A heartfelt thank you for your generous support of Kenosis Spirit Keepers projects in 2013. You made it possible for us to continue our mission to preserve Indigenous traditions and positively affect the well-being of Native communities where we engage. Take a look here for what you made happen.
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Dear Friends,
     We are coming up on Thanksgiving soon here in the US and, on behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I express my deep gratitude for your support of our mission to help preserve Indigenous traditions and benefit the well-being of Native communities with whom we engage. As you may know, Kenosis Spirit Keepers is a volunteer-run, grassroots organization doing our work for the benefit of the global community. We receive no grant funding. It is expressly due to your participation in spiritual travel programs with their built-in automatic donations and funding gifts from private individuals that we are able to fund projects that are so deserving.  Here are your worthy accomplishments for this year. You may note we have a shortfall on some projects. If you would like to help us reach our full commitment to specific Wisdom Keepers' projects or operating funds, we truly thank you.

Community-Building Projects:

Q'ero VillageSpecial Appeal: Emergency assistance to the Q'ero village of Ccochamocco in the Peruvian Andes due to extreme weather August-October. Your response to this appeal was overwhelming! We were able to purchase and transport food supplies, warm children's clothing and alpaca blankets to protect against the unusual weather and cold. Thankfully, no children were lost. Sadly, the alpaca herd suffered.
Funding goal fully met at $3400.

Native SeedsThe Path's Seed Saving Project: In 2012, we created an alliance with The Path's Seed Temple, a seed-saving project founded by Grandmother Flordemayo, member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. This project, located in Estancia, New Mexico, preserves Native seeds and plants used in traditional agriculture and healing that are in danger of contamination and extinction. We are happy to report that the structure is built and seeds are being received an documented. Ongoing project maintenance and planned purchase of greenhouse materials are needed. View the progress here. In 2013 we were able to support this project through the automatic donations coming from the January 2013 Entering the Maya Mysteries  spiritual travel program, proceeds from Spirit Keepers Series events and private donations.
$3300 of $5000 goal met. To donate, go here.
Don SergioPreservation of Maya Textile Museum and Humanitarian Work of Don Sergio Castro: Don Sergio Castro, called a saint by many, works with impoverished Maya communities around San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico, in the areas of medical and school needs. His patients are unable to pay and inconsistent funding makes it very difficult for Don Sergio to meet the needs of the communities that he's served for over forty years. During the Entering the Maya Mysteries spiritual travel program, we visit his textile museum, which also houses his clinic, established to help generate funding. Generosity of the travelers in the December 2012 and January 2013 was tremendous. Invited to bring simple medical supplies, the equivalent of three duffel bags full was left with Don Sergio, along with direct cash donations, quantity unknown. Kenosis Spirit Keepers seeks to pay half the annual rent on the space for his textile museum so that he may use other incoming funds directly for his patients' needs. See a video about his selfless work here. We were able to direct funds generated from last year's Spirit Keepers Series toward our 2013 commitment to this project.
$1000 of $2500 goal met. To donate, go here.
Dona FelicitaSupporting traditional Maya healer Doña Felicita Rixqiacche Sacche to obtain credentials and materials to serve her people: Support to Doña Felicita, a respected Maya healer, midwife, herbalist and spiritual guide (Ajq'ij) living in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, recently became a Kenosis Spirit Keepers project when she unexpectedly lost all funding in December 2012 that contributed to her work. A survivor of both civil war and domestic violence, at the end of the civil war in 1996 she was without family or property and living in the city. With the war ended, she began a path of Maya spirituality and healing that has gained her the respect she has today for service to her community. Kenosis Spirit Keepers seeks to help with her tuition to finish the necessary diploma and certification, and for equipment and materials to enable continuation of her work. The amount below reflects needs to cover the last third of 2013. We plan to increase project commitments in 2014 to cover the entire year. Targeted private donations funded this year's giving.
$1260 of $1500 goal met. To donate, go here.

Spirit Keepers Journeys: For the January 2013 Entering the Maya Mysteries journey, we sponsored Grandmother Flordemayo where she met other Maya spiritual leaders and experienced sacred sites that were new to her. She was so taken with her experience that she volunteered to speak on film about her impressions and encourage others to participate. See the You Tube video here. The next journey is planned for 2015.

Educational Outreach: 
Spirit Keepers Series: In 2013 we were honored to sponsor Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, Huichol Spirit Keeper, Ritual Musician and 7-time nominee for the Native American Music Awards in Phoenix, Arizona and Native American author Dr. Kurt Kaltreider in Baltimore, MarylandMark you calendars for the Seed Wisdom Benefit in Phoenix featuring Grandmother Flordemayo with seed savers Dianna Henry and Greg Schoen coming soon on January 31-February 1, 2014. Proceeds going to support The Path's Seed Temple.  

Hopi and Q'ero Spirit KeepersDocumentary Film: During our 2008 Spirit Keepers Journey in Peru extensive footage was taken showing traditions, as well as some never before filmed interviews and sacred rituals, all done with full permission. Our intent was to make a full-length documentary, or series of shorts, to raise awareness of the fragility of Indigenous cultures. Due to lack of funding, the 15+ hours of raw film had been languishing since then until the project caught the eye of a donor who understood the great value. Now that footage has been converted to a useable format, the first short video has been produced by Leonardi Media Arts in Sisters, Oregon. Progress on this project was made possible through targeted private and in-kind donations. View Q'ero and Hopi Spirit Keepers Share Traditions just completed in early November. As additional funding comes available, we will produce additional shorts.
$6000 of $30,000 budget met. To donate, go here.

Kinship Ambassadors: We recognize that our mission will thrive through added outreach by those who believe in it.  We're calling on individuals like you to take an active role in widening the effect. We are looking for individuals and collaborative organizations to support this work as Kinship Ambassadors: to spread the word of events and programs, or collaborate with us to sponsor events in your own area. In the last years, funds derived through participation in our offerings is the major way we are able to fund projects and programs. Even after all our publicity, many folks stumble upon our offerings and say: "I didn't know you were here doing this! I wish I'd known before. It's just what I've been searching for."

     When many are gathered for common intent, the outcome travels in extraordinary ways that we cannot predict. If you are someone who feels the same and wants to be actively involved, please contact me. We are open to all ideas that align with our purpose. To review our mission, go here.

With all best wishes for your holidays and beyond,
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Carla Woody
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