November 2020

Day 18
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What essential oil will unravel us from any entanglements from astral plane entities that are keeping us in a endless loop of ego illusions, to allow for cleansing and protection as we embrace our higher self and truth, free of illusions blocking our pineal vision?
Melissa Essential Oil

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Soothing your entire being with sweet lemony aroma.
The health benefits of melissa essential oil include the treatment of insomnia, hypertension, migraines,anxiety, herpes, mood imbalance, female reproductive issues, dementia and more.

To read more from the article I was sharing from in the video:
You may wish to keep a daily journal where you can share how you are feeling, things that bubble up within, in your surroundings, relationships, job, outside environment, etc. As they all are playing a role to mirror to you things that are rising up to be acknowledged and healed. Feel free to ask any questions about things that are unfolding for you, before or after our recorded Daily session.
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Day 18 Audio Replay
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Day 18

Getting untangled from those dark entanglements that feed off of our wounds and traumas until they are healed.
After listening to today's lesson and hearing about symptoms you may experience when something is attempting to get entangled in your field.
  • Have you ever experienced anything like this before that you're aware of?
Example: Have you had a loop of tragedies, illnesses or losses keep occurring all a sudden after everything was going great, you might have gotten the dream job, perfect mate, lost weight, graduated college and so on....then the first thing happened then the next. Soon it's like it won't stop......

This can commonly be connected to when the entity entered your aura or vessel and how quickly it started to wreck havoc. As they do not want you healed of the traumas that which they feed off of or manipulate you through and will do what ever it takes to attack your energy systems and immunity to knock you back down a few pegs to be a perfect feeding ground once more.

Even times entities will feed off you in the form of success in your eyes, but there's a darker agenda of greed, gluttony, abuse and such that unfolded on your way to the top. We see this a lot in political realms or people of power. They feed off the illusion of power and the entity feeds off all the darkness.

Today just see what you may can identify from your life where the spin may of been created or caused by something in your field or just someone else who had an entity in their system running the show.
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