Join us for the 5th annual Plasticity Forum, this year in Shanghai, China, bringing a big discussion on the future of plastic, and how to design for, and collaborate within, an engaged circular economy.

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5th Annual Plasticity Forum
Shanghai, China - 2016
Innovation in Plastic, Design, Recycling and Solutions


Join us on April 27th and 28th in Shanghai, for the 5th Annual Plasticity Forum.  Given China's role as a manufacturing and innovation center for much of the world, while also endeavoring to move into a world of resource efficiency and circular economy activities, this is an event that you will not want to miss.  

As usual, this unique forum brings together experts across the plastic spectrum, in collaborative fashion which does not usually occur within industry segments.  Learn about the future of plastic design, innovation, materials, recycling, and how to scale solutions, while collaborating on reducing the "logjams" along the way, for a world without the waste footprint.  Some of the speeches are in a TED-type format, along with panels and amazing discussions from experts in all parts of the plastic puzzle spectrum. Speakers and attendees at this event are those who are leading the way towards a more comprehensive, engaging and sustained circular economy of materials. 

The event brings together leading practitioners from plastic design, innovation, materials, brands, supply chains, procurement, and solutions for reduced waste in a scaled, creative manner, in a one-day conference.  There will also be a chance to tour one of the world's largest plastic trade shows, Chinaplas, on April 26th, and also be part of a unique half-day design workshop for products and packaging on the 28th.   The Plasticity Forum creates an international platform for leaders in business, government and civic organizations to gather in one location to discuss opportunities and solutions for a reduced waste footprint in our communities.  The event brings an incredible opportunity for networking across business sectors, in a country that continues to grow, innovate, and be a critical part of the world economy.  

Plasticity 2016 delivers an innovation-packed agenda, addressing key issues such as:

- Opportunities in manufacturing for the use of recycled content

- Innovations that reduce plastic waste impact and improve brand value

- Reverse supply chain, bring-back programs and how to engage your customers

- Creating scale for circular economies within industrial and municipal environments 

- Transforming waste streams into profit streams

- Examples of solutions that have scaled, and how to speed up others

- The recycling tipping point – transforming public beliefs and actions

Who's going to be there:

- Brand Leaders and Innovators
- Manufacturers & Retailers
- Bio Plastic Producers
- Design and Packaging Industries
- Waste to Fuel Companies
- Angel Investors
- Entrepreneurs
- Government Agencies
- Policy Makers
- Educators & Think Tanks

Key Event Details

Pre-Conference        Tour of Chinaplas, April 26th
                                Cocktail Reception, April 26th

Conference:              April 27th, Venue To Be Announced
                                April 28th - Design for Recycling Event (Products/Packaging)  

Further information will be announced on our website in mid January, 2016.  We look forward to seeing you there.  SPONSORSHIP opportunities are available, as are exhibit space options, so please let us know if you would be interested to help support this event.  Please email to

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