2014 is a year to be remembered! We are a thankful people! 
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We celebrated many "Yays!!!" in's 14 of 'em:


Yay! we're 15 years strong!  Watch a video here of snippets from over the years. 


We celebrated proclamations of faith through baptisms and others starting the process of sanctification, Yay!!!!!! How many? More than 2 hands can count! 


Yay! for the church launched in one of our beloved villages! Grassroots church planting that would confound a North American's mind! Christ's church is alive & doesn't need to look the way we may envision! Communion with sweet bread and Coke, praise with chants & a drum, reading of The Word done through drama...  


What do you do when massive darkness reigns in these lives and villages? Teach them to be Light in the darkness, Yay! TRANSFORMATION is happening, and where there is Light, darkness must flee! 


Yay! for the 5 students who graduated from our 'homeschool!' They've been launched out into a future filled with potential! Check out a little video from their graduation here


Many of these precious ones live in isolation all year...that makes these three days - PRICELESS, Yay!  Check out the video from camp! We also reconnected with some of our beloveds in The Moskitia, and had a day camp sharing LOVE. 


Yay! for all our volunteers who came to Honduras to serve these people God loves. What a difference they've made, and all those who supported them! Also yay for all our Honduran volunteers. 


Yay! for all the outreach that happened this year...we presented in churches, schools, television, and newspaper! 


Yay! for the Power Princesses. Our young girls and ladies are learning about their identity in Christ, and all that comes with that identity! Our girls and women are learning they are not powerless.  


Yay! for restoring a lagoon in one of our favorite villages! Next on our agenda: the restoration of their lives!!!!!! Click here to see a video from this project. 


Yay! for the 44 Bible stories that are now recorded in LESHO, signed by a Deaf Honduran! 


Yay! for 2Tim2.2 in action! We are mentoring, training, developing, and encouraging leaders onward! 


Yay! for all the new ones He's brought to us this year! There are many! Their lives will be forever changed because of Signs of Love introducing them to language and LOVE!


Yay! for you! The Signs of Love team gets to do what we do because of others coming 'alongside us' through prayers, finances, and other resources.  We just couldn't do any of this otherwise. It is all seen by The King, and evidenced in hundreds of lives.  We close 2014 with hearts of THANKSGIVING and PRAISE for all of you who have sacrificed with us! Onward. . . 

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