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Chai Pottery, LLC

Chai Pottery, LLC 
All Things Blessing   

Newsletter for the work of
Youngman and Rev. Julie Chai, M.Div.

 Fall 2011

small heart plate pine tree in snow $31.50

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Winter Art Show
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New Pottery Website
Christmas Order Deadline
A Wonder-ful Summer!
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New MDIV Website
   What's in it for You?
Working with Emotions
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Listening Skills for the Holidays

Winter Design; pine trees in snow. Small oval $65, med oval $75

New! Winter Saplings design.
Not yet glazed or final fired. Come see how they turned out at the Winter show.
Around the rim is one of my winter poems:

" When snow falls down
on the cedars and pines
and bends the saplings low,
a walk in the woods
is magical."

Painting trees on the lake design. Yes, I often paint upside down! Notice how pale the colors before the final glaze and firing.

Lake on small rectangle $65. This is a favorite of mine!

Garden Flower design on rimed 3lb bowl $45. On 4lb bowl $65. Rimed bowls are fun to work on!

YM attaching feet on platters

Personalized small rectangle

Medium Oval Backside $75

Large Oval Lake design $95

Writing on bowls

Personalized 9lb Garden Flowers bowl

YM pugging clay

Little Buddy snoring away on his studio bed as Julie paints, Youngman makes platters and Pandora radio plays gentle music.

Sunflower design, just painted.

Bowls drying on racks.

Heart dish Winter design with 3 trees and falling snow.$31.50.

       A Whirlwind of Snow
When I die,
I want to be a whirlwind of snow,
if just for a moment, at my passing,
gently twirling in the first snowfall of the season.
A whirling, twirling energy of love and joy
(for how else could I express what is deep inside and what we become fully in spirit?)
I would turn and twirl down Front Street,
when the lights are shining
in the leafless trees,
and touch your face
with gentle wisps of snow.
So that you remember
what it is like to feel unfettered,
like an innocent child
who is hopeful,
knowing that life has promise,
that this sacred earth will support you
and that your soul has wings.
And perhaps you will let go
of the fears that bind you in unhappiness
and quiet your restless mind long enough
to feel and listen
to what is deep inside of you
like a whirlwind of snow –
just waiting to dance.

Oct 2010

Sm Oval Winter Pines

Fearless Compassion











1 lb friendship bowl $21.50

May this holy season

be filled with


for you,

those you love

and the world.

Contact us: 231-922-9699

Winter Art Show
Friday Nov. 18 4-9pm & Saturday, Nov. 19, 10am-5pm
Those of you in the Traverse City area are invited to join Youngman and me at the ArtCenter TC's Winter Art Show at the West Bay Holiday Inn.  It's a great opportunity to pick up our small 1lb Blessing Bowls and 2lb cereal bowls for yourself and friends. We will have a limited number of our winter designs in many sizes. And, of course we will have our ever popular Garden Flower and Lake designs in many sizes of bowls and platters. Stop by and say hi!

The 19th is also the 2011 Festival of Trees at the Haggerty Center. The Holiday Inn and Haggerty Center are within walking distance and parking is plentiful at both places. So, plan on having a great day! 

Coupon! Savings!

This year we are offering a verbal coupon - one per person. Just tell us, "To curse is human, to bless is divine!" and you will receive $3 off your purchase of 2 small 1lb bowls or $5 off a purchase of $65 or more. Use it at the 2011 Winter Show or for orders online (tell me over the phone when I call to verify your order.)  We want to treat all our beloved customers equally! This verbal coupon is valid until November 30, 2011. 

New Pottery Website
Our new pottery website: is up and running! Thanks to everyone who has used the new site to place an order! Many have told me it was easy to do. Of course, you can call or email me and I will be glad to help you. Payment and order verification are done with me over the phone.

