New from Latitudes: former Lungfish vocalist Daniel Higgs shows us "The Godward Way".Plus Rudimentary Peni and the Pope.
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I hope that it's springtime wherever you are, because it sure isn't here in London!

We are delighted to announce the release of a new Latitudes release from Daniel Higgs, The Godward Way.  The former Lungfish frontman and metaphysical nomad has crafted a session so pure and joyous that it brings a smile to our ears.  Shipping on the 15th April and now available for pre-order, this release is limited to 500 CDs and 1000 vinyl.  People pre-ordering from our shop will get a free CD with the LP.  Just to clarify, that's a raw CD inside the LP jacket, not a fully packaged CD.  

Also we're quite chuffed to (finally!) be able to announce the first of our Rudimentary Peni reissues.  We're starting with Pope Adrian the 37th Psychristiatric. Yes, we know it's taken forever. We have worked really hard on these - remastering the audio from the original analogue tapes, presenting the original artwork in a spectacular new fashion.  In fact, we think these new versions look and sound better than the original releases.  Pope Adrian, original released in 1995, was never issued on vinyl.  Now you can own it on 180gm black vinyl, in a gatefold sleeve, with a full-size 16 page book of Nick Blinko artwork, plus a bonus poster.  The CD is almost as good, except it's CD-sized, and it doesn't have the poster, and it's not vinyl.  Shipping on 6th May, you can pre-order from the shop now.

We also have a gaggle of NoMeansNo stuff available. Did you know that NoMeanNo is 33 1/3 years old this year? Stuff coming up in the next couple of months includes:
  • Natural Snow Buildings - Latitudes CD/LP
  • NoMeansNo - Mama, One, and Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoise on vinyl
  • Rudimentary Peni - Cacophony LP/CD remasters
  • Antisect - In Darkness There Is No Choice CD remaster
  • Arbouretum - Latitudes CD/LP
Don't forget to visit our Soundcloud page if you want to listen to some sounds!

Okay well that's enough news for now.
Thanks for reading this far, and we hope to see you again soon in the web shop.

Rita & all the Southern mail order elves.

Daniel Higgs

Rudimentary Peni




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