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February 2016 DAWN Haematology Software E-Newsletter
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Support desk holiday closures
We just want to let everyone know that we have UK public holidays on Friday 25th and Monday 28th of March 2016.

Please note that the support desk will not be open on these dates. If you have any problems or issues on these dates, please email us at and a member of staff will be in contact with you the next working day.

Deceased patients - investigating Hold Monitor messages
Occasionally, your demographics interface contains a patient deceased message which does not get processed fully and appears in the Hold Monitor with an error message. Settings in DAWN send all patient deceased messages to the Hold Monitor to be checked for manually moving across to DAWN if the message is repeated or there is a problem with processing it.

In order to prevent the sending of DNA (non-attendance) letters to such patients and to ensure they are correctly marked up in DAWN, please check the Hold Monitor for such messages daily and especially prior to sending DNA (non-attendance) letters.
  • When DAWN fails to process the deceased message, an error will be shown on the HOLD monitor with a message like this -  "unable to flag patient as deceased"
  • If the user mistakenly deletes the message from the HOLD monitor, no trace remains in the audit trail.
  • DAWN users often get 'deceased' messages in the HOLD monitor as DAWN will not process any message after the patient is marked deceased.  Users need to take care not to ignore or delete all deceased messages but rather investigate them to ensure the patient is correctly recorded in DAWN CH.

Managing telephone calls within the DAWN system
DAWN provides telephone lists on the ‘Message Center’ screen to help you catch up on calls more efficiently.

DAWN will remove the patient from the Message Center list once your call has been marked 'Success' and you should make a note on the patient screen to record details of your call.  The call will be taken off the list for the time specified if you get 'No answer' and want to try later.

Demographics interfacing
Patient appointments and address changes etc can update your DAWN database automatically with a link from your hospital system. 

Ensure you are using the correct information and that patients and their primary care provider receive your messages from DAWN.  Contact / 015395 63091 if you would like to add in a demographics interface or upgrade your existing interfacing.

Did you know...

Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) have a significant impact on patients’ overall health and productivity: the MPN Landmark survey
The Philadelphia chromosome−negative myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) myelofibrosis (MF), polycythemia vera (PV), and essential thrombocythemia (ET) negatively affect patient quality of life (QoL) and are associated with increased risk of mortality.

The MPN Landmark survey was conducted from May to July 2014 in patients with MF, PV, or ET under active management in the United States. The survey assessed respondent perceptions of disease burden and treatment management and included questions on overall disease burden, QoL, activities of daily living, and work productivity. Outcomes were further analyzed by calculated (ie, not respondent-reported) prognostic risk score and symptom severity quartile.

These findings of the MPN Landmark survey support previous research about the symptom burden experienced by patients with MPNs and are the first to detail the challenges that patients with MPNs experience related to reductions in activities of daily living and work productivity.

Ibrutinib Improves CAR T-cell Function, Efficacy in Leukemia
Improved T-cell function may aid the efficacy of ibrutinib in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), according to a study published in the Annals of Oncology.

Investigators sought to evaluate the effect of ibrutinib on the T-cell compartment in CLL as it related to CAR T-cell generation. The phenotype and function of T-cells were examined in a cohort of patients with CLL during their treatment course with ibrutinib.

Results showed that 5 or more cycles of ibrutinib increased the expansion of CD19-directed CAR T-cells (CTLO19) and decreased immunosuppressive molecules PD1 on T-cells and CD200 on B-CLL cells

Lipids Involved in Cause of Myeloma in One of Three Patients
Researchers from the Yale Cancer Center report laboratory studies showing that chronic stimulation of the immune system by lipids made in the context of inflammation underlies the origins of at least one-third of all myeloma cases, and also in the origin of Gaucher's disease.

The finding was published in the February 11 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. The researchers show myeloma clonal immunoglobulin associated with transformed plasma cells was reactive against lysolipids, lysoglucosylceremide (LGL1) and lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC).

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