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Greetings, nerdfighters! In this issue of the newsletter, you will find some brand new info on the upcoming Paper Towns movie, the results of John's birthday llamas project, a Nerds of Note featuring some awesome middle schoolers, a roundup of all the collabs Hank has been in in the last few weeks, and more! Read on for the full details & DFTBA.
Llama John Success
Thanks to your generosity, we (through about 2,000 individual donations) were able to raise enough money to purchase 188.2 llamas on! That's amazing and made a very nice birthday present for John. Check out the picture that Heifer International posted to their instagram -- too cute.
Paper Towns News
In Paper Towns movie news, John announced who the director will be just a few days ago, and that man is Jake Schreier! Read more about the announcement on John's tumblr, along with a roundup of what we know about the movie thus far, and remember! Paper Towns will be in theaters in less than a year. That's bananas.
Don't forget! The Fault in Our Stars comes out on DVD & Blu-ray September 16th -- that's next week! You can preorder right here, or buy a digital copy now.
Nerdfighter Art Wall
So, the nerdfighter art wall got too big for the office it was in--we had to move it to the hallway! Now it's got plenty of room to grow, while brightening the long walk from the break room to the Crash Course Psychology set.

Each newsletter, we'll feature some of our favorite pieces we've received recently. Send us something superneat, and it may just show up right here! You can mail drawings, letters, pictures, collages, or whatever else you've made to

PO Box 8147
Missoula, MT 59807

Thanks for being awesome! You can see some cool things we got in this week below...
Callie G of Wisconsin sent in this adorable HP/NF crossover. Plus the best John Green quote of all the John Green quotes!
Previously featured on NerdfArt, this fantastic painted map of Nerdfighteria Island was created by Sarah, better known as johngreensmoustache on Tumblr. Check out her blog to see close ups of all the excellent tiny details.
Jo T, from California made this ridiculously intricate, funky DFTBA collage. So many references. So much awesome.
Project for Awesome 2014 News
While the Project for Awesome is still over 3 months away, this year, we're getting a head start on some perks. Primarily, the Nerdfighter Art Perk! For the last two years, nerdfighters from around the world have created art and donated it to the P4A, raising tens of thousands of dollars for charity.

This year, we are once again partnering with nerdfighter-art to get this project going! Details can be found below: 

The P4A, as always, will be raising money to give to charities. However, some people have more time and talent to give than money (you know who you are) so we’d like to recruit you to provide creations for reward tiers in our IndieGoGo campaign. You create the artwork and it will be and sent to a fellow nerdfighter who claims the perk!
  • Ideally, you will be making 15+ items and you will be shipping them to Missoula, Montana to be distributed to the people who claimed the Nerdfighter Art Perk!
  • We’re looking for small, easily shipped items. This can include jewelry, knitwear, small plushies, small drawings and paintings, digital art prints, etc.
  • The pieces of art do not need to be nerdfighter-themed but it is highly encouraged! 
  • The estimated worth of the art should be about $25-30 because the perk will be sold for $40. That’s not a strict amount, just keep it in mind when making your proposals!
  • If you’re interested, email us at by October 10th with an example of what you have/will be creating and what quantity. A picture of it for us to see would be extra helpful when sorting through everyone’s submissions!
  • We will let you know if it’s reasonable and provide additional information around October 13th, giving you more than a month to complete your pieces.
We're extraordinarily excited to see what you creative peeps can come up with!
Additionally, we are looking for nerdfighters who live in or near Missoula, Montana who are willing to volunteer some time between November & February for the P4A. This will mostly entail helping pack P4A orders at the DFTBA Records warehouse, but could also include other fun stuff! Please email if you'd like to help out.
Nerds of Note
A few months ago, Jordan, a middle school librarian in Massachusetts, emailed me about the after school nerdfighter club he runs and all the awesome projects they do (from making duct tape bowties to participating in the P4A!). I asked him to ask his students some questions, and they went way above and beyond, putting together a fantastic video about their club and what makes each of them nerdy. Check out the video, and enjoy the Q&A! -Valerie

The Baird Middle School Nerdfighters Club, starting its fourth year, meets once a week during the school year. In a school of 650 students, about 50 are on the roster each year, with weekly attendance ranging from 12 to 30. Each meeting begins with a recent VlogBrothers video and a video selected by a club member, then they move on to that day’s project. Baird Nerdfighters participate in the Project for Awesome by making their own videos and commenting on others. The rest of the activities are chosen by club members and include crafts, electronics, games, cosplay, programming, and more. The group is exploring some fundraising options in order to go on field trips (NYC Maker Faire, MIT museum, Connecticut Science Center) and purchase expensive supplies (robotics, electronics).

