"A work of art that did not begin in emotion is not art." --Paul Cezanne 

Lovely Spring & Special Women

I just love Spring in Utah. After cold winter months, I get so excited to see my tulips popping out of frozen ground, then Lilacs, Iris, and Allium follow suit. When May arrives there is a variety of flora all around! As an artist, it is always wise to have several of your own photos for painting reference, so I grabbed my camera for more photo safari this year and got some beautiful shots from my own yard as well as around town! Besides the flowers and flowering bushes I have planted myself, my Aunt and Uncle gave me four rose bushes one year for my birthday. What a fabulou present that gives flowers to me every year all summer long!

I think all artists (at least painters) are also gardeners at heart. We love color! My grandmother was a wonderful gardener and won several Beautification awards from Bountiful City, UT for her yard and the variety of lovely flowers. I used to have what I called a "black thumb." I could kill anything!! I even killed a cactus once! But, over the years, the flower gardening knowledge of my grandmother, my mother and my aunts seems to have been taken into my system by osmosis, and I now nurture flowers in my own yard. Dare I say a "green thumb?"  I have Peonies and Roses in my yard that were started from my grandmother's plants. (I started the Rose. My mother started the Peony). Yes...I am proud of my beautiful flowers and of the heritage they represent. I am grateful for the inspiration they bring, the beauty they give, and the butterflies and hummingbirds they attract! And, I am grateful for the knowledge that has been shared with me by the special women in my life.

Rose in my yard
Rose in my front yard. (This rose bush was started from a cutting taken from my grandmother's yard). I believe it is a Heritage Rose.

Rose bud
Rose bud from same bush


Pretty Poppies!

Pink / White Peony (started from my grandmother's yard)

I plan to make some nice paintings with these reference photos, but I loved them so much I also developed some notecard sets that I put up in my Etsy store. :)
Pretty Poppies notecard set

Redwoods and Rhododendrons

As you may already know, I love to travel. My husband and I especially love Moab, UT and Arches National Park. However, we also have a great love for Northern California and the Redwood National Park. Truthfully, we actually like Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park better, but the entire Northern California coastline is full of beautiful Redwood trees, from the Avenue of the Giants all the way up the coast to Crescent City, CA, where we stayed on our honeymoon. Actually, the "honeymoon" was a vacation we took seven months after we were married - but we still count it! 

Besides being an easy drive to Redwood trees, hiking trails, and beautiful, awe-inspiring scenery, Crescent City has lovely coastline and, during July, Crabbing from the docks. I found this such an interesting sight to observe - fishermen tossing colorful round nets and baskets off the dock to catch rock crabs. I got some great photos of the crabbing as well as wonderful Redwoods pics. Unfortunately, it was a time before I carried a sketchbook with me and, on our travel home, we accidentally left our camera (and all the memory cards with it) in our rental car! Aargh! I called the rental car place and they did, indeed, have the camera and were supposed to mail it to me. But guess what, it never came! I guess one of their employees thought it was more important to have the camera and our pics. photos from our two-week honeymoon vacation!

Well, as you can imagine, that experience was upsetting and frustrating and, frankly, maddening. But, there's nothing we could do about it, so no point in walking around my life being angry about something I can't change. Instead, we set about planning a NEW vacation to the Redwoods so we could recapture some of those wonderful photos as well as make new memories.

On our next vacation, taken the year our first son was born (he was 5 months old at the time), we did recapture some great pics - and didn't lose our camera this time! And...BONUS...we went in June, only to discover the Giant Rhododendrons were in bloom! BEAUTIFUL!! So, along with the awe-inspiring Tall Trees, I have some lovely shots of these gorgeous flowers in bloom - some of the bushes growing taller than I am (which is not hard since I only stand 5 foot 2 inches). But some were even taller than my 6-foot 3-inch hubby as well!

Eventually, all inspiration finds its way to my paintbrush. So, here are three little watercolor paintings inspired by the beautiful flowers. :) 

Redwood Rhododendron 1
"Redwood Rhododendron 1" (watercolor 5" x 7") 

Redwood Rhododendron 2
"Redwood Rhododendron 2" (watercolor 4" x 3") 

Redwood Rhododendron 3
"Redwood Rhododendron 3" (watercolor 7" x 5")

I hope you are all having a wonderful May and living life to the fullest! I am looking forward to this summer - to more flowers, more working on my yard, and more painting!
Thank you for taking time to read my newsletter and feel free to email me anytime with your thoughts, feedback, and comments. Until next time...

"If nothing ever changed there'd be no butterflies." ~ Walt Disney 

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Nibblefest - May 2012!

It's Nibblefest time again on ebay! The theme for May is ELEMENTS.  Usually, there is a limit of three entries for Nibblefest. But, since there are four elements, we were allowed four entries this month - as long as each enty represented a different element.
All Nibblefest auctions run on ebay between the 20th and 27th of the month. You can search NFAC (acronym for Nibble Fest Art Contest) between those dates to bring up all the current participants.

Here are my four ELEMENTS entries. Each painting is approx 10" x 8"

Entry #1: Original Watercolor - "Kokopelli Earth"
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Kokopelli EARTH

Entry #2: Original Watercolor - "Kokopelli Air"
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Kokopelli Air

Entry #3: Original Watercolor "Kokopelli Fire"
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Kokopelli Fire

Entry #4: Original Watercolor "Kokopelli Water"
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Kokopelli Water

My "Under the Sea Green Turtle" painting won SECOND PLACE in last month's Nibblefest (theme: Reptiles). :)

Under the Sea Green Turtle

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