Dear Pastor and Friends, 

Soweto Baptist Church is almost five months old now. It is unbelievable how quickly time has passed. There is so much work to be done. There are so many people to be discipled. We have seen several saved since our last letter: decisions this month, Siphomandla (19 years old), Sinethemba (26 years old), and Amos (20 years old). These and a couple of others will be making their professions public through baptism on May 22nd. We are eager to see them take this next step of faith and identify with our Lord and his Church through baptism. 

News from Arequipa, Peru: Omega Baptist Church celebrated there 7th anniversary last week. We are proud to hear how everything is progressing there. I spoke with my old assistant pastor and friend, Javier Arce, last week via Skype as he was preparing to preach and teach. He was telling me all about the new young men and women whose lives have been changed by the gospel and who are now being trained for the work of the ministry. It was really exciting to hear all that is going on!

I would like to ask special prayer for the Condori family. Lucio Condori, a 25 year old young man who was saved and baptized in Omega, who I worked closely with for a couple of years, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in Arequipa last week. His funeral was held over the weekend. This was crazy news that hit close to home, and a tragically good reminder for me of how our days are numbered. Our time is short and God only knows when our time will end. God help us to stay busy until that time. Lucio will be missed, but I rejoice that there will be a glad reunion someday.  (Pictured above is Lucio  leading the music in a make-shift tent we put in his front yard. He wanted all his pueblo to hear the gospel.) 

Financial Needs: 

  • Bay Baptist Bible Institute is in need of a video projector ($350) for modular classes
  • Wells Estate Baptist Church (The Shack Church) needs $2500 to finish their building.  With that money a bathroom and interior walls can be built, and electricity installed.  

Special Events and Prayer Requests: 

  • May 8th, this coming Sunday, we celebrate Mother’s day. We will be having a special picture day where everyone will receive a free picture of themselves and their family. 
  • Baptismal service on May 22nd
  • On Thursday evening, May 26th, we will have our first Lord’s Supper at Soweto Baptist Church 
  • Youth Evangelistic soccer outreach (May 28th)

As always, thank you so much for your participation in our ministry through prayer and your financial contributions for the progress of the gospel. May God bless you for all that you do! 


Jeremy and Rebekah Hall 

Support Address: 
Macedonia World Baptist Missions
Att. Jeremy Hall
P.O. Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517

Home Church: 
Whitfield Baptist Church 
Pastor Wayne Cofield
2134 Dug Gap Rd. 
Dalton, GA 30720

Personal Contact Info:
Skype: Jeremyhall7