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Some of you are MAD!

Hi <<First Name(s)>>

We mean that heading above in the nicest way! We've been swamped with emails and messages expressing your surprise and anger at the decision by the Charities Board to continue their plans to deregister us as a Charity, despite the fact that there are many Charities who do a similar type of work to Family First.

When the Charities Board makes statements such as
The Board considers that Family First has a main purpose to promote the view that the "natural family" (defined by Family First as the union of a man and a woman through marriage) is the fundamental social unit.."
The Board considers that Family First's opinion(s)... are fairly described as controversial in contemporary NZ society"
Under the Act, promotion of a controversial point of view is a political purpose... Family First does not advance religion or education, nor promote a benefit to all New Zealanders as determined by the Act"

The Commission has previously admitted that only one charity who has been on the opposing side of the debates that Family First has been part of has been investigated – the Child Poverty Action Group which was investigated in 2010 and continues to qualify for registration, despite their obvious political advocacy. In fact, they were in the Court of Appeal in 2013 taking on the government. And conservation group Forest and Bird - also a registered charity - were in the Environment Court in 2013. Good on them! But for some reason, our political advocacy and our traditional view of marriage being one man and one woman expressed during the marriage debate in 2013 warrants our deregistration, according to the Commission.

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Here's the information about who makes up the Charities Board - three people...

We've been asked by so many of you just who can you express your concerns and frustration to.

There are two main contacts that you could make your support for Family First and your concerns known to:

1. The Acting-General Manager of Charities Services is Dion Chamberlain.  
2. The Minister for Community and Voluntary Sector which oversees the Charities Board is Hon Alfred Ngaro.  
(Please note that Alfred Ngaro actually has a reasonably family-friendly voting record including opposing same-sex marriage and supporting freedom of conscience. Mr Ngaro needs to be persuaded to take action as the Minister. He is not directly responsible for the current decision.)
You could send the same email to both.
(For both emails, we've also included our email address so we can monitor the 'traffic'  You also may need to put a ; between the email addresses rather than a , depending on the system being used.)

As a supporter of Family First NZ, we would just ask that - despite our shared frustration and anger - that your email is positive, respectful and constructive. Please avoid personal attacks, negative labels or angry words. 

Help us to 'fight with all our might'. We believe your voice matters and should be heard.

Have a great week.

Bob McCoskrie - National Director
(one of many people who hold 'controversial' views in 'contemporary NZ society'.)

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