Christmas Order Deadline
November 21st
Please have your personalized orders to us by November 21st in order to receive them by Christmas. Off the shelf requests can be called in as late as December 10th. The earlier the better! We want to UPS them out before the last minute rush.
You can order on line, just click on this link to get to our pottery website: 

A Wonder-full Summer, Thanks to You! 
What a busy Art Show Season it's been for us! Keeping up with orders from our local galleries, online orders and making for the art shows has been a challenge. But it is all worthwhile when Youngman and I get meet you in person or hear you say over the phone, how much you love our work!
We were blessed to have doubled our sales at the local Glen Arbor and Leland shows! Thanks for being so patient waiting in line at Youngman's payment table. I really enjoyed the opportunity to visit with you when I got a chance to look up from my job of packing up purchases or looking under the table when someone asked.."Do you have any more....."

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New MDIV Website
Over the last few months I have been working on the other side of our website where I offer my wedding, counseling and healing services. I am expanding the site to include even more resources for conscious living, personal growth and spiritual development. This site will contain articles, insights, inspiration, tools and resources. The poems I have written for Families First Monthly for the past 10 years will be archived on this site.  Look for it on line in early December: 

Working with Emotions
Did you ever notice that, as a society, we seem to teach our children everything but how to be with their feelings? Little wonder as we adults tend to lack in tools for being present to our own deeper needs and feelings without piling on judgment and shame which just move us away from ourselves and increase a sense of self- rejection and hatred. With enough years of avoidance of our feelings we end up with emotions, reactions to not feeling our feelings.

Emotions are raw, strong, often times surprising.  The most common emotions are anger, anxiety and fear. They come from a deep place witin us and find expression when outer circumstances trigger the repressed feelings underlying the emotion. The key to being with emotions is to 1. Acknowledge them with kindness (do not self-reject) and  2. Look beneath them to the painful feelings that need your loving, feeling attention 3. Allow yourself to feel the feelings. Feeling the feelings will help release the pain of supression. In order to feel joy, we must be present to feelings of sadness.  We block feelings of joy when we avoid painful feelings.

John Ruskin, a pioneer in emotional healing offers a list of emotions and other topics to help us understand what feelings and needs are asking for our loving attention and healing. This is a resource that will be on my new website and is well worth sharing with your friends and family. From the link below, you can click on a left side menu to browse other emotions and topics: 
Insights from John Ruskin 
The following are excerpts from Ruskan's website. Please click on the links to read more. Some of the words you read below may be challenging for you, or, they may be what you have thought all along. He does not accept the modern medical model of taking a pill to resolve uncomfortable emotions and feelings.  I am often saddened when clients share that their doctor prescribed antidepressents to alievate the sadness they felt after the death of a loved one. Like any feeling, sadness simply needs to be allowed and felt.    

Suppression of feelings doesn't lead to healing but makes things worse. When we are able to be with our own feelings, we are better able to be with others when they have feelings. Learning how to be present to all of our feelings helps us to be compassionate, honest, vibrant and fully alive! 
"Unusually strong negative feelings always represent suppressed energy. They must be released on the energy level through conscious processing……
All feelings must be accepted in order to be cleared." - John Ruskan

On anger:
"We experience anger when our importance, worth, or intrinsic value as a human being is invalidated. Anger is probably the single most projected emotion. We constantly avoid responsibility for anger, thinking that others are the cause of it. We constantly blame, rejecting ourselves. Anger can also be a sign that other negative feelings are right behind it, not yet fully conscious.
There is no rational basis for anger. It cannot be controlled by intellectually identifying whatever is making you angry and trying to change your reaction through reprogramming yourself or others." - John Ruskan

