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November 2020 News & Tips

Are you using version 2017 or older? Now's your chance to upgrade for 25% off and stay on a perpetual license. Offer ends Dec 4th.

A brief 1 question survey on remote access needs
  Two Easy Ways to Know Who's Buying a Product   Wrapping Text Within a Cell


Upgrade Incentive: This week only, you can upgrade from Sage 50 (Peachtree) 2017 or older for 25% off list price. This is for a traditional perpetual license, not a subscription, so the software will never expire and it includes 1 year of updates. For differences between a Sage 50 traditional license and a Sage 50cloud subscription, click here.
Sage 50 Traditional List Price Sale Thru Dec 4th
PRO 1-USER $620.00 $434.00
PREMIUM 1-USER $818.00 $613.50
PREMIUM 2-USER $1,091.00 $818.25
PREMIUM 3-USER $1,363.00 $1,022.25
PREMIUM 4-USER $1,636.00 $1,227.00
PREMIUM 5-USER $1,909.00 $1,431.75
QUANTUM 1-USER $1,574.00 $1,180.50
QUANTUM 2-USER $2,256.00 $1,692.00
QUANTUM 3-USER $2,938.00 $2,203.50
QUANTUM 4-USER $3,618.00 $2,713.50
QUANTUM 5-USER $4,299.00 $3,224.25
QUANTUM 6-USER $4,982.00 $3,736.50
QUANTUM 7-USER $5,662.00 $4,246.50
QUANTUM 8-USER $6,345.00 $4,758.75
QUANTUM 9-USER $7,026.00 $5,269.50
QUANTUM 10-USER $8,001.00 $6,000.75
QUANTUM 15-USER $9,405.00 $7,053.75
QUANTUM 20-USER $11,115.00 $8,336.25
QUANTUM 30-USER $12,477.00 $9,357.75
QUANTUM 40-USER $13,840.00 $10,380.00

Contact me ASAP at or 918-851-9713 if you would like to take advantage of this offer or have additional questions.


Please click on an answer in this one-question survey to help me better gauge the current market. I will not contact you as a result of your participation.
Do you have a need to work remotely with your Sage 50 data?
 Yes, I'm using Sage Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive)
 Yes, I'm using a cloud hosting service
 Yes, I'm hosting it myself on a Remote Desktop (aka Terminal Services) or Citrix server.
 Yes, I'm using using remote desktop software (such as GoToMyPC, LogmeIn, or TeamViewer)
 Yes, I need to work remotely but don't currently have a solution.
 No, I don't need to work remotely

I know it's just barely still November when I'm sending this but, like you, I'm busy around the holidays so I just feel lucky to have gotten this out at all. Thank you for taking time to read my newsletter and (hopefully) respond to my survey. I hope you have a happy and safe holiday season.

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Sage 50/Peachtree Tip - Which Customers Buy This Product or Service?

Have you ever wanted to know which customers buy a particular product or service? If you're using Sage 50 Premium or Quantum (sorry Sage 50 Pro users, but this might be a good reason to upgrade) it's easy. In fact there are two ways find this information, and both of them are overlooked by many users.


The Inventory Management Center can be the source of a lot of great information because there are 23 different sections you can choose from to help you get at the information you need. And you can further customize most of those sections. To get to the Inventory Management Center, click on the Inventory And Services tab on the left navigation bar, then click on the Inventory/Service Management tab near the top of the window. Here you can select an item to see information related to it. The default settings show you Item/Service Information, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Sales Backorders. To add or remove sections, click the Customize button near the top of the window. Then select anything from the list and then click Add. In the Selected Sections area, you can select an item, then remove it, move up/down, or rename it to best suit your needs. Click OK to save your changes. Now you can see a list of all invoices in your selected date range for the item you chose.


This method is even more commonly overlooked because it's in the List menu and not with the reports. Simply go to the Lists menu > Inventory & Services > Item Sales History By Customer. Initially the list will show all items. To look at just one item, simply enter the ID in the Item ID field. You can click on any column heading to sort based on that column. Click the same heading again to reverse the order. You can print the list, or use the Send To button to send the list to Excel, to a PDF, or to email as a PDF attachment.


Excel Tip - Wrapping Text Within a Cell

If you need to enter text that is too wide for your column, and you don't want to split it into several rows, text wrapping is your answer. When you turn on text wrapping, long pieces of text wrap around to the next line within a cell and the cell height  adjusts automatically. You may want to do this anywhere on a spreadsheet, but it it especially common for column headings.

To turn this option on, highlight the cell or cells you want to format (often it's best to select an entire row or column) then right click on the selected area and choose Format Cells. On the Alignment tab, check the box next to Wrap Text. While you are here, you can also choose to set the vertical alignment to top, center or bottom. That way you can control the appearance of other cells in the same area that don't need the full height of the cell to display their text.

You can also use the Wrap Text button that is in the Alignment section of the Home ribbon. The buttons for top, center, and bottom vertical alignment are to the left of the wrap text button.

When you turn on text wrapping, Excel will automatically start a new line wherever needed. But it you want to wrap text (insert a line break) at a specific position, such as if you want to hyphenate a long word, you can use Alt+Enter at any time to start a new line within the same cell.


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