The club advisor is the school’s library media specialist, Jordan Funke, known to students as JFunke. Watch the video to see them in action and visit to keep up with what they do during the year.

Some members were asked to reflect on their experiences in the club in June 2014.

What is the point of Nerdfighters Club?
Celia - 8th grade: “To stand together as a community of absolutely unique and FANTASTIC people to make this school (and ultimately the world) more awesome and less sucky.”
Gabbie - 8th grade: “Nerdfighters is a group/club where we can share our common interests and help decrease world suck. We accept people for who they are, and also be ourselves at the same time. Helping out charities and participating in activities for the greater good is also part of what Nerdfighters do.”
Jake - 6th grade: “I'd say the point of Nerdfighters is to make people feel great about what they're good at.”

What are some great things about Nerdfighters Club?
Gabbie - 8th grade: Nerdfighters club has some really great qualities to it. I have been in Nerdfighters for three years now since I came to Middle School, and I'm really sad that I have to leave for High School. Also, feeling great because of all the new faces that appear each year, even as I have to go. Everyone participates in fun projects like P4A, and crafty sewing designs. People who are in Nerdfighters also find other student members who have the same interests, or "fandoms" as many people say.”
Celia - 8th grade: “One of the greatest things about Nerdfighters Club is getting to know more people that have the same interests as you that you didn't know before. I also love the opportunities we get for a lot of activities in this club.”
Rebecca - 6th grade: “The projects are fun and the videos are really funny and enjoyable, especially the vlogbrothers videos, and I like spending time with my friends and fellow nerds.”
Josh - 7th grade: “EVERYTHING because we can do so much to decrease world suck like make videos do projects play games etc.”

What are your favorite projects done during Nerdfighters Club?
Gabbie - 8th grade: “I loved P4A, because we could each pick a charity to help receive funds for. A lot of people connect with certain charities because of family, or past experiences. It's a great way for us kids to contribute to a charity even if we, ourselves, have no money.”
Celia - 8th grade: “My favorite projects I've done in Nerdfighters are making t-shirt designs with paint and stencils and creating videos for Project for Awesome each year.”
Marion, Rebecca, Imani - 6th grade: “LED light bookmarks!”
Peter - 8th grade: “One of my favorite projects was when we created things using duct tape.”

What makes you especially made of awesome?
Peter - 8th grade: “I am made of awesome because I am creative about the projects we do.”
Jake - 6th grade: “I have more friends than anyone could ever ask for, and having fun is my main goal for life.”
Imani - 6th grade: “I love singing, dancing, I am a gamer, and I love engineering.”
Rebecca - 6th grade: “I am very special ;) and I enjoy all kinds of nerdiness. I fit in well here because we are all crazy and make our own nerdy and special contributions.”
Celia - 8th grade: “I am especially made of awesome because I am UNIQUE and belong to this AMAZING community of people across the world.”
Gabbie - 8th grade: “I almost always have a mustache on my hand, arm, or a sticker everyday. I love Doctor Who, and Supernatural. Books are magical paper rectangles that fill my head with new curiosity and knowledge!”

How do you decrease world-suck?
Josh - 7th grade: “I make videos and projects and drawings etc anything I can to make the world have less world-suck.”
Rebecca - 6th grade: “By being nerdy and getting many nerdfighters and spreading the word about nerdy activities and doing amazing projects and activities.”
Celia - 8th grade: “I decrease world suck by being my own person and sharing what I think in the world. I express myself uniquely and exist as an awesome, fantastic, funny and exciting person.”
Gabbie - 8th grade: “Decreasing world suck is a tricky task. What I've learned from Nerdfighters is that we help this by changing a few lives and then those people will do a few more, and a few more, and so on. It takes more than one person to move a mountain, it's a group effort. This group is called Nerdfighters.”

