November 2020

Day 17
Which essential oil will assist with soothing, smoothing, rejuvenating and protecting our entire aura and vessel of any jagged edges left behind by the 2 layers of cleansing and scrubbing, so that any negative or detrimental beliefs or thoughts do not grab ahold of any un-rejuvenated raw spots and enter quickly into our systems?
Lavender Essential Oil

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Oil is very versatile in cleansing, healing and soothing.
Lavender uses include pain relief, assistance in relaxation and sleep, yoga and meditation, helping with hair care or treating minor cuts or scrapes.

Lavender oil can help treat multiple systems in your body. With its antibacterial qualities, it’s great for treating infections and even pain relief. A massage with lavender oil can help relieve sore muscles, sprains and backaches. It’s also been known to help heal cuts and sunburns. Have somebody who doesn’t travel well? Lavender oil can help relieve motion sickness and nausea, making a better trip for everyone!

When you are stressed or have high anxiety, lavender oil can help treat the migraines and headaches, nervous tension and emotional anxiety that tends to come with all of that stress. A study was done with a group of students who inhaled lavender and rosemary oil before taking an exam. The results showed a decrease in overall stress and anxiety, as well as an increase in their cognitive function. Perfect for going in for a test!

Lavender essential oil is also useful with respiratory problems, including the common symptoms like flu, cough, cold, and even the more severe ones like bronchitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis. One way to use it is adding the oil to the water in vaporizers and humidifiers that are usually used for colds and coughs, that way it’ll be inhaled through the vapor. It is also known to relieve congestion and get rid of phlegm, which could really help you next time you’re trying to fight a cold.

For those who suffer from insomnia, this is something you may want to look into. Lavender essential oil can help in inducing sleep, which makes it a recommended treatment for insomnia. Studies showed results of increased sleep regularity for elderly patients. Instead of their sleep medication, some lavender oil was placed on their pillows. In addition to better sleeping, you would have a nice smelling pillow!

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What is needed to cancel out any negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs about Lavender oil's smell, taste or benefits?

Trees: Cherry Tree

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Brings about contentment. (State of being satisfied or ease of mind)
Relieves physical discomfort, especially due to inflammation. Helpful for headaches. It helps you to harness the joy in every situation, even difficult ones.
You may wish to keep a daily journal where you can share how you are feeling, things that bubble up within, in your surroundings, relationships, job, outside environment, etc. As they all are playing a role to mirror to you things that are rising up to be acknowledged and healed. Feel free to ask any questions about things that are unfolding for you, before or after our recorded Daily session.
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Day 17 Audio Replay
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Day 17

Smoothing, Soothing, Rejuvenating and Protecting our Inner and Outer While the Healing Continues.
Are there areas in your life where you aren't feeling or in a state of contentment?

Any areas that could use a soothing balm to heal or calm your inner or outer wounds?

Bring to mind any area(s) for both questions and ask for each...
  • What is keeping me form being fully content with this situation or person?
  • What do I feel needs to be addressed that will give room for better understanding which leads to soothing of the charged emotions in the situation(s)?

As once the charge is lessened or removed, all can truly be soothed and most likely contentment restored.....for both parties or just yourself if it's in a situation where you can't speak or interact with another due to death, violence or feeling uncomfortable.
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