HISPA 3 Kings Banquet -  First HISPA Role Models at New Jersey Schools - First HISPA Role Models at San Antonio Schools
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Our Efforts Continue

Hurricane Sandy

On behalf of our staff, we extend our sympathy to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. We are confident, after many other tragedies, that we will not only come back stronger, but more determined to continue to make a difference in our community.

Three Kings Banquet early price of $85 has been extended until November 15

Purchase your tickets to HISPA's annual event that supports our mission of inspiring Latino students to pursue higher education. More than 250 guests from the public and private sectors will join us to enjoy a memorable evening.  GET YOUR TICKET HERE

LUPE Latina Summit 2012, The First Statewide Conference for Latinas

Speakers included Dr. Ivonne Diaz-Claisse, HISPA President, and Yvette Donado, Chief Administrative Officer for ETS and member of the HISPA Board of Directors. Photos here

HISPA Role Model Program in San Antonio, TX
HISPA would like to acknowledge the first role models that presented in San Antoniio, TX:
- Stephen Escobedo from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)) visited Anson Jones Middle School, San Antonio, TX Photos here
- Dr. Shanthi Rajan from ETS & Leslieanne Garcia from UTSA visited Cable Elementary School, San Antonio, TX Photos here

HISPA President Receives Community Leadership Award from Verizon Hispanic Employee Resource Group HSO

HISPA President, Dr. Ivonne Diaz-Claisse, was honored with this award provided by the Mid-Atlantic and New York HSO Chapters.  She accepted this award on behalf of all the HISPA Role Models that have supported HISPA's programs. Photos here

HISPA Participates at ETS Hispanic Heritage Month 

Speaker Dr. Pedro Noguera, Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education at NYU. Photos here

HISPA's First Role Models this year in New Jersey
We are pleased to acknowledge our first role models of the year in our NJ schools:

- Arshad Jamil from Novartis visited Juan Pablo Duarte School in Elizabeth see photos here
- Carlos Arias from Ameriprise visited Benjamin Franklin School in Elizabeth see photos here
- Anthony Rodriguez from ARMG and  Andrea Velasco from Kingsborough Community College visited Toussaint Lafayette School in Elizabeth see photos here
- HISPA hosted the USHLI Student Leadership series in Newark and Perth Amboy in New Jersey. Presenters were CoolSpeak speakers Mena Badros and Joaquin Zihuantanejo joined by USHLI's President, Dr. Juan Andrade. News release here, Photos here

HISPA Receives Support from United Way of Greater Mercer County
Thank you to the Latino Vision Council! Photos here

HISPA Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
HISPA leaders joined PSEG Adelante and Johnson & Johnson HOLA during their celebrations. Photos here

Upcoming Events

Park Elementary in Newark, NJ
November 16, 2012
Two Role Models needed

Register here

Summit Middle School in Summit, NJ
December 4, 2012
Two Role Models needed

Register here

Benjamin Franklin School in Summit, NJ
December 5, 2012
Two Role Models needed

Register here

Abraham Lincoln School in Elizabeth, NJ
December 5, 2012
Two Role Models needed

Register here

HISPA Role Models that inspire us!

Isabel Cabrera
Isabel is one of those friends of our HISPA family who is always there to support each initiative.  Her relationship, as part of  AT&T HACEMOS,  has been crucial for the great synergy between the two organizations. Isabel is an outstanding leader and HISPA's main liaison for the AT&T High Technology Day. She has supported the HISPA Youth Conferences and Kick-Off Events for the last five years. Gracias Isabel!  

Andrea Velasco
Andrea joined HISPA as a role model/volunteer just a year ago. Since then she became one of the most active HISPA Role Models during the 2011-2012 school year.  She also took charge of the most critical tasks during both of our 2011 and 2012 Kick-Off and Recruiting events, the 2012 Three Kings Banquet,  and the 2012 HISPA Youth Conference. Andrea's relentless efforts and genuine volunteerism are extraordinary. !Gracias, Andrea!

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