November 2020

Final email to close out our
21 day up-leveling journey
 It has been a joy and pleasure to facilitate this 21 Days of Up-leveling for your Human Vessel and assist you in learning more about yourself, your hidden and known wounds, traumas and where your Inner Child wishes for you to share more love and compassion with your Adult self to integrate and embrace all aspects of yourself.

I have checked everyone to see if your systems are holding and utilizing the installed Assisting Frequencies, a few of you are blocking some. I will email you separately with assistance to address the blocks in the coming days if you haven't already received one.

** Please make sure to download all the audios over the coming weeks even if you haven't reached that days lesson yet. As I will remove the recordings before the end of the year. I will send out a update email to alert you to when the removal will occur. For now the YouTube videos will remain but may be removed when the audios are removed. You will have the downloaded audios and Soul Work to utilize whenever you are in need of some up-leveling.

If for any reason you miss downloading a recording before the S3 links are removed, please contact me to receive the recording. I will do this for 1 or 2 but not all 21+ audio recordings since I am leaving it up to you all to get downloaded in time. Thank you for your understanding.

Keep on loving on yourself as you up-level your vessel into wholeness.
I ask all my program participants to complete a survey after my programs to help me better understand how I might change or improve upon from your view for future programs.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete the short survey and providing a written testimonial.

Final Survey & Testimonial
All 21 Days YouTube Videos Playlist
To make things easier, I am listing all the Assisting Frequencies & link to your Codes label and instructions for charging.
Final Codes Label & Instructions PDF
21 Days of Assisting Frequencies + 4 Bonus Frequencies = 25 total
(Valued at $750)
  1. Southern Cross Flower Essence        
  2. Aspen Flower Essence                         
  3. Bonus for Eve of Election day: Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood    
  4. Aloe Vera Flower Essence                   
  5. Yellow Birch Flower Essence               
  6. Vine Flower Essence                            
  7. White Spider Orchid Flower Essence 
  8. Small Intestine Meridian 
  9. Pink Topaz Crystal
  10. Abalone Shell
  11. Seraphinite Crystal  
  12. Malachite Crystal
  13. Amazonite Crystal
  14. Black Sapphire Crystal         
  15. Bonus for Fri 13th: Celestite Crystal
  16. Pericardium Meridian
  17. Pink Lotus Absolute Oil
  18. Bonus for Super Scorpio New Moon: Love Based Emotion Tranquil
  19. White Lotus Absolute oil      
  20. Lavender Essential Oil
  21. Bonus to assist block of Lavender: Cherry Tree
  22. Melissa Essential Oil
  23. Sandalwood Essential Oil
  24. Coriander Essential Oil
  25. Liver Meridian
Over 11.50 hours of 1:1 coaching/teachings valued at $1,440 +750 worth of codes = $2,190

Up-leveling Support Video Audio
11-11 Portal Gateway Healing Audio
Day 1 Audio
Day 2 Audio
Day 3 Audio
Day 4 Audio
Day 5 Audio
Day 6 Audio
Day 7 Audio
Day 8 Audio
Day 9 Audio
Day 10 Audio
Day 11 Audio
Day 12 Audio
Day 13 Audio
Day 14 Audio
Day 15 Audio
Day 16 Audio
Day 17 Audio
Day 18 Audio
Day 19 Audio
Day 20 Audio
Day 21 Audio
Q&A 11-13-2020
Q&A 11-15-2020
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