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June 2021 News & Tips

Sage 50 2022 scheduled for release this July.   Start a new line within the description field of invoices or other transactions.   View multiple tabs of an Excel workbook at the same time.


New Version Coming: I don't have any news yet about what new features are in store, but I just got word from Sage that Sage 50 US version 2022 is scheduled to release on July 21, 2021. If you have a current subscription or Business Care Plan you should receive it as an automatic download shortly after that. They usually roll upgrades out gradually to ease the load on the download servers (and the support line).

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Sage 50/Peachtree Tip - Starting a New Line Within a Description Field

The description field on a Sage 50 invoice can hold up to 160 characters. But if you need a description that long, there is a good chance you'll want to start a new line of text within that description. The enter key will move you to the next field. So how do you start a new line? Ctrl+Enter is the answer. Holding down the Ctrl key while pressing Enter will insert a line break so you can start a new line of text within the same description field. The same key combination works in the invoice note and on other forms such as purchase order or checks, as well as in the Description For Sales/Purchases field of Maintain Inventory Items.

Another use for Ctrl+Enter is to add space between line items. At the end of the description, type Ctrl+Enter twice. Then you will end up with a blank line on your invoice before the next line.


Excel Tip - View Multiple Tabs From The Same Workbook Side By Side

The worksheets (or tabs) in an Excel workbook are a nearly indispensable tool for organizing data. (I know some of you remember when tabs were a new feature.) But how many times have you repeatedly jumped back and forth between tabs trying to compare information? There's a much better way. You can actually show both (or several) at the same time.

Go to the View tab on the ribbon and click the New Window button. Depending on how your windows are arranged it may look like nothing happened, but Excel will open the same workbook in a new window. Now click the Arrange All button (right next to New Window) and choose how you want your windows arranged. Now you can select a different tab in each window. No more jumping back and forth.

You can even enter or edit data in either window, and all windows will automatically be updated.


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