On f
"Fear comes into awareness as anxiety, insecurity, apprehensiveness, nervousness, or paranoia. We become fixated on issues of work, money, health, physical protection, and life itself. A certain amount of fear is necessary to survive in the world. Fear protects us. When fear is integrated, cautiousness and groundedness result, balanced with the instinct to provide for basic survival needs. Our impulses are tempered; we are sensible.
Unintegrated, we fear fear itself. We don’t allow for fear as part of our groundedness; we reject and resist fear. We perceive fear as undesirable, something that should be eliminated instead of occupying a balanced place in our lives. In being motivated to eliminate fear, we suppress it. Fear builds in the subconscious until we become obsessed. We start projecting onto inappropriate situations and actually attract situations to us that correspond to the fear. " - John Ruskan

On depression:
"Depression is the result of ...... mismanagement of experience. We fall into a pattern of suppressing feelings instead of allowing them to release, which results in addictive tendencies, depletion of energy, and the condition we call depression." - John Ruskan

On worry:
"Worry is the condition of thinking about feelings instead of feeling the feelings. Often, there is a strong component of blame present. Worry consumes much psychic energy, draining us and encouraging addictive tendencies to replace the energy.
You can cease worrying by first becoming aware of your worry, then consciously dropping the thoughts and blame about the feelings. Embrace and enter the feelings, no matter how difficult this may be. When you stop thinking about your feelings, you stop rejecting yourself because the thinking prevents direct experience. " - John Ruskan

Emotional Clearing homepage:
Home page for Emotional Clearing. John discusses his healing philosophy and how he came to realize the importance of the acceptance and experience of feelings on his spiritual path. To aid in the process of healing and Emotional Clearing, Ruskan offers a CD for inner work, book and other helps on his website. His work is a blessing to those wanting to be emotionally clear, centered, loving and accepting of all their feelings. This work is the first step to being able to help others and create a loving, peaceful world.

I believe that working with our emotions is one of the greatest blessings we can offer ourselves and the world. 

If you need help being compassionately present to your emotions and the feelings beneath, an Inner Listening session can help. Just give me a call 231-922-9699 to set up an appointment. Sessions are 3 hours for $150. I charge $50/hr. Unlike traditional therapy sessions, you will go deeper, access what is asking for your attention, allowing it to unfold and offer its gift. You will leave the session with new tools for being present to yourself and others on a daily basis. 

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Listening Skills for the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful and with stress comes poor listening to ourselves and each other. I hope the following listening tools are helpful to you and those you love.

Group and Self Skilled Compassionate Listening Tools by Rev. Julie Chai, M.Div.
Listen. Honor the person speaking. Speak one at a time but more importantly, listen to the other. Do not use someone else’s speaking time as a time to formulate what you will say. Trust that it will be there when you need it. And, if you really listen to the other, what you need to say after may change altogether. If something comes up in you that prevents listening, jot it down so that you can return to listening to the other. What you have written, you can be with later or share at an appropriate time.
Speak for yourself. Resist defending, speaking or interpreting for others. Claim what is happening for you. Use “I” when speaking instead of “everyone” or “you”.
Take responsibility. No one makes us feel anything. We are not victims. How we react (or if we react) is a choice, unconscious or other wise, based upon our assumptions, perceptions and judgments which color our experiences.
Breathe from your belly and notice. How is your body responding to your present feelings?
Check things out, avoid assumptions. Don’t assume you know what a loaded feeling word means for someone. It may not mean what you think. Ask questions to get underneath it like “Can you say more about that?” and “What is _____ like for you?
Stay in the present moment. If something deep is happening within you, say you become aware of an old fear, acknowledge this to yourself. It is coming up for clearing. 
Avoid discounting.Discounting is a way of saying that someone should not feel as they do or be as they are. It is a judgment and it is often made because we are feeling uncomfortable. It usually causes an abrupt halt to conversation. Or an angr, defensive reaction. So the key to not discounting is to be aware of your own reactions and feelings when others are speaking.
Enjoy the silence. Silence offers a time to notice and savor what was said or just took place. It can be a time to notice what is happening within yourself and formulate what you would like to share. When it is time to break the silence, do so from a deeper place, not as an uncomfortable reaction to it.

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All Things Blessing Newsletter Fall 2011

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