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In the last 20 months or so, SLZ has had many incarnations - the most exciting and long lasting that of the physical shop and HQ at 4/203 Margaret Street, in the heart of Toowoomba's CBD. Well, as most of you are aware, that space is no longer SLZ. While the racks, couches and remnants of the past artists-in-residencies artwork still trash the walls, the space has quietly developed into the Australian Cultural Library , that will open this Saturday with a bang of live music, casettes, vynil, VHS, books, DVD and 'other'.

Fear not though, SLZ is still very much alive and kicking, I just needed a quick 2 month break while I ducked over to Japan to explore and re-energise before then coming home to get cracking again. Due to my space limitations now though, I will not be accepting all zines sent my way and have significantly shrunk the amount of stock I carry (see below). If you would like your zine stocked with SLZ, please send a copy first for consideration.

One of my ultimate favourite things to do as a zine distro owner is send mail. Post bags filled with stickers, zines and magic. Mixed bags are by far my favourite things to make up because I get to show off all of the crazy talent Australia and abroad has. I have 40 specially made up $25 mixed bags packed and ready to send (it's been a big week I tell ya) filled with the last one or two copies of a mass of zines to clean out the webstore (see above), just waiting to be added to your collection and given a new home. It's the ultimate surprise for yourself, or as a present to someone special. Order yours now, put some lemon and ginger tea on to keep you warm and start flirting with your local postie.

I am Very Busy and Important PREORDER (with bonus ZINE)
I Am Very Busy and Important #7 PRE ORDER on until MIDNIGHT MAY 31st (the pre-order comes with BONUS Collected Thoughts Zine !)
"Almost exactly two years ago, Sophie Benjamin found herself hospitalised and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Sick of reading zines and blogs on the subject that were full of soap opera drama, #7 of IAVB&I is about her experience as an inpatient. Featuring stories about good doctors, bad driving, Elvis impersonators, the horrors of group therapy and the unfortunate consequences of stigma.

The pre-order (only) also comes with a copy of 'Collected Thoughts' (you lucky devils!), a zine collated by Sophie's friend Stevie Scott on the topic of mental health. The zine features 24 anonymous contributions from people in Brisbane's punk rock community on their experiences with mental health issues. Originally released in 2010, the zine was launched at a benefit show which sold out within minutes, raising hundreds of dollars for a local homeless shelter." I've personally read this zine and it blew me away.

Even more reasons to pre-order: Cream yellow cardboard cover, Hand stitched binding (The plebs get a canary yellow cover and staples), Stickers and getting to have the new issue in your greasy paws. ORDER YOURS NOW (back issues can still be ordered and will be posted together with the pre-order)

Events /Submission Dates /Happenings

QLD vs NZ Zine Trade
I gotta say that the QLD zine scene is just boss. To prove this, Jeremy Staples of the PaperCuts Collective has jiffied off to New Zealand with a 2 copies each of a massive swag of QLD titles to fight out the QLD vs NZ mega zine trade. The resulting NZ titles will end up at the Caboolture Zine Library starting up, and our titles to the Auckland Zine Library. Heck yes !

MCA ZINE FAIR - May 20th, Sydney with bonus Venessa Berry's Zine Making Masterclass
Emerging Writers Festival - May 23 to June 3, Melbourne

Zine Making Workshops May 24th to June 14, Ipswich Shopping Centre

'Spoken' a poetry event series curated by the magical Mandy Beaumont as part of her residency at State Library of QLD have come to an end. DAMN.

#4 FEAR IS finally printed ! SO DAMN COOL

Australian Cultural Library founder Steve Towson
Caravan of Comics US Tour !
Inigogo (crowdfunding) sends the Caravan of Comics to the US !
I'm becoming more and more impressed with the projects popping up on crowdfunding platforms for the independant publishing world. In the last week I received both the MASSIVE 'Blood and Thunder Anthology' as the reward to 'Operation Rizerria Replacement' (I hear the second anthology is coming out later this year!), and my three art postcards from the talented crew in the 'Caravan of Comics'. For a postal nerd like myself, checking the mail doesn't get much more exciting. Crowdfunding is getting more and more propular as a source of project funding for alternative projects - Over the last couple of years the Format Festival and Emerging Writers Festivals have scored the cash, Lip Magazine's 21st issue and Mongrel have made it to print and a hell of a lot more cool stuff has gone down.

But sadly not all projects get the full support they need. I was sad to see both Burger Force, and Artgaze's pozible fall short of their goal, and to save
Bad Teeth comics going the same way, throw founder Glen Mathers $20 to get a copy of his colour, square-bound, 100+ page hand-numbered anthology in the mail. Issues of BT came out about 6 years years ago in Brisbane, when I was well into my zine trade obsession as a wee teenager with my first zine. This dude kindly did trades with me way back when and gave me the confidence to waste my life on print. Good dude.

All the many ways to communicate...
Email: [AT]
Old fashioned post to:
PO Box 215
Drayton North
QLD 4350

Five on Five Magazine
Five on Five Magazine / Hit and Miss Magazine SELL OFF
For those who haven't yet met me, my second life is spent as a roller derby girl. I play for the Toowoomba City Rollers team the 'Range Renegades' (formally a member of the Hilltop Hitsquad) under the name Coopers Chaos #6pack (yea the delicious Adelaide ale!). To celebrate the recent win against Brisbane City Rollers 'Dark Horses', I'm selling off my extra copies of WFTDA's Five on Five Magazine (for $5, usually found for $13), and Australia wide derby magazine Hit and Miss (for $5, usually found for $8). Pick up a copy for yourself, your derby wife/widow or friend you're dying to drag along to the next fresh meat intake. Theirs so much to learn, and so many photos of the full contact, injures and victories. Get on it!
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