Make your days be filled with Prayers to the Heavenly Father... May these be among those prayers...

“Prayers not felt by us are seldom heard by God.”  
                                                 ~Philip Henry
“Prayer requires more of the heart than of the tongue.”
                                                 ~Adam Clarke
“Prayer is not eloquence, but earnestness; not the definition
of helplessness, but the feeling of it.”  
                                                 ~Hannah More: 
“God hears no more than the heart speaks, and if the
heart be dumb God will certainly be deaf.”  
                                                 ~Thomas Brooks

1916 God's Minute:  

  • LINK (includes the daily scripture passage )

1878 Daily Prayer Union:

Feb. 10.
The Lord's Day.
Thou Lord of the Sabbath, grant that Thy day may
be one of prayer and praise, and the study of Thy
holy word, May I remember to keep it holy. I
desire with Thy servant St. John, to be ''in the Spirit
upon the Lord’s day." I pray that it may be a holy,
happy, and heavenly day-- one on which I may re-
ceive benefit to my own soul, and impart much
benefit to the souls of others. All I ask is for Christ
Jesus’ sake. Amen.
Feb. 11.
The Lord's Day.
Grant, 0 God, that I may
 not view the Sabbath as a heavy yoke, but as a rich blessing;
 not as a heavy burden, but a merciful institution ; and not
as a wearisome requirement, but a great public benefit.
May I view it as an ordinance carrying with it its own reward,
 — good for nations, for individuals, and for the souls,
minds, and bodies of men. Hearken to my imperfect
prayers for my Saviour's sake. Amen.
Feb. 12.
The Lord's Day.
I pray, heavenly Father, that I may not look at the
 Sabbath as a gloomy and unhappy day, but as the
 brightest and happiest of all the seven. I would
welcome the Sabbath with holy joy, and exclaim
 with the Psalmist, “this is the day which the Lord hath
made, we will be glad and rejoice in it." Ever may I
"call the Sabbath a delight, the holy of the Lord
honorable," and honor him, not doing my own ways,
nor finding my own pleasure, nor speaking my own
words. Hear me, 0 God, for thy dear Son's sake.
Feb. 13.
The Lord's Day.
Most gracious Lord, I pray that Thy holy day may
be better observed in England. Continue to our
country the unspeakable blessings of the Sabbath till
the end of time. May Thy earthly Sabbath fit us for
the blessed work of praise, and lead us to look for-
ward to the eternal Sabbath above; when we shall
be constantly engaged in singing, '* Holy, holy,
holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is
to come." I plead now, and always, the name of
Christ Jesus. Amen.
Feb. 14.
Help from GOD.
Look down, God, from heaven, the habitation of
Thy holiness, upon me, a poor needy creature. Help
me, I beseech thee, by Thy Holy Spirit, to pray to
thee and to praise thee aright, to feed upon Thy Word
and promises, to delight myself in thee and Thy happy
service, and to trust thee all the days of my life, for
my Savior's sake. Amen.
Feb. 15.
Help from God.
Almighty God, help me by the power of the Holy
Spirit in the daily performance of my duties, to please
thee, to deny self, to resist sin and the attacks of
Satan, and to walk along the narrow road that
leadeth to eternal life. Have Thou respect unto the
prayer of Thy servant, and to his supplication, for
Christ's sake. Amen.
Feb. 16.
Help from God.
Omnipotent Jehovah, help me to follow the bright
example of my Savior, and to go about this sinful
world doing good. Enable me to take his easy yoke
and light burden; patiently to endure all the ills of
this mortal life; to acquiesce in Thy will; keep Thy
commandments; and at length finish my course
with joy; for the infinite merits of Christ Jesus, my
Savior. Amen. 

1834 Book of Devotion
Selected Prayers from this great book by Hannah More
Morning. (1.) 

Merciful and over-looking God, I bless 
thee for thy care over me the past night. 
Grant me thy protection through the en- 
suing day ;keep me from all evil ;and 
whatever thou ordainest for me, in small 
or great events, may I remember that it 
is thy will, and that I must cheerfully take 
up my cross to follow the Lord Jesus, my 
Saviour and Redeemer. Amen. 

Our Father, &c. 

Morning. (2.) 

Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty, 
I come to thee to implore thine aid and 
protection through the ensuing day, and 
to offer thee thanks and praise for all thy 
mercies, and that of the past night's quiet 
rest. Make me to walk in thy ways, and 
so I shall be blessed. Give me the strength 
to do that which is righteous in thy sight, 
and may no allurements of gentleness or 
pleasure wile away my heart from thee. 
Make me diligent to do the day's work 
which is set before me. And in all the 
trials of hourly existence, the infirmities 
of my temper and that of others, the 
crosses and disappointments of worldly 
hopes and cares, may I, God, lift up 
my heart unto thee, through Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen.
Our Father, &c. 

Evening. (1.) 

Merciful Lord, take me this night un- 
der thy kind protection. Watch over me 
while I sleep. If I wake in the night sea- 
son, may my meditation of thee be sweet, 
and my soul be glad in the Lord. If I 
am spared to see the light of the return- 
ing day, may I rise from my bed to give 
all diligence to walk before thee to all 
well-pleasing. And whether I wake or 
sleep, live or die, may I be the Lord's, for 
Jesus Christ's sake. Amen. 

Our Father, &c. 

Evening. (2.) 

I THANK thee, Lord, for the blessings 
which I have this day enjoyed. Grant 
me this night such refreshing rest, that I 
may be better able to discharge the duties, 
and hear the burdens of another day, if 
thou shalt be pleased to add another day 
to my life. If my eyes should be kept 
waking, may my meditations on thee be 
useful to me. Pity my weakness, mer- 
ciful God, and hear my imperfect petitions, 
for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ, who 
is touched with our infirmities, to whom, 
as to our merciful High Priest, be glory, 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

Our Father, (fee. 

For Strength to resist Temptations. 

Almighty God, the Father of mer- 
cies, source of holiness, the fountain of 
strength, grant me power to resist and 
overcome all temptations, and to guard 
against all dangers ;that I may not be the 
slave of accident or violence, of interest 
or passion, of fear or desire. I am en- 
compassed by infirmities, surrounded by 
many dangerous allurements ;my heart is 
deceitful, my passions awake, my duties 
are many and difficult, and my resolutions 
weak. Be thou unto me wisdom, right- 
eousness, sanctification and redemption. 
Thou hast promised thy Spirit to those 
who seek it. Grant that it may dwell with 
me ;instruct, support, and encourage me 
in holiness, resignation, and every Chris- 
tian virtue ;that I, being ready prepared 
for every good work, may grow to the 
full measure of the stature and fulness 
of thee, my Saviour. Grant that my in- 
firmities may be fewer, and my graces 
stronger ; so that I may walk on sted- 
fastly in the ways of thy laws, and 
the works of thy commandments; and 
finally, through the merits and mediation 
of Jesus Christ, attain to that heavenly 
kingdom where is fulness of joy and plea- 
sure for evermore. Amen.
Our Father, &c.

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Daily Prayer Union Members:

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2. Pray daily that God would give you the Holy
Spirit, for Jesus Christ's sake, to help your weaknesses and sins
in prayer.
3. Pray over God's word daily, and turn the
words of Scripture into prayer.
4. Read a chapter of God's word daily, or a
portion of it.
5. Intercede on behalf of the Members of this
6. The prayers can be used by more than one
person by substituting the word we for I. 


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