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Knight's Armour

Much has been made about this dunk by Deandre Jordan.  While the dunk was certainly spectacular, the reaction toward the player that was dunked on (Brandon Knight) was quite disturbing.  Other players took to Twitter and mentioned how he should have gotten out of the way.  There was actually a discussion on sports talk radio and Sportscenter about whether a guy should contest a dunk, knowing that he may get "embarrassed", or simply get out of the way. 

I think this article best sums up my feelings on this issue:

"There's something pretty admirable about Brandon Knight throwing caution to the wind and trying to make a play here. He also had the stones/wherewithal to get up, dust himself off (once Greg Monroe and Charlie Villanueva were done staring at him like the man who fell to earth), bring the ball back down the court, get fouled, and make some free throws. Brandon Knight challenges people. He went after Kyrie and got his eyebrows singed, and he tried to dogfight with DeAndre Jordan and wound up on an express elevator to the earth's core for his troubles. We spend so much time celebrating the kind of play DeAndre made here, maybe we should spend more time celebrating the kind Knight makes."


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