The Dawesome Digest #13 — news and happenings from designer Brendan Dawes
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The Dawesome Digest — Issue No. 13

In this issue: a story-telling installation for Airbnb, news of a data workshop in New York, real-time data visualisation for Intel, visual branding for new data insights startup plus a few other things I've seen that you might find interesting. Thanks for reading The Dawesome Digest.
The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen

ohn Coltrane's handwritten notes for A Love Supreme

Adafruit Feather â€” new development board from Adafruit with built in Wifi and battery charging

The Dawesome Toolkit — my first library for Processing containing some handy everyday code 

Swiss in CSS — a collection of classic Swiss posters recreated in CSS

EM Sense — Touch Recognition of Uninstrumented Electrical and Electromechanical Objects

How To use graphic design to sell things... — new book from Michael Bierut

The Buxton Collection — over 30 years worth of collecting input and interactive devices

Coded beauty from Daniel Brown

Prototype electronics online

obi Lessnow creates dance track by sampling my talk at Beyond Tellerrand Berlin
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Story-sharing Installation for Airbnb

Commissioned by Civic Entertainment for Airbnb, Local Murmurs was an installation at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival which allowed people to share stories about their neighbourhood via SMS which could then be printed on one of twelve tiny custom-made printers by visitors to the Airbnb Haus in Park City.

Read more about Local Murmurs
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Making robots with Arup

Inspired by my friend Carla Diana, I spent an afternoon with the crazy talented team at Arup — makers of such things as the Bird's Nest Stadium — making simple but fun Vibrobots from nothing more than a vibration motor and a coin cell battery and whatever else was laying around. It was wonderful to see the imagination that went into creating such a myriad of tiny vibrating creatures. 

See the video of the Vibrobot workshop at Arup
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Real-time Twitter Data Visualisation for Intel

Commissioned by Escape Technology for Intel for the HP Discover event in London, The Shape of Data takes the real-time happenings on Twitter and for every minute, creates a physical like structure for that moment representing the popularity over time of selected hashtags.

Read more about The Shape of Data
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Visual Branding for Starcount

Much of my work with data is about visually simplifying often complex ideas so then can they clearly communicate an idea or a story. In 2015, Starcount CEO Edwina Dunn got in touch with me to help them do exactly that.

Read more about Starcount
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FITC Tokyo Titles Teaser

In conjunction with speaking at this year's FITC Tokyo later this month, I was asked to not only create the identity for the conference but create the opening titles. Entitled Scenes from a Possibility Machine,  It's the first time I've created any such titles and are very much influenced by the work of John Whitney, Saul Bass and Maurice Binder.

Take a look at the teaser for the FITC Tokyo 2016 titles
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Workshop at Drexel University

In October I was honoured to be invited by Mike Glaser to be one of this year's visiting Rankin Scholars at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Over the course of five days Mike and me ran a workshop called Me, Myself and API with a small group of really wonderful students. The aim was to make some connected objects that used data in some way.

I think one of the hi lights of the week — of which there were many, including trying  a Phili Cheese Steak — was the late night coding club were I took the group, many of whom had never coded before, and showed them some basics of how to design with code. It was amazing to see everyone take to it so quickly and be so infused and excited about the possibilities.

By the end of five days each of the three groups had made fully working prototypes of really fabulous objects. There wasn't much sleep during those five days and nights, but it was so worth it. 

Read a little more about the workshop on the Drexel blog

Big Bang Data Exhibition and Instagram Takeover

Big Bang Data — previously in Barcelona, Madrid and Bueno Aires — opened in London in December at Somerset House and it was great to attend the very busy opening night. The team at Somerset House have done a fantastic job of staging this exhibition about all things data and it's been so popular that it's now been extended till the 20th March. 

As part of their series of events running alongside the exhibition I was asked to do a talk and takeover their Instagram feed for a day. I was part way through putting images together for the takeover when I thought maybe I could do something a little more interesting. So instead of a series of photos, I coded a small series of videos showing the power of iteration using just 64 dots.

Take a look at my Instagram takeover
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June will see me in New York to give a workshop entitled Data is Dawesome! for Smashing Conference. Should be a fun day trying to find the beauty within the data that surrounds us. I'm also talking with a certain online education organisation about a series on code + data, more details later this year.

I'll be speaking at FITC Toronto in April and I have a few more speaking things planned in London later this year. 

My work will be in three other exhibitions this year including Big Bang Data in Santiago and Singapore as well as a new exhibition on 3D printing in Paris, featuring Doris Le Bot.

Thanks for reading, until next time, happy making.
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