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February 2022 News & Tips

Product retirement announced for Sage Capture   Learn to make the most of the List windows in Sage 50. They probably do more than you realize.   Inserting or Removing rows and columns - Do you know all of these methods?


Sage Capture to be Discontinued: Sage has announced that Sage Capture and the related Sage Approval will be retired on July 22, 2022. Both are mobile apps that are among the cloud features of Sage 50cloud. Sage Captures allows users to take a picture of a receipt using a mobile phone and have it imported into Sage 50 as an expense. But due to the small number of users who have adopted the apps, Sage has chosen to focus their resources elsewhere.

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Sage 50/Peachtree Tip - Make the Most of Lists

The list windows in Sage 50/Peachtree can do a lot more for you than what most people realize. Of course we all know them as a way to choose a transaction we want to look at in one of the task windows. But do you realize how many ways they can help you locate a transaction, or how they can take you to other related information?

Finding Things – Obviously you can scroll through a list to locate the customer, vendor, transaction, etc that you are looking for. But even that can be made simpler by sorting your list. Click on any column heading to re-sort your list by that column. Click it again to reverse the sort order. Want to narrow down your list? Enter anything in the Search for box in the upper left corner, choose a column to search from the “In” drop-down list and click the Search button. Use the Clear Search button to go back to seeing everything. What if you need to search on a field that’s not shown?

Customizing Lists – Every list has a Settings button in the row of buttons at the top of the window. Click it and you can choose which columns to display in the list. Select anything in the Available Columns on the left and click the Add button to move it to the list of Selected Columns. To get rid of a column you don’t use, highlight it in the Selected Columns and click the Remove button. Use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to rearrange your columns. You can also change the order of columns without using the Settings button. Just drag a column heading and drop it where you want it. Column widths can be adjusted by placing your mouse pointer between two column headings. When you see the double arrow, click and drag to change the column width.

Launching Tasks and Reports – Down the left side of every list window are shortcuts to related tasks and reports. For example, from the Customer List you can create a sales invoice or view an aged receivables report for the customer you have highlighted in the list. Or right click on anything in the list and, depending on which list you are in, you’ll get options such as create new…, copy, or view details.

Take just a few minutes to explore list windows and you’ll probably be surprised at how much you’ve been overlooking.

There's one more thing you should know about lists. The default behavior for transaction lists is to remember the date range you last selected. But have you ever changed the date range on a list to "All". Then the next time you opened the list you had to wait for what seemed like forever for the list to load? Or maybe you just get tired of having to switch the date range back to the current period. There's a simple solution. Open the Options menu from the main Sage 50 window and choose Global. Go to the General tab and check the box next to "Do not save last selected Date Range in List Views." Now the date range will automatically be set to "This Period" each time you open any list window that uses dates.


Excel Tip - Inserting or Removing Rows and Columns

Inserting and deleting columns in Excel is very easy. Simply click the arrow under the Insert button or Delete button on the Home tab of the ribbon and choose Rows or Columns (you can also insert or delete individual cells). When adding (inserting) rows, the row that your cursor is in will be moved down and the new row will be added in its place. When inserting columns, the column that your cursor is in will be moved to the right to make room for the new column.

What if you want to add or delete more than one column or row? Click on the row or column heading where you want to begin inserting (or deleting) and drag to select the number of rows or columns you want added or removed. Then use one of these three methods to insert/delete the rows or columns all at once:
  • Click the Insert button or Delete button on the ribbon. There's no need to use the arrow under it since Excel will know by your selection whether you want to add rows or columns.
  • Right-click on the selected row/column headers and choose Insert or Delete from the menu.
  • User Ctrl+ on the keyboard to insert or Ctrl- to delete.
You can even insert or delete rows/columns in multiple locations at once by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting them with your mouse before choosing to insert or delete. For example, you could select rows 2 through 4 by clicking and dragging on those row headings, then hold down the Ctrl key and click on row 10 and, still holding the Ctrl key, click on row 16 and drag down to row 20. You will see all of those rows highlighted. Now when you click on Insert, 3 rows will be inserted at row 2, 1 will be added at row 10, and 5 rows will be inserted at row 16.


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