The new classrooms are complete!
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We send out a lot of emails asking for your help. But in this one, we're not asking anything. We want to say 'thank you'!

A huge project has been completed at an earthquake damaged school in Haiti. This has been a combined effort. The photos below tell the story. Special thanks to the volunteer building team Murray Donald, Rob Edwards, Roger Wilson and Roger Sanson who worked in searing heat from dawn til dusk and did a fabulous job adapting the building to suit the conditions it will face in the years to come. Roger Sanson gives a brief summary of the project below. 
Please take some time to check it out and the good work that has been achieved. 
You can see all the photos here - Kenbe la!

Kenbe La Foundation delivers on Haiti promise

The Henri Christophe School at Darbonne (Leogane District) has its new school building and is planning to provide education to an additional 80 children!

The project was conceived with the donation by Nelson businessman, Hans Baerselman, of a prefabricated Versatile building and has been widely supported by other businesses and the public - in New Zealand and globally - through the donation of tools, education materials, travel costs and expertise.

In April, a building team of four NZ volunteers, in just 18 days, erected the building which has been configured to three classrooms and substantially adapted to withstand the extremes of weather in that location.

In spite of lengthy delays meeting Haiti customs requirements, this has been a project of immeasurable worth to families in the Darbonne community. Community leaders have asked Kenbe La trustees to pass on to all donors and supporters their "deep appreciation and gratitude for this gift to our children".

See the photos below, and follow and share the photo journal HERE. 

The building quickly takes shape

Bright colour choices were a hit with teachers

Day 18 - Jeronimo! A building fit for purpose

The new desks are assembled

Excitement on the way to the new classrooms

And the chairs are just the right size! See the rest of the photos here 


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