DAWN Rheumatology - August 2013 Newsletter
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August 2013 DAWN Rheumatology Software E-Newsletter

In this issue:

What's new? Latest features of DAWN RH
New features available in the web-based DAWN RH system (version 7.9.31) include more flexibility in scheduling next appointments, with automatic scheduling for stable patients; a facility for recording and storing questionnaires within the patient record; recording NHS numbers; and extra visibility on current medication (see below).

Contact for information on upgrading to the latest version.

Remembering patient-specific risks
How important is it to remember risks specific to certain patients? DAWN RH software gives you the tools to highlight patients with hepatic fibrosis, pancreatitis, allergies, tuberculosis risks and others. (see risks above in red text)

A safety issue: checking for anomalies

A quick glance at your DAWN front screen will tell you if anything is amiss. 4S DAWN Clinical Software has learnt over many years working with rheumatology departments that the lead user needs to be quickly aware of any problems such as results not being sent to the DAWN system (see below).

Contact 015395 63091 or for information on checking your DAWN RH system for irregularities.

Keeping patients safe by checking trending lab results using disease-specific parameters

If a specific parameter is important in a particular context, your DAWN system can be set to highlight patients for your attention.

  • a sequential rise in ALT over 3 previous tests below 80IU/L
  • a fall in haemoglobin of 10%
  • a fall of 5g/L in albumin
An extra check on such results could prevent an admission and keep your patients safe whilst on medication.

Did you know.....
Patients attending specialist nurse led clinics do not get inferior treatment to that offered by rheumatologists
Patients attending clinical nurse specialist clinics do not get inferior treatment to that offered by consultant rheumatologists, the results of a major new clinical trial have revealed.

The results of the multi-centre trial at the University of Leeds, funded by Arthritis Research UK, showed that there may be some clinical benefit to people with rheumatoid arthritis, whose condition is managed by clinics run by rheumatology clinical nurse specialists, especially with respect to their disease activity, pain control, physical function and general satisfaction with their care.

Rheumatoid arthritis may double venous thromboembolism risk
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) was associated with a significantly increased risk for potentially fatal blood clots in the legs and lung, according to a nationwide prospective cohort study from Taiwan published online, August 7th in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. Therefore, venous thromboembolism (VTE) prophylaxis should be considered for patients with RA who are facing additional risk factors, such as surgery or hospitalisation.

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