Release 4.4

Updated Release 4.4.1 contains new receiving functionality to allow communities to return items delivered by the supplier and also make changes to the received quantity if an error is made. In addition to the Returns features we will be releasing new features for Community Administrators to delete attachments with an audit history and new email notifications to customers when a supplier updates their company or tax profiles.
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Release 4.4.1 has been released to Demo for customer review and will be available in production on Monday the 10th of November.

Receiving - Returns

This latest Unimarket release introduces new functionality to allow communities to return items that have been delivered from the supplier. During the receiving process users can select Return and specify a return quantity, a return action and a code.

Returns is an optional function that must be enabled for your community by Unimarket. By default, users will not see any changes to the receiving process until this is enabled. 


Receiving - Undo

We have also added the ability to make changes to receiving in the case where the wrong quantity was received. User's are provided with an 'Undo' option next to the receiving history lines (the most recent line must be undone first). The Undo option reverses out the received quantity so that the user can receive the correct quantity. The Undo option is available when the Returns option is enabled in the community.


Implications for customers using receiving integration

As part of the returns functionality we have updated the receiving integration to support changes to the received quantity when something is either returned or when the Undo feature is used. For communities using the Unimarket receiving integration, changes will be required within your ERP system to handle the ability to un-receive before we can enable returns for your community. If you would like to enable returns, please contact us to discuss the integration and testing. 

Customers using ledger integration

At this point the Unimarket Ledger integration does not support the returns function. Support for the Ledger integration will be added in future releases. 

Deleting Attachments

The new feature for administrators to delete attachment will be available on Requisitions, Orders, Invoices and more. the attachment will be removed and no longer accessible but a history of the original attachment, who attached and who deleted the file will be recorded and available.
Administrators will see the  next to the attachment to delete then be asked to provide an explanation that will be recorded in the audit history.

We have also added a warning to the attachment screen to help prevent sensitive data from being attached.

Supplier Profile Update Notifications

Unimarket has added a new email notification when a supplier has updated their company and/or tax profiles.  These emails will be sent to the community default email or the Supplier Forums email address defined in the Community Profile/Emails tab.
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