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Please Help!!! NFC Funds will Run Out at Year's End!

We are thankful that visitors, volunteers and friends have helped us to make it through another year of providing excellent services and opportunities to the children at New Future for Children, but NFC will run out of funds at the end of the year. Please consider the children of NFC on your list of Christmas giving and donate to NFC's general budget to help them be able to complete the amazing journey they have made (with your help) towards a new future! Without your help, the sad fact is we will have to close New Future for Children and disperse the children as best we can with little hope of finishing the education they need to achieve a new future for themselves, their families and Cambodia.

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1st NFC University Graduate gains employment!

Tek Hong Makara has started work as the operations manager for a small, startup water purification and bottling company in Phnom Penh! Congratulations!

Hean receives ICDL Certificate & a Job!

We are proud to share that Cheat Hean has successfully completed and passed the exams for all seven ICDL modules and is the 2nd NFC student to receive an ICDL (International Computer Driving License) certificate.  He has started university studying Computer Animation and 3D Graphics with the help of a MacBook Pro computer donated by Kerry Sieh. While attending university during evenings and weekends he has been hired to work as an inventory control manager at a local Phnom Penh firm.

Sreypov Graduates from English GEP at ACE!

We are so proud to report that Pet Sreypov finished all levels in the General English Program (GEP) at one of the best English schools in Phnom Penh, the Australian Center for Education (ACE)! Congratulations!

NFC Wins GIZ Football Competiton!

It was exciting to see that the NFC children and staff have not lost their skills at playing football (soccer). They won the GIZ Football Cup!

NFC Students Enroll in Speech Contest!

We are proud that Pet Sreypov and Thy Vitchheang enrolled in a speech contest sponsored by SpringBoard4Cambodia! We wish them the best!

Suzanne's Math Legacy

It was such a pleasure for all of us to be greeted by the warm smile of Suzanne Robbins, a professional math teacher from the UK, volunteering to teach the children math and English at New Future for Children! She was prompt, energetic, and creative in her teaching and had good communication with students and the NFC staff. Her clear input allowed us to help solve a few attendance problems that benefited everyone. We would love to have the opportunity to have her volunteer at NFC anytime in the future. We wish to pass on our “Thanks” to her for the time she spent enriching the lives of the children at New Future for Children.

Asean Summit & Obama Visit

We didn’t get to see any views on the inside but it was amazing to see roads being repaved beforehand and universities, businesses and major roads being closed during the November 17-21 Asean Summit meetings. Chaos for us locals, but we were proud to host such an auspicious event and have the honor of the major world leaders visiting Phnom Penh. We are glad that everything was safe and secure for them.

Friends of Kerry Bring Donated Laptop & Meet Children!

Jennifer & Joanne, friends of Kerry Sieh living in Singapore, visited NFC, presented Cheat Hean with a MacBook Pro laptop in excellent condition from Kerry and took four NFC children to lunch and on a visit to the Killing Fields. Jennifer, a professional film editor, offered to share some of her skills with one of our graduates, Dang Kosal. in a future visit to Cambodia.

Fund Raising in Japan!

Henry Dawson, a former NFC volunteer, is now teaching in Japan. He has started a group of students to help raise funds for NFC. Their first event, a cookie sale, raised $200 for NFC!

New Zealand Group Paints & Donates!

We were thrilled to have Michelle Parkinson and a group of 24 from New Zealand come to New Future for Children for a day of painting and cultural exchange! This is the fourth visit from the group from Rangitoto College and one of the best visits to date.  We are very thankful that they raised $4,000 in New Zealand to donate for the day to day expenses of the children at NFC as well as making NFC look so much better and having a lot of fun in singing and dancing with them. We look forward to their visit next year!

Sreyneang Employed as Cook at Phnom Penh Forever Hotel!

Thai Sreyneang searched, applied, interviewed and received a position as a cook at the Phnom Penh Forever Hotel! Many thanks for your hard work and congratulations on your employment!

NFC Student Achievements

Westline School
Grade : Name : Rank (#)
11: Sao Kosal           #3 in Sept
  9: Lang Sokheng   #1 in Sept & Oct
  9: Ngoun Dara        #3 in Sept
  8: Sorn Tola            #4 in Sept & Oct
 NFC English Classes (2 groups, G1, G2): 
G1  Sorn Sreychom        #1 in Sept & Oct
G1   Im Touch              #2 in Sept
G1   Ngoun Dara            #2 in Oct
 G2  Pet Sreypov              #1 in Sept & Oct
 G2  Thy Vitchheang       #2 in Sept
 G2  Sao Pheasa              #1 in Oct (the same score as Sreypov)
NFC Khmer-English Classes (2 groups, P1, P2)
P1:  Ngoun Cheata         #1 in Sept & Oct
P2:  Sambath Sokha       #1 in Sept
P2:  Lang Syna                #2 in Sept
P2:  Ngoun Tingtong      #1 in Oct
P2:  Sambath Sokha       #2 in Oct

Yem Da's Paintings Sold at Auction in the USA!

Through the help of Nancy Lee, a number of Yem Da’s paintings were sold in an auction in Long Beach, California. Long Beach is the home of the largest Cambodian population in the USA. We are very pleased to have Nancy as one of our connections to this vibrant community!

NFC Starts a Partnership with TinyToones!

Tiny Toones Cambodia uses breakdancing, Hip-Hop music, and the contemporary arts to reach, inspire and educate children and young people from the poorest neighborhoods in Phnom Penh. We are pleased to have found that TinyToones is in our local area, Chhbar Ampov, and are establishing a partnership with them for sharing some of our common activities and skills. We have had friendly volleyball games and they will start teaching some of our break dancers on Fridays. We have offered some of our classes to their students and are working out the details. The finale of a recent joint performance with a French group shows the talent and professionalism of this amazing group! Please take a look at:


NFC Charity Founder Emily Visits NFC!

We were thrilled to have Emily Cohen, a former volunteer and founder of Stichting Domray a charity for NFC in the Netherlands, visit NFC and help with fund raising proposals! She has done an enormous amount in supporting the children at NFC and her charity now provides most of the funding for the students in the Midway House through NFC. The children were very happy to see her again as you can see from a photo at her going away party/dinner.

New Zealand Group Donates 2 Laptops!

Pet Sreypov and Sao Pheasa were overjoyed to be given 2 used laptop computers to use in their study at university!

Swinging & Sliding at NFC!

From funds donated from Eitan and Friends we have purchased a swing set and a slide to the delight of the younger children (and some of the older ones as well!).

Yannva Leads Time Management Workshop!

Our new primary teacher, Pich Yannva, in addition to his daily teaching skills, gave a time management workshop for the children that was well received! Thank you for your gift of time and talent to these children!
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