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Monday, February 5, 2017

This Week on the Field

It has been a wonderful winter, so far. Ministry has been busy busy busy - and that is because God is doing so many wonderful things and opening so many doors. In fact, we are praying and re-tooling what we do here in order to focus more fully on the work here in Brovary and the work through Grace Baptist Church, specifically. The goal is that within a few months, we will be full-time ministering through the Brovary special needs ministry. As we reported a while back, Grace church asked me (Chris) to be the pastor of families with children with special needs, organize some of the worship ministries, and to lead the Brovary special needs ministry. We have stepped into this very slowly, but due to some other circumstances involved in some of the other ministry work we have been doing that is not related to the special needs ministry, these changes are beginning to happen very quickly. We ask you to pray with us as we make these transitions and that we will do it according to God's plan and in His timing, not ours.

Another prayer need related to this is that we need to up our "ministry" budget to assist in some of these new areas of special needs ministry. We trust God fully to meet the needs of this ministry. It is obviously very important to Him - we see Him working and we see Him growing this ministry far faster than we expected and far more swiftly than we can keep up with. But we want to faithfully follow Him. These new ministry opportunities are the reason we live here. We thank you for praying!

We have had to do a couple of major, unexpected repairs in the house recently. (Unexpected to us, but God knew about it and He provided the necessary funds to make the repairs through the generosity of many of you in the month of December).

This is a picture of our downstairs bathroom. The toilet suddenly sank to one side and was nearly touching the wall. Basically, the cement in the bathroom had disintegrated. This was due to a slow leak in one of the pipes that went unnoticed for a long time.  Thankfully, Dima (a young man who help us with odd jobs around here) was able to pour a new floor and re-tile. Everything came out great. Except, tearing out the floor caused the entire wall (which is tiled) to become loose and the entire facade was breaking loose and threatening to come off in one big piece.  Since this is the bathroom that little kids (who are not really little any more) use, we could not leave it like that. So now, all the tile has been removed from the walls and Dima is re-tiling the walls. It's a mess. But eventually, it will be habitable again. 

We had some to have some repairs done in some plumbing pipes, in the kitchen, and some other minor things. It kind of happened all at once - but that's the way it usually is, right?  We are thankful that we have people in our lives here that can help. These are all things that I used to just do myself, but that was before I injured my back a year ago.  Now if I just think about doing something like tiling or lifting or twisting, my back threatens to shut me down again. But God has it all under control.

There are some new ministry pictures below. Also, if you would like to see some new pictures of the kids, there is a picture below that you can click on to view some photos.  It will open a new window to an online photo album.

THANK YOU for you prayer and financial support. It's because of you that we are able to serve the Father here in Ukraine. We recognize that and are very grateful. Recently, one of the moms asked me to thank our sponsors also. In her words, "It matters that you are here. It is important." So...thank you.

Recent Ministry Pictures

Pastor Boris and his wife Sveta singing a special song during the evening service.
Oksana (she organizes and often tells the Bible story during the evening service) and Tanya (our special needs ministry leader and really close friend).
Big special needs Christmas party. We had about 150 people there. This was one of a couple of different parties.
This was at the Christmas Eve evening service. Ethan was going through a nervous phase (that's why he's all chapped)
Alona manages the crafts during special events and Friday evening Bible study meetings.
We had a city-wide, interfaith Christmas celebration in Brovary. Our church choir at Grace church participated along with about 15 other churches. Christ was exalted.
Maxim just LOVES coming to church.
 He loves the music and he loves the Bible story.
Oksana began a few weeks ago going through the Bible in order for the children's Bible story during the evening service. Starting with Creation, of course. It is such a valuable time. I take for granted knowing all these stories - but I grew up in church. Most of these stories are brand new for the kids and for the parents.

2017 Contribution Statements

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We THANK YOU for you continued support of the work here in Ukraine.

Giving Options:

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Alternatively, you can give through First Moore Baptist Church
If you attend there, you can give through your regular offering and mark it for Ukraine Missions or anyone can mail a donation to First Moore Baptist Church, 301 NE 27th Street, Moore, OK 73160. Be sure and memo the 
contribution for "Ukraine Missions".

  • Several of us have been sick, multiple times in the last few weeks.
  • We are making some changes and some decisions in regard to a few of the places we currently work. Please pray as we make these decisions and the necessary changes in order to better focus our energy and ability here in the Brovary ministry.
We would LOVE to hear from you!
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Would you pray and consider joining with us financially in the work in Ukraine as we continue the work on Ukraine? We also have several "mercy" ministry needs that are new and currently unfunded.

Thank YOU for your prayer support, your financial support, and your encouragement.
We could NOT do this without you.

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