Check out our Art Show schedule, new Acrylic on Canvas paintings and 2 new  shallow bowls!
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Chai Pottery, LLC & Julie Chai MDiv, LLC
Youngman  and Julie Chai
Spring/Summer 2013
2013 Art Show Schedule      Stop by and say "hello!"
25 Elk Rapids. Saturday 9am-4pm. River Street Arts and Crafts Fun show. Well attended.

21 & 22 Traverse City Wine & Art Festival, TC Commons (Old State Hosp. grounds) Fri 6-9pm, Sat 3-10pm  (I have a rehearsal and wedding 21 & 22 so our friend Colleen Wares will be helping YM on Sat till I arrive around 7pm.)

10  Harbor Springs. Wednesday. Women's Club at Nubs Knob. Our first time for this show! Booths 12 & 13 outside.

13 Leland. Saturday. Artists Marketplace at the Old Art Building. We are inside in front of the fireplace. I'll also have some acrylic blessing paintings on canvas. One of our favorites - a growing show!

17 Glen Arbor. Wednesday. The Glen Lake Women's Association Art Show is one of our favorites!

3 & 4   East Jordan. Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday10am-4pm. Portside Estate. Closest show we have to the Petoskey area. Lovely grounds by Lake Charlevoix!

9 & 10 Gaylord. Friday & Sat. Michaywe Golf Club. 1535 Opal Lake Rd. First time for this show.

16 & 17  Frankfort. Friday the 16th 4-8pm and Saturday the 17th 10am-5p4. This is a large show with lots of talented artists.
My grand niece cried when she opened up the sunflower platter!
Karen Watson 2.6.2013
YM puts dots on blue daisies. Now you know why they are so neatly done!
Our new Large shallow fruit bowls range from 14.5" to 17" wide x 3.25" to 3.5" tall. Priced at around $8/inch. 17" is $136.00. Great for fruit, pasta, large salads and so lovely on display! Personalization can go inside the large foot of the bowl or around the rim.
The person I gave the bowl to said, "It's one of the only things I keep on my counter." It's going to be my standard gift! Jennifer Peterson 2.15.2013

"Blessed be the friends who sail
through life with us."
Acrylic on canvas.
Let your friends know how special they are to you.
I can see this little painting
in a guest bed room.
3 Sunflowers on Blue waiting to be written on! 10"x10" $85.00
Summers at the Lake 10" x 8" $65.00

"Somewhere Deep Inside..."
       24"wide  x 48" tall

$1.200.00 (original)

$950.00 (giclee)
12' wide x 24" tall  $240.00 (giclee)
Any proportional size can be made.

There is an empty wall
waiting for this

New Rolled Lip Salad Bowl for Two.
size 10.5" to 11.5" wide x 3.25" tall
This is a lovely bowl in any design.
The words show up well.
Personalization ($15 extra)
and blessing can be
on the top, under the rim
or inside the foot.
"We received the bowl today and absolutely LOVE it! It is beautiful. I can't wait to give it to Cristy and Stephen. Thank you so much." Judy Steffens 5.3.2013

New! Large Shallow Fruit Bowl.
Lake with Lighthouse & boats Design
14.75"wide x 3.25" tall
(includes $10 extra for the lighthouse)
What a lovely display bowl!

In April, we received our first order from Australia!
Feeling lonely?
Next time you feel lonely ask yourself, "Am I relating to myself,God and others from my head or from my heart?" Heart centered communication allows for honest, compassionate engagement, even if the words are on the surface, the energy is deeply connected. This type of communication is always more satisfying. Try it and notice the difference.
Lake design with couple and dog. Congratulations Jered and Tracy!
I ordered a beautiful platter from you in 2011 for my step-son's wedding and they are still talking about it! Now my son is getting married and I want to give them the same amazing gift. Thank you. Kathie Begin 4/5/2013
Can we really be nicer to others than we are to ourselves?
I often hear people say, "I'm nicer to others than I am to myself." I have said it. But think about it. If we have a pattern of judgment, shame and blame towards ourselves, why should it be any different with others?
If some old wounds cause me to avoid my feelings and trigger instead anger, shame and blame, why would it be any different with others? I bet there are lots of judgments we make on a daily basis of which we are unaware.
The good news is that the more compassionate and kind we learn to be with ourselves, the nicer we will be to others and the more joy we will find in our relationships. We can start by not blaming ourselves when we judge others or feel unkind. Rather, ask, what am I feeling right now? What is happening inside of me that I'm feeling so defensive? What feels like it is being attacked? Chances are that what ever we think others are "doing to us," we are doing much more of it to ourselves. Enjoy the awakening process!
Lake with boat. Acrylic on Canvas. This beauty is waiting for just the right words of inspiration!
36" wide x 24" tall. $850.00
The Forgiveness Prayer
I forgive
those who may have
hurt me knowingly
or unknowingly
and I ask forgiveness
of those I have may have
hurt knowingly
or unknowingly
in this life
or in lives past.
Look at the opposite to discover our hidden negative self image.
If I want others to think I'm successful, I probably deep down, feel like a failure. If I need to prove my strength, deep down, it's because I believe that I am weak. If I want everyone to think I'm pretty, I probably have a self image of being not so pretty.
Once we discover what negative self perceptions or images we need to heal, we can be more self aware and get the help we need.
Remember most of these negative self images are conditioned - learned, probably from people who didn't really know you but spoke or acted our of their own pain. This can happen over generations - but it doesn't have too! Doing our own healing work stops the negative cycle and helps us enjoy life more. An Inner Listening session can open doors on the path to inner healing. Let me know if I can help.
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