Updated Schedule: Live Webcast
w/ Wayne Liquorman

The new live online satsang format with Wayne has been truly amazing! Participants from around the world have gathered to bask in the Teaching and the sense of connection it fosters.

To best serve the greatest number of participants in multiple time zones we will be using the following schedule effective March 30, 2020.

Monday 1pm (13:00) Los Angeles Time (PDT)

Tuesday 1pm (13:00) Los Angeles Time (PDT)

Thursday 1pm (13:00) Los Angeles Time (PDT)

Saturday 10am (10:00) Los Angeles Time (PDT)  

To join the webcast click on the link above. You will be prompted to download the useful Zoom software, though it is also possible to connect using your browser from the link that will be displayed on the same page. The meeting number is: 798660359

The virtual meeting room will also be open between the live webcasts to provide a space for informal chats with whoever might show up!

Stay safe and enjoy!

With Love,

Wayne and The Advaita Fellowship