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November 2022 News & Tips

Sage 50 2023 is here

Perpetual license sales will end next month

Sage Contact and Sage Dashboard retirement
  Here's what's new in Sage 50 2023.   Easily get unique entries from a list


Sage 50 2023 is here: Version 2023 has been released. I've listed the new features and changes below. Sage Intelligence Reporting has been eliminated, so if you have written custom reports in Sage Intelligence Reporting, DO NOT upgrade until you have a replacement report writer. XLGL by Logicim is now Sage's recommended report writer.

Perpertual License Sales Ending: Beginning in January 2023, Sage 50 will only be sold as a subscription license. If you are on an older version and want to stay on a traditional perpetual license as long as possible NOW IS THE TIME TO UPGRADE. Version 2023 is the first version to be fully Windows 11 compatible, so I highly recommend it to anyone who wants their traditional version to remain usable as long as possible.

If you have a perpetual license and have stayed on a Business Care Plan, you will be able to renew your traditional plan one more time. (Note: if your plan renewed between October 1, 2022, and November 15, 2022, then you will already be on your last renewal). After that, renewing will automatically switch you to a subscription license. Just like now, a current plan will be required to use payroll. If you want to have access to any of the additional Sage 50cloud features, beginning January 10, 2023, you will be able to switch from a traditional license to a subscription at no additional cost.

Call or email me if you want to upgrade from an older Sage 50 perpetual license to version 2023.

Some Cloud Features Retired: Sage recently announced that they are retiring Sage Contact and Sage Dashboard. Both were cloud features that used the integration between Sage 50cloud and Microsoft 365 (a.k.a. MS Office 365).

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Sage 50/Peachtree Tip - Sage 50 version 2023 New Features

Version 2023 of Sage 50 has released. The first thing to know is, if either of these situation apply to you, you need to wait before upgrading.
  • If you have custom reports written using Sage Intelligence Reporting, do not upgrade yet. Sage Intelligence Reporting is not included with, and does not work with Sage 50 2023. So do not upgrade until have have recreated those reports in another reporting tool. Sage is recommending XLGL by Logicim as a replacement.
  • Version 2023 conflicts with previous versions of Sage 50. So if you are among the small percentage of users who need to use multiple versions of Sage 50, you will need to install version 2023 on a different computer or on a virtual PC.
With those two cautions out of the way, here are the changes you'll find in Sage 50/Sage 50cloud 2023.

Efile 1099s Via Aatrix - All customers with an active plan will now be able to access Aatrix to prepare 1099s, including 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, and 1099-K. The editable 1099/1096 formats previously accessible from the Forms menu have been removed to ensure compliance with current formats.

Efile 1099s Via Aatrix - If you need to efile 1099s but are not a payroll user, you now have the option of adding an efile subscription for Aatrix without having a payroll subscription.

Windows 11 Compatible - Sage 50 now fully  supports Windows 11.

Actian Zen v15.1 Database - The Sage 50 database has been upgraded to Actian Zen v15.1 for enhanced performance and stability.

Modernized Help System - Sage 50’s help now runs in your default browser, making help easier to search and allowing you to bookmark articles for later reference.

Internet Explorer Dependencies Removed - To create a more secure environment, Sage 50 no longer requires Internet Explorer.

Dropped Support for Sage Intelligence Reporting - Effective October 1, 2022, Sage Intelligence Reporting was retired, but continued to work on existing installations. It is not included with and will not work with Sage 50 2023.

Sage has published this video explaining what's new in version 2023.


Excel Tip - New Function to Find Unique Entries or Remove Duplicates

The UNIQUE() function was added to Excel in 2021. So you if you're using an older version this won't work for you. But this is a really handy function that can extract the unique entries from a list. Let's start with a very simple example.

Here we have a list of colors in column A. In cell B1 I entered the formula =UNIQUE(A1:A5). So Excel will look in cells A1 through A5 for unique entries.
  A B
1 Red =UNIQUE(A1:A5)
2 Blue  
3 Green  
4 Red  
5 Yellow  

The result looks like this:
  A B
1 Red Red
2 Blue Blue
3 Green Green
4 Red Yellow
5 Yellow  

Unlike most Excel functions, UNIQUE() spills the results into the cells below so it can display all of the entries from A1-A5 that are not duplicates.

There are two other options (arguments) available with this function. By_col is a True/False option. "True" tells it that your data is laid out in columns. Enter "False" or omit this option to tell Excel your data is arranged in columns. The other options is Exactly_Once. Enter "False" or omit it to get results that eliminate duplicates. Some would describe this as distinct entries. Enter "True" to get entries that only appear once in the list.

Here is an example that omits the By_col arguments and uses True for the Exactly_Once argument.
  A B
1 Red =UNIQUE(A1:A5,,TRUE)
2 Blue  
3 Green  
4 Red  
5 Yellow  

In this case, Red is omitted from the results because it was in column A twice.
  A B
1 Red Blue
2 Blue Green
3 Green Yellow
4 Red  
5 Yellow  

Another thing that makes this function very interesting is that the array (the list you tell it to look in) can be more than one column. It will look at all the columns to determine which rows are unique.

Here the array includes columns A and B (A1:B6)
  A B C D
1 Red Small   =UNIQUE(A1:B6)
2 Blue Small    
3 Green Small    
4 Red Medium    
5 Blue Small    
6 Green Medium    

Now the results spill both down and to the right to display everything.
  A B C D E
1 Red Small   Red Small
2 Blue Small   Blue Small
3 Green Small   Green Small
4 Red Medium   Red Medium
5 Blue Small   Green Medium
6 Green Medium      

Even though Red, Blue, Green, Small, and Medium are all repeated in the array, only the second "Blue Small" from row 5 is eliminated from the results because UNIQUE() looks at the entire row within the array, not each individual cell. That makes the UNIQUE() function a very powerful tool when you need to eliminate duplicates from a list.


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