in Canada!
We are dishing up something new with leftovers . . . leftover straw that is!

Please contact Neva Murtha, Straw Paper Campaigner, for more information

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