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APRIL 30, 2020
Hello my loves,

What amazingly interesting times we find ourselves in! All our carefully laid plans gone down the drain! Damn! 

If you are cloistered in a monastery somewhere or are living in a remote cave life probably isn't revealing itself to be the unpredictable mystery it is and always has been. The lulling sense of complacency that comes with regular repetitions of a pattern will remain in place for you. But for the rest of the world things have been shaken up.

Most humans do not like their world turned upside down. It breeds fear and insecurity. The panicked buying of essential(?) goods and the overwhelming wave of negatively speculative news is clear evidence of this. But we are at root multi-dimensional creatures and so out of the chaos emerge heart-stopping displays of generosity and kindness. Out of enforced physical isolation come creative strategies for connection. Out of solitude comes the opportunity for a new way of looking at ourselves and our world.

For the Living Teaching of Advaita the current circumstances have bred a new way for us to come together and explore. I am very excited by this new way for us to be connected. The resonance in the Talks we have been doing four days a week through the website and ZOOM is incredibly strong. There is a vitality and unity that transcends our physical separation. All that has been lacking is a way for those people who do not speak English to connect to the Teaching. To remedy this we are going to try conducting one of the Talks each week with Russian translation, one with French translation and one with Spanish translation. We will see how it goes. 

Life is uncertain. It always has been and by it's very nature, always will be. In recognizing the essential Truth of What IS there is peace and harmony regardless of circumstance.

May it find you now.

With much love,

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Live Meetings with Translation into French, Spanish and Russian

We are excited to tell you that Wayne has agreed to offer his Living Teaching Online Satsangs with translation. Up to 100 people can participate and ask questions via the ZOOM link on the LIVE WEBCAST page of the website.  The sessions are also viewable live on the LIVE WEBCAST webpage for an unlimited number of people.  

Please help spread the word!

If you are unable to watch the broadcast live, you can view the Talk at a later time via the ARCHIVE on the website.

On Monday, May 4 at 10AM Los Angeles time (20:00 in Moscow, 19:00 in Europe and 18:00 in UK) the Satsang will be translated into Russian. Please note this is a time change from previous Monday sessions.

On Tuesday, May 5 at 1PM Los Angeles time (22:00 in Europe and 21:00 in UK and 23:00 in Moscow) the Satsang will be translated into French.

On Thursday May 7 at 1PM Los Angeles time (22:00 in Europe and 21:00 in UK and 23:00 in Moscow) the Satsang will be translated into Spanish.

On Saturday May 9 at 10AM Los Angeles time (20:00 in Moscow, 19:00 in Europe and 18:00 in UK) the Satsang will be in English only.

As this is an experiment we will welcome your feedback about how you think it is going and how you feel it might be improved. Please send your thoughts via email to

There is no fee for viewing the webcasts either live or in the archive. If you find the Teaching valuable and have the resources to spare please donate here.


We are delighted to introduce our 
We are most grateful to our wonderful volunteer Haran for making this happen and for the many hours of his time he has contributed to the Fellowship.  We also thank Javier for his beautiful music that accompanies the podcast.
Haran does need help with the podcast so please let us know if you have skills that might be a match.


Friends of the Fellowship is a group of like-minded individuals exploring Advaita and the Living Teaching. If you’ve ever tried to share the Teaching and been met with blank stares or worse, you’ll understand how grateful I am for this Satsang! I love the feeling of connection with people all over the world. If you would like to register as a Friend of the Fellowship you can do so here - it's free!  

Please take a few minutes to explore some of the features of the new website:

•    over 200 easily accessible online Talks with Wayne 

•    excerpted YouTube clips

•    access to previous newsletters and transcripts

I very much appreciate those of you who have sustained The Fellowship financially, ensuring that the Talks in all their forms are consistently available.

It is easy to make a onetime donation or to help provide a more stable base with an ongoing monthly contribution. Here is the link-

Hope to “see” you online or at a Talk or Retreat soon!

Heidi Singfield
Fellowship Chair

Wayne's free live Talks are now being hosted on YouTube.

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by Ramesh S. Balsekar


The unique teaching of Ramesh S. Balsekar, his stories and anecdotes edited by Mary Ciofalo.

The first chapter, 'The Basics' sets out Ramesh's basic concepts and they are developed and illustrated in this wonderful collection of stories, jokes, quotes and anecdotes which is the stuff of his inspirational Advaitic teachings.

Published by Watkins Publishing 2003
Softcover 116 pages

Special Discounted Price - $10.  Order here.


IT WILL BE WHAT IT WILL BE - Wayne Liquorman - Audio Download (mp3)

Change is part of life. Wayne delves deeper into the filter of the False Sense of Authorship, illuminating along the way the role of acceptance with stories of Ramesh, his father, and his past.

Approximate running time:  64 minutes
Order here (mp3 - Audio Download) $10

Visit the Advaita Press Online Store for a full selection of Books, CD'S, DVD's and Downloadable Media.

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Bondage" is in fact nothing more than attachment to an imaginary "will" (or volition) which is the exercise of independent choice by a supposed entity with which what-we-are is identified, which is called by a certain name and which it regards as "me".  But the "me" is merely an objectivization which cannot by itself do anything at all just as a piece of mechanism cannot act by itself autonomously.  This absurd notion has been made possible by the assumption of an untraceable "entity" which takes charge of this mechanism.  The result is conflict - experienced as suffering - based entirely on the mistaken need to act independently, volitionally.  The in-seeing of this rather obvious position is awakening to enlightenment.
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I just wanted to express a little bit of appreciation for for this time that we're all having with you on Zoom. It's so unique. When you came back from Europe, and started the first one of these online meetings on March 21, a lot of us have been in every one. The world has basically stopped or slowed incredibly down during this time, and the regularity of this time with you is like a retreat. It's given an opportunity for the pointers to really take root and deepen. This has been like a monastery situation for me and it's been absolutely amazing. I just want to thank you and everybody else who's been participating online for contributing to the richness of this time.



Wayne Liquorman

Nice, France
June 12-14, 2020
Contact: Corinne-Lara Tilloy

Kiev, Ukraine
June 19-21, 2020
Contact: Vladimir

Retreat in Ibiza, Spain 
June 27-July 3, 2020
Contact: Concepcion Curiel

Retreat nr. Toulouse, France
September 25-28, 2020
Contact: Valérie

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