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September 23, 2018

Summer 2018 Update 2 of 4

Voronko Camp 
Since we moved to Ukraine in 2012, we have been part of the Voronkov camp in some way every year. Summer is not summer for us without Voronkov. The camp property is situated about an hour from our home not too far from Boryspil Airport.

This camp is a two-week camp each year. It's actually two, one-week camps. Both camps are identical except for the attendees. The focus of this camp is evangelistic. We invite families (mostly single moms) who have children with a disability of some kind. Every year, we have a long waiting list because of the limited space. We can accommodate about 22 families (75-100 people). Housing is dorm room style and each family has their own "space." This makes it much easier for the parents and the children.  Because of the limited space and the long waiting lists, we limit families to attending two times (two years). Then we take that spot for new families.

This year, about half of the attendees in both weeks were repeats and the others were new campers. Some of these we have met before, in other activities, but it was our first real opportunity to share the Gospel in a direct way over several days. Each activity, Bible study time, worship service time, and personal interaction is centered around sharing the love of God through our Savior Jesus Christ. Many of the attendees get their first exposure to the truth that God loves them and desires a PERSONAL relationship with them through Jesus. It is a great blessing to be able to share and to see the thirst for that kind of God.

Since it is usually the first exposure to the Gospel message, we usually do not see a personal response, immediately. But that does not mean that we do not extend the invitation to follow Christ into a salvation relationship. The camp is a very effective springboard into the next twelve months of ministry, however. Most of the attendees will participate at some level during this next year. And this gives us lots of opportunities to continue sharing the Gospel and mirroring the love of God.

This year, a couple of weeks after camp, one of our dear moms, "L", accepted Christ as Savior. It was her first year at camp, but she had been attending the Friday Night Bible Study at our house for several months before. It is always such a joy to the light come on in someone's spirit when they accept the gift of salvation, personally. (Of course, this was the work of God! But it is also because of each of you who support us in prayer and financially. Thank you!)

We do not just teach the parents. All of the children's activities are centered around God's Word, as well. Many of the kids who come are severely disabled and, often, uncommunicative. However, we know that the work God does in His relationship to us is done in the secret parts of our soul. Because of that, we are careful to share the love of God in action and in words. We don't know what is understood and what is not. However, we are called to tell. God does all the rest - whether a person is disabled or "normally-abled." It is such an honor to teach these kids how much God loves them. 

This summer, I (Chris) was the camp director for the first time. It was a new experience and I learned a LOT that I need to do better next year!

This was also the first year that I stayed at camp every night instead of going back and forth to home. There was a new room in process of construction that allowed me to have a place to stay. It was concrete, bricks, and a bed. But it was enough.  Mary went back and forth, as usual, to make sure things at home carried on. There is a lot that needs to be done with our own kids. We are so grateful to Bethany and Seth, though. They kept stability at home and cared for the kids - that is a LOT of work.  Mary stayed home a couple of days to do grocery shopping and give the Bethany and Seth a break.

One of the highlights of the summer was that Mary's sister, Robin, and her son, Sergei, came for the second week of camp. Sergei was adopted several years ago from Eastern Ukraine. Within the last year, he was accepted Christ as his Savior and has been baptized. One morning, he gave his testimony and talked about how God rescued him through his adoptive parents and how God taught him about love and saved him. It was so special for him, as a Ukrainian who came from a very hard life, to share his story.

It was a great year at camp. We cannot say that it was the "best year, yet" because we feel that way about every year. Every year is new and special for different reasons. 

Thank you for your prayers and your financial support. This camp could not happen without it. This is, definitely, one of the major spokes of our ministry and it is vital for everything else we do throughout the year. Thank you for supporting it!! Several of the moms asked that we thank you, as well. They understand that we are here because you help us be here. Neither we nor they take this for granted.
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