What are your favorite things about the international Nerdfighteria community?
Celia - 8th grade: “My favorite things about the international Nerdfighteria community are how all these people of all different nationalities can share something in common and work together. Because of Nerdfighters, I can work with people from all over the world to create something AMAZING.”
Gabbie - 8th grade: “I love International Nerdfighteria because of so many ways we can talk to people around the world. Many people outside where we live have the same interests that others do.”
Rebecca - 6th grade: “I just enjoy the fact that so many people are able to come together to decrease world suck and do fun projects.”
Peter - 8th grade: “My favorite thing about the international Neardfighteria community is that there are other people in the world that support what we do.”
Jake - 6th grade: “There are a lot of people in Nerdfighters around the globe, and just knowing that this many people are in this club makes me proud for being a part of it.”

John recently made a trip to Missoula, resulting in this brotherly Question Tuesday/Friday. Don't forget to watch the outtakes for a bunch more weirdness. Also, John and Hank signed LOTS of posters while hanging out, and said posters can be purchased over on Gigigigigigigi!
Buffer Festival is going to be held from October 17-19 in Tornoto, Canada, and this year, there will be a Nerdfighter screening, hosted by Charlie McDonnell, Bernie Su, Michael Aranda, Liam Dryden, and Karen Kavett. If this seems like your kind of deal, more info can be found here!
Hank Does Stuff
Hank has been all over the place on YouTube and beyond this past week...check out this playlist to watch his collaboration with Hannah Hart, appearances on SourceFed, and a live performance at VidCon. He is also the guest this week on Rhett and Link's Ear Biscuits podcast, AND he'll be hosting a livestream hangout with Randall Munroe of XKCD on Friday, Sept 12th. Jeezy creezy!
Find nerdfighters near you IRL! Check out our map and events pages to see what's going on in your neck of the woods, and if you're planning a Nerdfighter gathering or meetup, add it to our calendar!
Got some free time on your hands? Consider transcribing or translating some videos! All the info you need to get started helping out with this project can be found right here. (note that translation methods have changed for Crash Course videos)
Nerdfighter groups all around the globe have some pretty cool events planned in the coming weeks. Here's a summary of a few upcoming gatherings. Check out the calendar of Nerdfighter events here for a full list (or to submit your own!).
  • Gathering at Amherst Town Library - September 9th - Amherst, NH - Come join in on some nerdfighter games, pizza, and just hanging out!
  • UMN Nerdfighter Gatherings - September 15th - Minneapolis, MN - Biweekly meetups where movies will be watched, games will be played, and food will be eaten!
  • Alafaya Library Monthly Meetup - September 21st - Orlando, FL - Come to the monthly nerdfighter meetup at the Alafaya Library in Orlando! We have crafts, snacks, and fun! DFTBA!
  • TriState Tournament and Fancy Ball - October 11th - Maastricht, Netherlands - 500 Miles of Awesome, HPA Germany and the Dutch and Belgian HPA have teamed up to create an awesome event! The TriState tournament, which will be a scavenger hunt through Maastricht and afterwards dinner and a fancy ball! Besides having a lot of fun, we’ll also be decreasing world suck. We are supporting two charities: War Child and SOS Children’s Villages! In addition, we will have an Apparating Library.
Don't forget - Hank and Danny Weinkauf are running a music video contest for the song they cowrote - "The Kidney That Lived in Four People. You could win a signed kidney! Contest info can be found right here.
Check out the newest episode of The Warehouse, hosted by everyone's favorite Matthew Gaydos. See what's new in DFTBA Records land, learn about new merch, and feast your eyes on the best Nerdfighter Art (aka NerdfArt) around! Of special note is a brand new Hanklerfish Comic shirt that features Hank in fish form, luring in some tasty treats (including a corndog, natch).
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